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  1. Thank you @0ly40 for starting this thread!!! I can't wait to see Junho in his new drama. The cast is good and I know Junho will have the opportunity to really show his acting talent. Thanks all for the teasers too! Wish March would come faster.
  2. Whoa! JHI's confession along with the other bts...This ship is sailing!!! YIKES! Talk about saying it all out in the open. Way to go JHI! That's how you tell the world, she's your girl.
  3. I totally agree @katty27. This has been an exciting event. Thank you chingus for all the updates!!! LOL...The MC just said to congratulate each other as their character...perhaps with words...the hug and such a warm intimate OTP hug was not expected. SYJ was waaaay too nervous & giddy, unlike herself. The way JHI looked at her...so composed like, no problem, it's how we always are. LOL! Their distancing and indifference when standing separate on stage like they hardly see each other only brought more attention to them...heck, they are sitting right next to each other so why all the awkwardness on stage? We even know they are in touch via ig and were hanging out after her latest premiere. Our silly and adorable OTP. Totally agree @Cotton Candy. Another famous actress is known to select bridal gowns for her awards attire...SHK...SYJ has a wide fashion of awards attire. Interesting how a bridal dress was selected for the ceremony where they both knew they would be seen and awarded together. Just saying Sorry to cut your post @Cedric Ong. Remember at the PC, SYJ said she tried to pay but JHI would always pay first. So...looks like they've gone out a lot since then cause now she has treated a lot too JHI expression coming from the car to the red carpet caught my attention cause it didn't seem like him. I'd like to delulu, that he wasn't happy that he couldn't walk with SYJ and has to mask his feelings...which from what was said above he's too honest to do kkkkkkk. It was all worth the wait and it shows that the buzz is real and yes, the circle of celeb friends know much more. Let's hope for more mentions from JHI of SYJ at AAA.
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