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  1. i agree with u & it was so unexpected tbh thank god no one dies eveyone is happy i believe se jin will be the next in line for throne
  2. he was stained in blood so the visit probably happened before he went back! maybe we will get a flashback
  3. so he wanted lee sijin to assend the throne but LR killed her? so he figures out that stopping LR in 2020 isn't the best solution & he has to prevent the coup night from happening in the first place so all these deaths won't happen! so we have JTE scene with ji hun in the navy suit but if the whole thing is stopped in that night why does JTE still have memories?
  4. i don't know if i get ur point right but i meant him taking 4 months to travel back to the present doesn't mean he was absent form, JTE for 4 months it gonna be a week or a little more maybe & as @Briseis said he gonna pick from where he left there won't be LG1 & LG2 once he come back to the present time also i actually calculated the 4 months (in btween 0&1) as per outside & it's about 18-19 years! he can't be leaving for 5-6 btw diff timelines right?
  5. for lee gon i guess maybe he wanted to make sure he was dead so he can't go back to save himself
  6. if that is the case how can they communicate with PM while she is in ROC LR is still there alive until that moment he gonna went to the past since that attempt failed i think he gonna reset that part again somehow since there isn't a coincidence & everything was meant to happen in the 1st place even those few alterations 202LR will be back in away or another
  7. it's 4 months for him to travel back to the present, i don't think it has to relate to the time btw him leaving the clinic & getting back to taeul
  8. the 14 ep is just mind blowing everything is starting to get unwind but i have a question since 2020 LR is killed by his 1994 self shouldn't he had some sort of memory so he somehow revised that event ? but he can't go back in time with just his half in the preview he is meeting w PM but how since he is dead?
  9. wow u guys i left for just a day and here about +40 page from where should i start now
  10. the preview what does the chief's wife do with JY? that explosion! SJ probably visiting his father LR visiting himself in the past? did luna took the whip & handed it to LR? why the hell did she stap JT
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