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  1. Yoon Bo Mi (윤보미) Nickname : Bbomi, Bbom, Rillayoon, Angry Bird Bbom, Sparkling Bomi, & Banggu-dol Position : Lead Vocalist & Main Dancer Birthplace : Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Birthdate : August 13, 1993 Blood Type : O Height : 163 cm Weight : 50 kg Specialty : Dancing, Taekwondo and Cheerleading Education : 'P' Gosek Kindergarten, Gosek Elementary School, Gosek Middle School, Youngshin Girls High School - Seoul Performing Arts High School Hobbies : Listening to Music, Eating, Taekwondo & Cheerleading Favorite Color :Red Favorite Food : Budae Stew Favorite Number : 3 Label : A Cube Entertainment DISCOGRAPHY (with APink) Albums Motto GO!GO!(2017) Pink Up(2017) Always(2017) Bye Bye(2017) PINK♥DOLL(2016) Dear(2016) Pink Revolution(2016) Summertime!(2016) The Wave(2016) Brand New Days(2016) Pink Season(2015) Pink Memory(2015) Promise U(2015) Pink LUV(2014) Pink Blossom(2014) Good Morning Baby(2014) Secret Garden(2013) Une Annee(2012) Snow Pink(2011) Seven Springs of A Pink(2011) Apink BnN(Bomi&Namjoo)(My Darling) Filmography Television series Reply 1997(2012)(Cameo) Love Detective Sherlock K(2015)(Yoona) Because This Is My First Life(2017)(Yoon Bomi) Reality show Weekly Idol(2013-2016) Real Men(2015) King of Mask Singer(2016) We Got Married(2016-2017)
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