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  1. I did not get to catch today's episode. What happened to CTJ. Did they find him. What did grandpa tell the cops?
  2. SW finally sees GH at the hospital. The preview looks good - with YR in the hospital and SW and him handing an envelope to GH - marriage registration? Family Visa? or a house in Korea? or abroad. I only got to see the last few minutes of today's episode, and GH talk with JH was awesome. JH challenges GH to reveal about her sickness to SW and she says she will go find him after she gets better. That must have been such a let down to JH and he goes to the restaurant and tells SW about GH (not shown, but assumed).
  3. It is a play with the viewers emotions, since we are more easily affected by sorrow or angry at injustice. The forgiveness part is considered moot since it does not bring emotions to the degree sorrow or injustice brings in. So they contemplate that we would be angry or sad and write about it on sites which makes them happy since many people are contributing to their success.
  4. JH is just jealous that someone who he was with, fell out of love with him and loves someone he hates - SW. SW is good with everything he does both inside and out and this does not gel well with JH. In addition to it, he sees that GH really loves SW and he hates her for that, but his mind is not allowing him to process it and he has to go about with his selfish ways and have to be attached to her. He thinks if he is there around GH like how SW was during her tough days, GH will come around and will love him like how she loves SW.
  5. Watched today's episode - Don't know if I would call GH's attitude either stupidity or something else, seeing SW giving up so that GH can be happy and if that is what she wants. Seeing JH hovering around with his obsessive rotten face is just vomitrocious for me to see live (no FF button). Seeing GJ also not butting in to knock some sense into her is just ludicrous. GJ chatting away with her beau, and telling about GH collapsing and JH hearing it and running to the hospital - getting a smack down from GH mother was great. But still the viper was hanging around to go in after GH mother left and getting another smack down from GH was also great. But still it did not sink in to his brain. As we saw in the previous preview, SM finds out about GH's illness from JH mother and off she goes to the hospital to find her room and finds JH and they have a decent talk? Is that even possible. How come she did not run to her brother to tell? In the preview, SW is selling his restaurant, and finally decides to go abroad with YR. Will we have another airport scene where SW finds out about GH and runs to her bedside? Anyway, enjoy the episode if you are going to watch. More crying in this episode. Figuring out that just watching the preview is enough to know what is going to happen.
  6. This is what I am looking for too. Too late for it to move any other way. I am hoping that YR sad and crying face and overhearing the conversation about GH having lukemia is what SW hears from his son, since he can ask his father what that means and the light bulb goes off in SW and hopefully he will barge in to take care of GH. I hate JH trying to hover around GH even in my dreams. To me he is a sick selfish B. Trying to get SH even though he is trying to give JH advice, the only way JH moves away is when GH openly takes SW help and support and gets better. I want JH to lose both SM and GH and be a loner and go away.
  7. Irrespective of whether she breaks up or stays together, SW and YR will be devastated by her death. Why think of something that may not happen. I wish the writer shows that a person can be strong instead of portraying to be weak and indecisive - everyone telling what to do. They usually have one friend or confidant who smacks some sense into such people. Why did the writer not provide one. Why does GH not understand it is better to be with the one she loves because love works miracles. The love of the family would uplift the spirits and brings life back into her. I think SW would not let her go if he found out that GH has lukemia. I hope he finds out soon and make sure that he does not let her go. It is getting late for GH to be sick and staying at home. Today was disappointing SW, Tomorrow it is going to be YR and both will fall into the abyss of loss and will suffer more pain. After watching so many dramas, I think I will call it quits with Korean dramas after this set and will focus more on developing software which does not give me heartaches, headaches or wake me up in the middle of the night. For all the time I spent here, I can honestly say, that I enjoyed the conversation more than the dramas itself. I prefer light hearted dramas without this overbearing mothers, idiotic and daunting SIL or gullible Female and Male leads. Tired of it. So far, even though the dramas start out well, the writers have gotten into repeating the same old story and the entire drama goes down hill being sucked into a whirlpool. Thank you all for creating a wonderful environment of discussion and have immensely enjoyed participating in it.
  8. Even the crew must be feeling the frustration we viewers are feeling. So, they don't care what happens to it either. Just dislike the fact that JH is acting up while SW has to go through this alone. JH has the audacity to ask SH to put in a good word to GH dad to help him be in GH's life. Does she not even understand how she is hurting the one she loves. Or she is too pre occupied in her illness to think about it. Next she is sending YM to his father. Nice. GH - you truly don't deserve to be a mother. If you care about how others would see you when you have your Chemo, then, may be it is better for Sw to find a lady who would fight and stay strong in adversity. I think the writer went wrong with this direction for this story and should have kept it simple. Anyway, not even interested to watch today's subbed episode
  9. Definitely don't want it for SM. I wish her life goes up in smoke after seeing what her father instructed GH today. He needs the pain to actually know what is happening to GH. If it for SW and GH - I hate it too since they are making her life so miserable. SW wants to know why GH is breaking up in today's episode. So, it would be better to make the journey more tolerable vs. giving a candy at the end.
  10. Oh - what is happening? Are my eyes lying? Why? Is Jimin the actor who is going to be YR after a time jump? Just a coincidence? Same timing , same set? Looking forward to it. OK. Chingus...... Latest episode cliff hanger --- GH comes to the restaurant and wants to break up with SW. He is perplexed as to why she wants to break up. No preview for next episode yet which is usually at the end of the show. May be they will upload it later.
  11. Tae Joon escapes after being contacted by the police chief, and Yuwol, who is released, goes to the home of the president to meet his family. Meanwhile, Kwang-il gets in touch with Taejun and goes home to protect Yangji Logis ....
  12. Definitely. Once an A** always an A**. Known fact. Him accompanying her was also not good. He should have called a taxi and moved on. Now coming on to SW to give her up - disgusting. He does not know anything about love since GH was someone who was used by him to take care of his father and to get forward in life with his education and work. He might love her some, but way too selfish for his own needs. He cared less when GH wanted to adopt and even traumatized the child during their stay together. Now he wants her to go abroad with him. When she flat out refused, he has to find another way. Now he has found out that she is sick, and he is first recipient of that knowledge, he uses it to get his way. SW is not aware of it, but I think his father knows and would he tell him? I hope so since they know how much he loves GH and his son. But way too many episodes remaining for the drama to take that route. They will all be like hyenas trying to get their own way. I just want SW to know about it ASAP so he can concentrate on GH and take care of YR - who will be seriously hurt knowing that his mom is sick. So, SW has to step up and take care of the situation. I think if GH 's family welcomes SW into their household to help out with YR, it will be a slap in the face to JH. I want to see that so badly.
  13. http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/aplaceinthesun/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0122-01-130845,read,,87,797872 @UnniSarah - don't worry, YW and grandpa will untangled very soon. This is the way YW can think and formulate a plan. Also, the attorney is aware that YW did not know about the will. May be he can be bribed too. In the preview DS comes to know that her mother gave the pills to Hwang. So, both the siblings will fight against each other and one of them will out it to the cops. Probably DS.
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