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  1. (+18 - Adult; mild violence; sexual themes; BL themes) The Underwear [รัก/ชั้น/นัย] (...hot...I'm hot... it's getting hot in here! Last picture, the guy on the right, i'm dying to kiss him...and to the guy in the middle i say: "Why don't we have a chat with your underwear? Follow me."...srsly, i'm... beep) Producers (collaboration): MBO Teen Entertainment & GMM BRAVO | note: "The Underwear" is the second series from MBO Teen Entertainment online (broadcaster): LINE TV & YouTube Genres: Comedy // Friendship // Romance // BL // Teen Drama // Young Adults // Mature official youtube official instagram official facebook short synopsis The story's about young adults and teenagers, their lives and relationships (see cast section), and The Underwear Forum that connects them all, in many ways... cast Peem as Jump Tong as Cone (Chihishu Tantimeth) Miu (aka) Meww, as Mon ... OFFICIAL MV - OST
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