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  1. Wow i didnt realize our thread reach 1 year today. Hope not to late to wish Im thankful with all the pioneers and shippers for keeping this thread a safe heaven from haters and trolls. Hope for many years to come until the confirmation!! Woohoo!!
  2. Found this in you tube. Love the song and edit. Credit: STEL in youtube. Pls like her video.
  3. @MsMocha @Lilies08 u both so good with words!! Love it. Welcome onboard!! U make me cry! this fmv so good!! Heard he got promoted. Now Kge with new manager. Not sure who. My moots not ready to reveal his identity yet .
  4. Welcome back!! We need pioneer shipper back in here but is hard, real life is hard. Post once a day is better than nothing. We appreciate it. Feel like knive just struck my chest. Oouucchhh we didnt get this for Tkem.
  5. Our COEX LED for Tkem 1st Anniversary. Such a brilliant and fantastic group coming from different part of the world, to be exact 15 different country took part in this massive and expensive LED. Im forever honoured to be among the small contributor for the project. So much love has been spilled to organise as a group, video editing, times and effort. THANK YOU!! As the video ended at 12midnite kst, we concluded our trending as successful with 16k++ tweet from Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. Hope this not the end. We have more upcoming project for Kim Go E
  6. Nothing better to be with family. This cast here are colleague turn friends and family. Our Mineun wont happen without them. Im a bit melo today, so bare with me. Wish Mineun to post anything about them, Tkem or other casts. Twitter and Instagram celebrating hard, im wondering whether we going to get an update today. Seems Lmh is missing in action. Oopps I edit this. Seems he still in Canada holiday. And he update today!! Weeee Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNwBtXRpjy_/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link @\LeeEulFandom @\popmapin Cre
  7. Lets celebrate with us in twitter and instagram. Use hashtag #1YearWithTheKingEternalMonarch to make it trending. Today is our day. Tkem and Mineun are ONE.
  8. Its been awhile since I post in this forum. My real life catching on me, I only manage to click like button in here or twitter. I hope everyone is in good hand around the world. What better day to post than today, The King Eternal Monarch 1st Anniversary. The drama where our couple are born and shipped. A year after, the feeling still the same and much much more. First, our MineunMY gifts to our couple for today anniversary. We send it early on 15April as Kge wasnt around this few day due to busy schedule. BH Entertainment is close on Saturday. The new manager told us "Oh she loved
  9. After a long drought,this fandom still alive!!! Bombarded with lovestagram from them missing each other or they are there together. Well of course the latter are my delusional cells waking up. I dont know where are Kge. Nobody seems to figure out. She so MIA, until out of the blue she update throwback and King finish quarantine post his whereabouts 2 days in a row coincidentally? Come on, if u are not a shipper lurking around here, but you follow this two IG account because of Tkem or because u are curious, dont u feels suspicious with their many many many same day update? even after the show
  10. Not sure whether is a jeans or sofa. The colour look the same. Is weird to take photo from your laps. So the possibilities of anything are acceptable. Some clear as day, some we just have to assume. Who sender of the gift yet to be announce. Sooooo we can speculate until proven otherwise.
  11. @AquariusMY he in love for sure! Weeeee Since Tkem happened, many love songs been introduce intentionally by him. Many we never heard before and all the sudden the songs become famous overnight, fans search and download. Since Dancing Universe, no way he didnt notice people connect him with someone. Shipper comments, got bash by haters, fanwars, are we sure he didnt notice this? My dongsaeng is not stupid and blind. We may in drought from time to time, but keep our trust and faith with this 2 lovers. Keep sailing shipper! IGS, Gon love th
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