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  1. With my age, why do i feel tempted to joint?? Hahaha im gone mad. I should stop this shipping business, it taking a lot more time and im negleting my duties in real world.
  2. I think she just arrived. The car in reverse mode park next to his car. He took that angle of video without showing her plate car no while she reverse parking. Waiting longingly lovingly for her with new love song just to show us shipper he in love and happy. After she park the car, video ended. Trying to figure what type of car on that rainy window madness is pain in my eyes. For sure is two door kind of car. Hahaha OMG im officially a stalker!
  3. 10000000× likes for you! Exactly what i feel when listen to the song. He miss and love her so much and scared if she go away.
  4. Everything that we think IS going on right now. Hahaha Be patient, if u saw his ig, his not a person who like to post everyday and every week. Back fr 2015 till 2019 accept when he in MS, he sometimes post once a month or months. And he dont even post any drama or movie related in his ig accept for Tkem (correct me if im wrong, being an ig stalker is my new job btw). LOL Look what 2020 bring us, full with roller coaster lovestagram (millenial words i just pickup hahaha) Now with pandemic going around the world, he cannot travel abroad and stuck at home like us. GOD willing, they are spending their time together more than ever at home, office, beach, river, mountain. I miss them very much.
  5. The episode on this particular frame is so emotional. Im not sure how many take they took for the plot, but for sure many times with diff frame. Is really sad to see their eyes, the longing, the missing, the finding and the unbelievable way how they both find each other again. This frame in the drama is where jte is crying while putting her hand on his face and shoulder, him with watery eyes looking at her with disbelieve that at the end he found her for real. Such a difficult scene and they manage doing it multiple times. Emotion on point with this two. Is serious scene and very emotional. And the fancam bts show him grab and put her hand down while is not needed, whether he aware or not doing it, is just him being lmh and the women is kge. Thats how whipped our man towards his lady. Love change people, love made people do the unthinkable, love just love. Oh ya, he and his mirror, he love himself very much too. HAHAHAHA what a lovable boy.
  6. Aigoooo my hang over of Tkem make my heart in pain. So decided to watch BOF again after 11 yrs (totally forgot the story line). Im at ep5, and having a blast laughing and adores that boy. Gu Jun Pyo character is daebak is suit him in so many level. He more handsome and matured now, make me more melted hahahaha die die i die. I should rant this in lmh thread, but im not minoz or oim, still want this man for kge only 100%. All the tweet and pictures are awesome! More please! I could give u 1000× likes or love if i could. Im an old ahjumma who doesnt know the world of gadget. have a nice weekend with loved ones everyone! Spread more love!!
  7. Wow happy 900 pages my beautiful and awesome shippersl!! Lets get the positivity going, we ALL love LEE MIN HO and KIM GO EUN! Fall in love with Go Eun 3 yrs ago, and now i fall for Min Ho, such a charming man. Both are Beautiful and Handsome in and out. We are bless to be in this ship, put more LOVE to those remarkable couple (incase they read all this haha). All ahjumma got headache with new upgrade hahha. And most are busy with real life (is time to get back to real life tho haha). Dont worry, with all the crumbs we get is enough to make the ship float and sail tru. Lmh and Kge ig update is a bonus for die heart fan here. Let the shipper in ig and twitter do the job digging, i can just squeal and smile with happiness.
  8. Eyes dont lie. We are bunch of shipper Who love, been in love, loss love, strongly agree with the staring lovingly.
  9. Eergghhh my eyes with new upgrade. I see double in every words. May i ask, how exactly milennial dates as couple nowdays? I mean the normal one, not the extra stage yet hahaha. Im trying to remember my dating life like 25yrs ago, and it fading away with brain of mine . But i remember encounter a person like lmh, shinning smiling giddy in front of someone he like or love, but never get a chance to tell her yet but as i see her eyes, she also have the same feeling. (unfortunately is not me LOL) and he make others near him nonexistance at that precise moment . fyi, i had crush on that man, and i tot he did too, but after our dates become many people dates and thats include the lady, hahhh it click, im not the chosen one. I suspect he used me to make her jealous, hahahaha what a bummer i become. so yaa i walk away that instant to let them be. Hope they get married and happy (cut fr my life instantly) hahaha. Now Im married and happy with someone i shoot arrow at LOL. Well thats how i see lmh right now, full with love everytime he look at her. He adore her. He respect her. If u watch his ig, for 2020 itself is full with love vibes, romantic stuff, flirting.... eerrr i got goosebum. He is not the same lmh hahaha. I include them in my prayer, i really hope they both love each other full heartedly till end of life. If they not meant to be together in later years, i definitely be broken hearted but still i wish their happiness individually. Till then, we live for today, and let today be the longest day to love. (i think my pms is coming, emotionally wreck LOL)
  10. Hahaha u just elaborate the fancam thing. As i age, my memory faded too. What a wreck ship i got myself into . Hope this last ship sail tru until death do us part.
  11. Me me i was once gonggo shipper. At that time many reason as -the chemistry -gy become kid himself around her -lack of bts fr tvn mean big thing (after 3yrs the remaining bts came out this yr) -fancam is shipping material -after 1 yr and baeksang awrd no breadcrumbs. -shipper got tired hahaha About other FL with LMH im not so sure, but i did some study this 1 month comparing with lmhxkge and others FL, is sooooo much different (my view). BOF - both lead are cute together but never shippable. Personal taste - she's a noona, so sunbae vibes is strong City hunter - PMY always behave that way to all co workers. Heard rumors around but im not buying. Faith - eerrr sorry i cannot finish the drama, so no comment. The Heir - just finish watching this, he treat her like a friend. LOTB - she's a married women so out of question. So With new drama TKEM, overflooded staring, love vibes, smile that melted ur heart, skinship, we are talking about bts only, not the acting itself, which already make our heart melts to watch their love story. Welcome to the ship, this ship is lead by the captain lmh, so not sinking until captain say jump ship. And some shipper here prepare sub ship to wake the captain give us more bread.
  12. Would love to see this two power couple in future actor actress cum singer. It would be love by millions. Im squelling Ship is sailing quietly at their end. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.
  13. Aigoo aigooo just open ur mind a bit on regards of the hp. Hp on the sofa wallpaper is either kge with tumbler ep 5 or couple street hugs on ep11. Yup, is kge hp peeps! Kge are the one who took the photo via lmh hp instead. They being playful again. Thats why no border around the photo this time. Acceptable? Go figure. Im not waiting tonite, my other half and real life need me. my delulu is going insane!
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