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  1. I saw a few familiar names here XD where they are also from Ever Night forum. Hahahahahaha For Goodbye My Princess, I don't care about the ending, I am silently hoping that the drama will be not dragy. Begging this.
  2. I never knew this drama is even exists (?) (?) (?) I was bloody mad!!!!! Because I am waiting for great historical Mainland China dramas last year but lil did I've found which can satisfy my hungers. Now I am waiting for Season 2 BR. Once I love Gongzi but then his feelings towards WanMei is toxic love. I am being honest here, this drama has superb line of actors and actress but why there are many loopholes. Sometimes I can feel the drama, but sometimes I watch because I want to see what's comes next. Please please, they don't deserved this. I love allllll the casts including the cat TT If there's sequel for season 2, please write with more sincere as far as you could author nim. I smile while reading all the comments here regarding "kiss moment". Hahahahahahahaha i wish i can have hand of god to transparent push their heads together so they can kiss XD So hello everyone! I am new hereeeeeeeee
  3. We didn't hate MSS, we loveeeeee her but since the drama looks like overshadowing her over SS which supposed to be the main highlight here... Nah, s1 is known as NQ history life . So let's eat popcorn for s2, we'll see how the story will continue *smirks* Actually i want ro quote someone's topic but i forgot which one hahahahahahahahahaha
  4. Everytime 2nd brother on screen, my mind will revert to Cha Eun Woo While everytime NQ on screen, he will reminds me Yifan Oh please. Take my soul away. Pssst pardon me since I need to distract myself from MSS
  5. Last I joined the topic, it was like 60. And now i am working to finish by 106 Why so active hahahahahahahaha. Like i said in prev post, i want to be in hiatus mode until NQ meet SS. But nahhh promises are meant to be broken so i watch it on my own cost. Surprisingly I didn't feel upset at all. Maybe I've set my mind to focus on the details other than that cringe moments NQ and MSS. Seriously it helps me A LOTTTTTTT. Tbh I smile like retarded everytime SS and WGM moments. I miss my late grandpa TT I am back and forth from drama to novel then novel to drama. Because feels so out. Oh yeah, dear director. I may change the ship from NQ/SS to SS/JM very soon if you dare to change the storyline in S2 - __-
  6. Lololololol when you are Ever Night trash, every hour you will open this forum just to get updates while just yesterday you once said you want to be in hiatus mode
  7. I will take break for 2 weeks to heal my soul, to get new spirits to continue watch ep which no NQ and SS But i know i need to watch those episodes whatever happens *sigh* my ship to NQ and SS is too hard. Help me!!!!! Oh yeah while waiting for that 2 weeks to be gone, i will watch Ashes Love. I just give it for a try.....
  8. Gosh i wrote it wrong. I mean 10 episodes plus plus gap to wait for NQ reunite with SS XD Wowwww so many furious in mentioning Dylan kekekekekeke. I only watch him through MG episode 1 XDXDXD omoa my pity soul. So i just judge him based on that particular episode. Not bad but maybe yeah even there are hundreds of actor can take the main hero for S2 but no one can be original of NQ TT
  9. It's been sooooooo long since i am tooo addicted with chinese mainland dramas after upset few expecting dramas before but nahhh. This drama is tooooo much to handle. I mean we as viewers can feel the bonding between the casts TTTT Brothers sisters, masters students, love hate cat and dogs relationships. They are more family feels to me. I guess I need to postpone my wedding date kekekekekekekekeke kidding So i guess i need to bear like 10 episodes to 40 episodes or something (Read: NQ and MSS cringe moments) before SS come into the big picture between them or what? I didn't watch the cringe moments NQ MSS yet, so i full of hatred towards her kekekekekekeke. Who knows by the time, i will feel sorry for her... If they replace with Dylan(?) he is the one in meteor garden, isn't? I guess i can accept that since both have the similarity on their face the resembles.... Though I cammot accept fully hahahahahahaha
  10. I cannot sleep when the episodes subs started to enter the most heartbreaking episodes which focusing on NQ and MSS honeyomoon mood. So i start digging any information to comfort my pity soul TTTT Luckily I found this forum!! Somehow i feel the motivation to continue watch eventhough aware with the fact that: 1. No longer Arthur in season 2 TTTT 2. THERE WILL BE SWEET CRINGE MOMENTS BETWEEN NQ AND MSS 3. The novel's translation is hard to cope but i still need to read to get the big picture.
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