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  1. I kind of confused for her answers"not healthy during break" , but it make sense after I read your post. She is too strict to herself.
  2. @guestraThanks for sharing translation. I'd like to correct one part.. In original interview, he said "I expected that she is young & cute, but actually more mature"
  3. another picture Q.What kind of year would you like to be in 2019? SHJ: I want to make this year a healthy year both for my body and mind.I am healthier when I'm working than when I am on holiday, but from now on I would like to have a healthy rest even when I take a rest. I already feel that I can not achieve the goal (laugh) I wonder how she is doing now.
  4. Happy Birthday to our Hyunjin! You're ninja-mode now, but as long as you are happy and enjoy your life, it makes me happy I'll continue to support you!
  5. Q. Why did you decide to appear in this drama? SHJ: Because I heard LMK ssi will be in this drama! (laugh) LMK: If SHJ ssi did not appear, I have not been on this drama.(laugh) They both wanted to work together
  6. Oh, did you call me? Unfortunately, I don't contract with KNTV, but once I find something to translate, I'm happy to work on it. I also anticipate to find some magazine interview in March. She did some in RTDK days, but none for TOL.(beause of changing agency?) I hope it fills our heart while she enjoys her ninja mode.
  7. Happy New Year 새해 복 많이 받으세요 ~saehae bog manh-i bad-euseyo~ Thank you so much for sharing her updates last year. May the year of 2019 bring Hyunjin and all of us a lot of happiness and smiles
  8. That's so cute, and good job for Hyunjinlight. She must have written some notes for herself during practice. Happy to see her with her co-stars. Especially, it's been a while to see her with YYS. Barley couple She wears the same black jacket again Although she is a top star, she takes good care of her belongings. I like it so much
  9. Happy 17th debut anniversary M.I.L.K album is one of my favorite playlist, and I still listen to it. (Hyun jin may be embarrassed and put her hand over her face) Have a good rest and I hope to see you soon
  10. Finally! I like the way she talks Her voice is so clear and suits for announcement. Ah,, she can do anything! waiting for English translation~
  11. She is sooo beautiful Burgundy color really suits her well. Stylist did a great job! Thanks for translation. Girl group x Hyunjin, it sounds nice. Group will be proud to be announced by their role model
  12. @justright Thanks for editing front page. I'll check new links That's true. I imagine she is living like Segae in ep15. ...knitting, reading, hanging out with Shideo and good friends in her house. I really liked her poetry reading on radio last year, so I want this kind of radio. Perhaps she can work on audio book. It looks like I haven't get out from TBI mode
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