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  1. I actually loved that they used the "Leon" reference from the movie " The professional" who was also a hitman who became soft for a child and ended up taking her under his wing to protect her. Almost like how Kim Soo Hyun feels for Seul Gi. By being around Hyun Jin more, he is probably starting to feel more human in regards to his connection to her. But that scene where almost second guesses his true feelings when he watched her was done quite well. You can tell he was struggling to come to terms with it. Kudos to Jang Ki Yong for being able to emote well.
  2. I am pretty sure that is correct. Because it is being subbed, it gets released a day later.
  3. Well Nana throws darts in the drama but JKY is pretty darn good at it in real life. Watch this video
  4. @ hulya.23_d801 Lol. I feel like Nana and JKY are filming a commercial in that scene. It's the crazy visuals.
  5. Maybe that man isn't his real father either? Maybe he is just the stepfather? Or maybe not. I'm trying to figure out why he would want to kill his own son. As for the blue eyes thing. I think it is possible that he might have Waardenburg syndrome which causes discoloration in the eyes---which would also makes sense considering the original title was "blue eyes". I am somewhat let down by the directing of the drama. It seems to skip around randomly and doesn't allow the viewers to connect with the characters. Although I do enjoy the fight scenes---not so much with the explosion scenes because it just doesn't make sense to me. Also I don't understand why after Kim Soon Hyun escaped the explosion, he suddenly had a lack of interest in wanting to find out who caused it. I know he was threatened but still... I am hoping for a lot of things to make sense later in the upcoming episodes so I can enjoy it more rather than trying to focus on the silly details. That scene where they took a stroll together, it was obvious she came off a little flirty. I also have a gut feeling they are not related but they have ties. There are more questions than answers so let the unraveling begin. I actually thought their unexpected "shooting" date was rather cute.
  6. Wow they look really good together. I heard the PD couldn't stop talking about their visuals at the press conference. Lol.
  7. I think he was abandoned as a child and was trained to kill at a young age and grows up to be a hitman. Supposedly he takes revenge on those who made him who he is? Not positive but he hides under the guise of a veterinarian. Again not sure if he wants to be normal or just trying to hide his identity. We shall find out.
  8. Wow. Seems intense and action packed. The 23rd can't come fast enough!
  9. I sent in my request. We need all the help we can get!
  10. Sad to tell you that it did get pushed back to the 23rd of March.
  11. This is an OCN drama. Pray that it will get subbed.
  12. Enjoyed watching behind the scenes. They already seem comfortable with each other which is always nice to see. I am getting the feeling their characters might like each other but knowing ocn...they might make Do Hyun Jin turn on our hitman. Thanks all of you for sharing!
  13. Thanks for the translation of character chart! Appreciate it. I can't wait to see these two on screen. Jang Ki Yong is going to break me. I feel it.
  14. Well well. Looks like there is some sort of chemistry. Just from that latest teaser. I love them both already.
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