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  1. You pretty much summed up what I was thinking. I find it strange how people can say this is boring...maybe I am just a boring person for enjoying the first setup. But people have different opinions so oh well. The way they filmed is movie quality..although I have to agree that too many blurring going on but also...for some reason it adds to to confusion.. especially the Hawon and Jisoo scenes over the phone. I actually enjoy when SeoWoo came to a realization regarding who her "before dawn" person was and the fact that he had told her to "stay" which she had expressed her sadness about it to him earlier in their convo. I can see why she would start to fall for him. Anyway. I can't wait for the OST. Btw. The actress Jisoo and Chae Soo Bin are real life friends. They were from same agency but Chae Soo Bin has joined new agency now.
  2. I'm actually confused as to why it is confusing. I mean It's pretty straight forward unless I'm not seeing like others are. I find this drama so calming and melancholic and a nice change from all the other dramas currently airing. The OST and music used throughout the drama syncs perfectly with the atmosphere. After watching EP.2, I'm already invested. The only thing I didn't like is what happened to Jisoo and I question her choices. I mean realistically, who does that?
  3. The first teaser is so beautiful with the poem. Excited. March 23 seems so far away.