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  1. These Actresses Play The Cutest Jealous Girlfriends In Kdramas According To Viewers We find it cute when a character gets jealous of the drama. Most of the time, the leading man is the one that feels jealousy of the second lead, but right now, we will talk about the female counterpart. If you care and you're afraid of losing the person you love, the feeling of jealousy is quite normal. So now, we will discuss the Korean actress who did an excellent job of acting like a jealous girlfriend in Korean dramas. We feel those butterflies whenever a person gets jealous over little things, and in Kdrama, this is one of the best things you will experience watching romantic dramas. So let's check out those female lead characters that are the cutest jealous k-drama Girlfriends on the list below! Kim Go-eun portraying as Jung Tae Eul in "The King Eternal Monarch" There was a scene in "The King Eternal Monarch" where Jung Tae Eul keeps on asking Lee Gon (Lee Min-Ho) questions which are full of jealousy like "Is this the very first time you experienced falling in love?" and "Who's that lady that cooked the beefsteak rice for you?" and upon hearing these questions, Lee Gon realized that his girl was feeling very jealous. He then held Jung Tae Eul's hand tightly and said, "You're the one and only girl in my heart." Don't you find this scene romantic? https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/119007/20200928/these-actresses-play-the-cutest-jealous-girlfriends-in-kdramas-according-to-viewers.htm
  2. LMH twt and MYM IG update May you have Chuseok filled with love, cheer and great memories
  3. Lee Min Ho and Korean stars look attractive and strong wearing the best uniforms Lee Min Ho - Legend of the blue sea Lee Min Ho is also one of the actors praised for wearing a beautiful uniform. In the drama, "Legend of the Blue Sea", he appeared in a pilot uniform combined with dark sunglasses. He received many compliments because of this dandy and attractive image. https://laodongtre.laodong.vn/phim-anh/hyun-bin-song-joong-ki-va-nhung-sao-han-dien-quan-phuc-dep-nhat-839824.ldo
  4. Actor Lee Min-ho proved to be a representative actor in his 30s OBS's "Unique Entertainment News" looked back at the life of actor Lee Min-ho, who can bear the weight of his crown as a top star. After the success of "Boys Over Flowers," Lee took off his school uniform and challenged his first adult performance in 2010 through the drama "Personal Taste." He has broadened his popularity by showing off his appearance as a fashionista and his charm as an acting romantic guy who is not afraid to break up. He then attempted to transform his acting through the Korean action hero "City Hunter" in 2011. Emphasizing a new aspect with a more subdued atmosphere, he also showed his ability as a top action actor by perfectly performing his first action performance. He took off the image of a handsome star and proved another possibility. And through his first historical drama 'Faith' in 2012, he made many female fans fall into the 'Choi Young-sickness,' with his deep eyes and restrained acting. Since then, he has peaked in popularity with the high-teen romance "The Heirs" in 2013. Lee Min-ho brought another sensation to the small screen with his famous line, 'Do I like you?' and a romance that impressed viewers. Although he was asked why he would do another work similar to "Boys Over Flowers," when he took a bold challenge when he was a year younger, he said that it was his role to show the image of a more trendy and shiny young man, and once again enjoyed syndrome-like popularity. Nevertheless, he did not settle down and tried to change his acting with the movie "Gangnam 1970." Lee Min-ho exuded the masculinity hidden as a tough fighter character, briefly throwing off the softness of a handsome man and showing the bare face of a tough man. It was a more meaningful move because he showed a 180-degree change in his image. Lee Min-ho's "hit filmography" continued on to the "Legend of the Blue Sea." In the drama that marked the end of his 20s, he showed a variety of charms of a character with multi-roles. As such, he may not be a prolific actor, but he is an effort-based actor who who tries to change steadily in various genres. After returning from a military hiatus, he continued on with his 14-year career as an actor in his 30s by drawing attention again with "The King: Eternal Monarch." He is still enjoying his heyday, showing how brilliant of a star he can shine. http://www.obsnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=1234541
  5. Actor Lee Min-ho has become a top star with "Boys Over Flowers" after five years of obscurity OBS's "Unique Entertainment News" looked back at the life of actor Lee Min-ho, who can bear the weight of his crown as a top star. Lee Min-ho, who made his debut with the youth drama "Secret Campus," went on a one-day trip to the East Sea with his acquaintances and friends in the summer when he turned 20, when a huge ordeal came. He got involved in a car accident on a coastal road that day and suffered a serious level of injury that broke his thigh bone and crushed his ankle bone. He was already promised to appear in numerous works as a star whose success was expected, but it came to nothing. The accident was painful and everything seemed to have collapsed. However, he didn't give up and woke up with ambition and appeared in various dramas. But the results were not good. "Mackerel Run" ended early, and " I am Sam" had to end amid poor ratings. It was the darkest period of his life. Then in 2008, finally, the light began to be seen at the end of the long tunnel of hardship. Lee Min-ho, who showed impressive acting as a high school student trying to join a violent organization in "Public Enemy Returns," showed a short but intense performance. In particular, director Kang Woo-suk, who made the film, praised him, saying, "He has unusual intensity in his eyes" and "He would mature as an actor because of his good eyes." In the movie 'Our School's E.T.', he once again appeared in a school uniform and made headlines. Since then, Gu Joon-pyo of the drama "Boys Over Flowers," which changed the life of 23-year-old Lee Min-ho, has come as fate. His appearance was more like a sensation: his hair which was based on the manga, his well-defined face and deft acting shook women's hearts across the country. There is an interesting story behind Lee Min-ho's casting. Nearly 300 actors applied for the drama, and Lee Min-ho auditioned through a mobile phone photo taken by an acquaintance of the producer. Lee Min-ho also expressed his willingness to play the role with his unconventional choice. He became the leader of F4, Gu Jun-pyo, and learned everything from horseback riding, kendo, golf, and swimming. He even had to change the tone of his voice. Did this effort work? The audience rating exceeded 30% and hit the jackpot, and he received a love call two weeks after his debut, and he had never shot an advertisement. He ended his five years of obscurity and immediately became a top star. As such, Lee Min-ho achieved his dream after a long wait, and since then, he has been on the path of becoming a top star. http://www.obsnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=1234532
  6. Actor Lee Min-ho proved his star quality from his school days with his superior appearance OBS's "Unique Entertainment News" has looked back at the life of actor Lee Min-ho, who can bear the weight of his crown as a top star. Lee Min-ho, who came to the world on June 22, 1987, was born to a family with superior genes, with a father who is 180 centimeters tall, and mother and older sister who are both 170 centimeters tall. Because of that, he was the tallest since kindergarten. Also, he was an ordinary boy who used to play pranks. At that time, Lee Min-ho was a soccer enthusiast and aspirant. He was so promising that he was selected for the soccer class that only soccer prodigies can enter. Manager Cha Bum-keun predicted the possibility at that time of him becoming a player who was "a talented player in soccer because of his diligence and quick feet", and Lee Min-ho, who played as a youth player for four years, also planned to go to middle school playing soccer. However, he broke his arm during the game around the fifth grade and was injured enough that he learned to use his left hand, forcing him to quit soccer. Since then, Lee has spent his normal school days. However, his appearance was not ordinary. With his tall height and clear features, he was so superior that he was introduced to fashion magazines when he was a freshman in high school. He went to boys' middle and high schools and didn't know much about himself, but on Valentine's Day, he was that famous for his appearance that he easily received about eight chocolates from nearby girls. http://www.obsnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=1234523
  7. Episode 12 So at the end of the last episode, Choi Young seemed to be back to his death-wish days. But early in this episode, he actually made the conscious decision to live, even before Eun Soo arrived to stop his fight with Ki Chul. And he even verbalized it to her - that he would not risk his life that easily, ever. As he finds the will to live, he turns a new chapter in his life, signified by him untying his ex-girlfriend's bandana from his sword and putting it away in a chest. He has finally moved on from his past love, and now has his eyes on a new girl, who is not only a potential new love, but also has made him want to choose to live. I am loving the subtle but sweet gestures of Choi Young in this episode. The hair tuck, the tying of dagger on her leg. Simple yet have considerable impact in the development of their relationship. And so the love story of our Imja couple flourishes on.
  8. Episode 11 I like the scene where Lady Choi pulls back a Woodalchi to give some space to Gongnim and Noguk. It’s quite funny, but it’s good that Lady Choi is aware of the fact that this couple may be royalty, but they are also humans experiencing common relationship issues. It’s quite nice that Choi Young could speak his mind freely with Gongnim. And Gongnim, being king, doesn’t take it against him. It’s also nice, and surprising, that Choi Young talks about his feelings with Lady Choi. Our captain is tough, but he also has his vulnerable side. I thought so, too, that Eun Soo wouldn’t choose anybody. From that previous order of Ki Chul to flute-guy Eum Ja to do exactly the opposite if she tells him not to kill Choi Young, making deals with Ki Chul’s people isn’t really a good idea. But alas, action speaks louder than words, and Choi Young rushing to her side every time, reveals who is dearest to her. So now, Ki Chul’s people are after Choi Young. Choi Young admits to Eun Soo that if he fights off with Ki Chul, he might lose. And the reason why he is always rushing to her side is because of his promise to protect her and take her back to heaven. So she decides to finally relieve him of that promise, and end everything between them. She might be saving his life, but he takes all these differently. It all comes down to her losing trust in him, and not believing that he could protect her. For a warrior whose duty is exactly that, it took a blow on him. Add to that his ex-girlfriend who believed of the same thing. To think that after seven long years, he’s finally getting over his ex-girlfriend thanks to this new girl, but new girl who has given him the will to live again, has done exactly the same thing – lose faith in him. So now we’re back to Choi Young and his death wish.
  9. Lee Min Ho opts for The King: Eternal Monarch OST in his latest Instagram video and we want a TKEM season 2 Lee Min Ho shared a couple of videos on Instagram where he opted to mix a song from The King: Eternal Monarch OST. Lee Min Ho has us feeling bittersweet with his latest Instagram post. The actor took to his social media account to drop new two posts at the dawn of the weekend. The first post featured a bunch of hazy photos in his typical styles. While he revealed he was enjoying the Friday out and about, it was the second post of the night that had us emo! Lee Min Ho shared a couple of videos with the OST from his show The King: Eternal Monarch. The videos appeared to be the behind-the-scenes videos from the SBS drama. The song played in the video was Maze, sung by Yongzoo, which featured in the initial few episodes of the series. The emotional love ballad has always been one of our favourite songs from the series so you would imagine our surprise when the song played on Lee Min Ho's post. The actor placed the song on a raw edit of the BTS. The first video of the two-part video post gave us a glimpse at the arrangement of the video and music while the second saw the actor engrossed in his digital notepad as he used to on the sets of The King: Eternal Monarch. Watching these videos, we couldn't help but wish that the series would return for the second season. Although we feel that the series ended on a perfect note, watching Lee Gon and Kim Go Eun's Jung Tae Eul time travelling and making precious memories together. However, the series could explore a number of subplots. For example, watching Noh Ok Nam's story unfold through the eyes of the lead characters. Maybe even focus on the time period when both the worlds - Kingdom of Corea and Republic of Korea - were similar. https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/hollywood/lee-min-ho-opts-king-eternal-monarch-ost-his-latest-instagram-video-and-we-want-tkem-season-2-564924 ******************************************************************* Why age doesn't matter in the K-Drama acting industry Korean actors age like fine wine and they’re indeed treated that way. This does not only refer to 40-something actors that are still playing lead roles but veteran senior actors that have been acting for decades and still appear as our favorite grandpa/grandma or the villainous CEO of a business empire. Either way, age has never been a cause for loss of work in the K-Drama industry. As a matter of fact, K-Dramas themselves are beginning to tell the stories of people of this age, in their 40s, 50s, or even more than that as yes, they are the main focus of the narrative. Take ‘Dear My Friends’ for example. The drama starts off with the protagonist thinking out loud: "Who would buy books about old fogeys?" As the drama shows us, quite a few! While it may seem like the K-Drama industry focuses on fresh-faced leads and young love, that is not always the case. Stories about the mature generation need to be told and are actually told way more than you’d think. ‘The World Of The Married’ led by veteran actress Kim Hee Ae, focuses entirely on a mature married couple that faces crises and is one of the highest-rated dramas ever. Even in K-Dramas where they aren’t the leads, the story does not just make them a type character who’s there for comic relief or to fill up a blank space. ‘Record of Youth’ is actively tackling this issue in the form of the immense respect given to the narrative of Sa Hye Jun’s grandfather who still wants to find his own way in life, forge his own path, first for himself and then for anybody else. The drama handles this as beautifully as possible and we’re left empathizing with a 70-year-old man with dreams just like our own. Oftentimes, the characters that leave the strongest impression on us are hardly ever the leads and it is no coincidence that it is the older characters that bring us the most touching moments, and even the toughest life lessons are brought to us gently with their caring words. Kim Young Ok is known all over the world as Nation’s Halmeoni and for good reason too as there is, nor was nor can be any halmeoni cuter than her. She played Lee Min Ho’s grandmother in both ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’, Seo In Guk’s grandmother in 'Shopaholic Louis', Oh Ssang Boon in 'Dear My Friends', Deok Sun’s grandmother in 'Reply 1988' and basically every best grandmother ever! https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/09/why-age-doesnt-matter-in-the-k-drama-acting-industry
  10. The crossover project MBC Cinematic drama SF8 (S.F. 8 / Planned MBC, DGK / Provided Wavve, MBC / Produced by DGK, Soo Film) has unveiled the viewing points of "Love Virtually," which director Oh Ki-hwan himself revealed, and expectations for tonight's 10:10 broadcast are at the peak. The Real Empathy Romance of a man and a woman is drawing attention just by the fresh combination of SF and romance. It takes place when a man and a woman who met each other online on a future dating app by deceiving each other, cannot meet in real life due to an app malfunction. The setting is unique in that more than half of the Korean population uses the virtual love app, Love Virtually, which allows users to share their love with their desired person using an ID with their desired face. Interest is heightened with the the fantastic chemistry between Min-joon (Choi Si-won) and Ji-won (Yoo Yi), and their change in relationship, as they have become virtual couples and decide to meet in real life despite making IDs with faces before their own plastic surgeries. Oh Ki-hwan, director of the film, draws attention by revealing the viewing points that will further redouble the fun of "Love Virtually." Director Oh Ki-hwan said, "Before and after watching the show, what would you do if such a situation happened to you?" That's why we created the film. "I don't know how the world will change in the future, but I don't think one person's love for another will change. After seeing this unique story of the future, I hope you can hold the hand of your loved one who is now next to you. I completed the work with the thought of understanding the present people through future love," he said, expressing his affection for the work with a meaningful message. On the other hand, the best scenes that should never be missed in "Love Virtually," were the scenes and lines where Ji-won told Min-joon, "Do you feel it? This is me." Oh Ki-hwan adds, "I think the essence of human beings is to feel each other. I think shaking hands with each other, the hug between lovers, are actions that are the very basis for maintaining the human being itself and our world." Meanwhile, MBC's Cinematic drama "SF8" is an original SF and Solace series produced by Soo-film, together with MBC, the Korean Film Directors' Association (DGK), and Wavve, which viewers would see with vivid UHD screens with SF genre characteristics. Tonight (Friday) at 10:10 p.m., Oh Ki-hwan's "Love Virtually," the seventh episode of "SF8," will be broadcast. http://enews.imbc.com/News/RetrieveNewsInfo/293440
  11. [SF8] Augmented reality dating between Choi Si-won and Uee! Server disconnected suddenly?
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