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  1. Thanks a lot, @gtLmh0622 for the translation! The article shows us a glimpse of how LMH has matured and grown as an actor through the years. He's got a great sense of responsibility on his work, and yet still manages to find happiness in the simple things. Can't wait to see his work in "The King"!
  2. Thanks for sharing the video, @gtLmh0622. Looks like the magazine's got 36 pages of LMH awesomeness. More lovely photos from L'Officiel Hommes YK Edition cr: minoz_moonshine
  3. Movies, dramas become new lucrative business for S. Korean internet companies South Korea’s leading internet firms are seeking to boost their presence in the entertainment industry by capitalizing on online content popular here and overseas.Using their internet cartoons, K-pop streaming services and other web-based items, Naver and Kakao have been accelerating their efforts to monetize lucrative content by adapting them into movies and dramas.In addition to establishing drama studios and streaming platforms, the internet giants have acquired stakes in local entertainment companies to enhance cooperation with top artists and social media influencers. “Based on our business portfolio ranging from music to videos and other items, we will come up with more content that can expand the ecosystem,” said Kim Seong-soo, who leads Kakao’s entertainment unit Kakao M.Since its establishment in 2016 with the acquisition of Loen Entertainment, Kakao M has been expanding into content production. Popular movie stars -- such as Lee Byung-hun from the megahit drama “Little Ms. Sunshine” -- work with the company.Kakao M has also made a foray into the film business by acquiring Korean movie studios behind box office hits, including the studio that made “The Spy Gone North” and “Kundo: Age of the Rampant.”Last month, the company announced it had attracted investments from movie stars and social media influencers. Actors Hyun Bin and Lee Min-ho, stylist Han Hye-yeon and other influencers participated in the fundraising worth 68.8 billion won ($57.5 million)“As a member and shareholder of Kakao M, the participants would share a greater sense of responsibility for the company’s business operations,” said Kakao M. “It would help us (create) quality content across various platforms.” http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20191011000571#cb ********************************************************************************** The new promotional photos of actor Lee Min Ho received many compliments from fans, especially female fans. Recently, Lee Min Ho 's promotional photos for King Sejong Academy were posted online. In the photo, the "Boys Over Flowers" actor dressed in a white shirt combined with bright pants and sneakers. Dressed up simply, Lee Min Ho conquered with his handsome appearance and sunny smile, making many girls crazy. In the angle of shooting, Lee Min Ho showed all the beauty on his face, including his high nose and very charming eyes. https://ngoisao.vn/hau-truong/chuyen-lang-sao/lee-min-ho-hoa-soai-ca-so-mi-trang-khien-chi-em-dien-dao-276751.htm
  4. L'Officiel Hommes YK Edition 2019 Fall/Winter with Lee Min Ho cr: 신이빚은민호, lovely_mino_7, via lmh_kig
  5. BTS of Promotional Video of King Sejong Institute with LMH more photos here: https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=26344819&memberNo=32792076
  6. Lotte Duty Free, which is famous for its large Hallyu star marketing, is actively targeting Millenial customers with another marketing called LDF. The YouTube account, 계정darn TV, operated by Lotte Duty Free, has surpassed 550,000 subscribers, maintaining the No. 1 spot in the Korean company's YouTube account. " Since it is a duty-free shop, we have been doing a lot of marketing for foreigners, and naturally using new media such as online, " Nam said. " When other companies and brands are moving to YouTube or New Media Marketing, it was a big opportunity to move faster. " " After analyzing the characteristics of the Millenial generation, they realized that they were interested in fun and experience and love language play, " Nam said. " By combining the LDF, the abbreviation for Lotte Duty Free, which is the English version of Lotte Duty Free, into Korean, we created a new name called " Yum. " " Recently, we have expanded the meaning of ' Let's Do Something Fun ' along with Yum and are approaching more interesting content to our customers at home and abroad. " Six members of the 20s-30s team gathered together and poured out fresh ideas. Lotte Duty Free is focusing on " Hallyu Star Marketing, " which features the biggest stars of the time, including BTS (BTS), EXO, TWI, Super Junior, Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-hye, Lee Jong-seok. " If the Hallyu star played a role in promoting Lotte Duty Free in foreign countries, we wanted to show reliable and authentic content to Koreans through the letter, " Nam said. Lotte Duty Free has teamed up with Influence to try out shopping entertainment and introduced contents with hallyu stars that have story lines such as web dramas and music videos. " Recently, we are planning to establish a pool in the global economy by selecting not only countries where Lotte Duty Free is already in the market, but also Australia, the United States and Europe, " said Nam Gong-hee, the manager of the company. http://biz.newdaily.co.kr/site/data/html/2019/10/07/2019100700167.html
  7. Upcoming Kdramas Set To Air in 2020 You Need To Keep An Eye On "The King: The Eternal Monarch" is probably the most anticipated kdrama of 2020 https://www.jazminemedia.com/2019/10/upcoming-kdramas-set-to-air-in-2020-you-need-to-keep-an-eye-on/
  8. Upcoming Kdramas Set To Air in 2020 You Need To Keep An Eye On "The King: The Eternal Monarch" is probably the most anticipated kdrama of 2020 https://www.jazminemedia.com/2019/10/upcoming-kdramas-set-to-air-in-2020-you-need-to-keep-an-eye-on/
  9. A young woman promised not to wash her hands after the opportunity to shake hands with a South Korean artist, Lee Min Ho. The phrase was recorded in a video until it finally became viral on social media. https://nasional.okezone.com/amp/2019/10/08/337/2114507/viral-jeritan-remaja-janji-tak-akan-cuci-tangan-gegara-disalami-lee-min-ho?__twitter_impression=true ***************************** 10 Portrait of Lee Min Ho While in Bali, Auranya is Very Bright! It's good to have you here, Lee Min Ho! https://www.idntimes.com/hype/entertainment/amp/defrina-satiti/10-potret-lee-min-ho-selama-di-bali-auranya-kinclong-banget?__twitter_impression=true
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