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  1. Gorgeee.... Missing Hyo, waiting for her new project announcement...
  2. I guess we are all hibernating until we hear about Hyo getting a new drama or project. lol Seems like she has been resting again, I saw PMH and Minseyeon posts that they went to SAN Museum. I am glad that she is looking after herself and enjoying good company with these good people around her, good food and places. She deserves it. I pray that she is happy or at peace - at least in her personal life. I missed her, thinking that she might be gone again for awhile until she decides her next work so I was going through her posts and saw one of her IG post last October mode. My friend advised that this is actually a traditional tea cafe from Haeundae, Busan, it has a nice view. https://singingbirdtea.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/bibibidang-busan-south-korea/ (more photos here) Ugh, seeing this, now I wanted to visit Korea. lol Hyo should do some blogging and share/recommend it on her IG, about places and food haha, she is convincing!
  3. Its official, goodbye Inrang! And in addition to that, I like Hyo and Kim Jee Won’s interaction. I think she grew close to him. I dont have a bad blood with Minho so I also like that he has been attentive to her during promos, making things less awkward. Until Hyo’s next project!
  4. JWS is life! Hyo and Minho! Ugh, they’re cuties!!! Glad that this girl learned how to use IG stories, she has been posting often now and seems like she is fond of it. lol
  5. Well I saw her worked hard and did her best to up her game in Inrang.But whoever stars in that movie, even the best actress in Korea, if its done badly, it will still fail. I’m sure if there is one person who really wanted to improve and show a different area of herself, that’s her. She has been trying to accept also trying to accept different genre to show good performance so I dont think she is slacking in that area.
  6. I watched this actor from Are You Human, Too...He isnt an A lister, I think? But he is 34 and is good too. Lee Joon Hyuk. Haha he can work with Hyo. Today is Inrang’s last day of promo, right? We’re almost there, lol, all ready to move on. I’m glad she isnt doing anything regarding to it anymore, and she isnt coming to that San sebastian festival. I’ll post if there are vids because I dont know when I can post again as Hyo might go into hiatus mode until she finds her next project.lol
  7. If she wouldn’t take a drama for this year, I hope she could at least have a cameo here? She would love to but if JTBC wouldn’t even call her to do it .... I also hope she gets a drama next, it is logical to do so. Her past 3 consecutive movies were all a letdown in Box office, from Love Lies to Inrang so, I think a drama will be a lot better for now. But I am not sure, Hyo is a bit picky with scripts so wouldn’t be surprised too if she gets another movie again. @intrariver when I read the news of that Chocolate drama, I thought of Hyo too, that she might get an offer. Lets wait and see.
  8. Spreading some good vibes for this weekend. I like this video of hers. I might be bias because I like her but her aura exudes kindness. She is a softie with a cool/roudy exterior. Be well Hyojoo shi!
  9. TVN, please offer Hyo a new drama, freettyyy fleaseeeee.....
  10. @solaire @adamag the warm brothers/hyungs!
  11. @wildaffairs I think the film is a mess itself, regardless of some bias reviews. Non bias reviews are actually targeting the director and not really the actors. I am looking forward to her next work, I don't know what to expect now, lol we expected so much in Inrang, great material, great co actors, great directors, but became a disaster. Personally, I want her to do an action romance, or a slice of life drama, a simple but heartwarming one. Character wise, I would like her to do a strong or cold character, I really loved her in Love 911, and in Brilliant Legacy so I think, those cool female characters suit her. Its just a matter of luck upon choosing a good work.
  12. @adamag @solaire they can still blame Hyo, lol. Because of Hyo, oppa has been tainted in the eyes of Knetz. lol I remember dalrim, Hyo's fan in twitter arguing with an oppa fan. Even some inetz are saying that Inrang flopped because of the dating issue, seriously, if the movie is bad even if you have the best and top actors there, it is still bad. Thanks adamag. I love reading her interviews, Im waiting for a new mag feature and interview from her. I am glad that she is also working on her personal life. My girl deserves to be happy.
  13. @adamag I am after the script now to be honest, not really the co actors. Right now, there are a couple of good dramas with less star power, but they are warm and well written. Hoping HJ gets a drama next. Lol, especially in Korea, I heard that there are some of his fans who are blaming her. The heck. I read that director KJW is looking on another french project soon, JWS also have a new movie, KDW has one too, I hope we can look forward for something else for Hyo soon. I know she is a bit picky with scripts, but I wish that she will take a warm project this time, something socially relevant or a slice of life one. Sigh, can't wait to hear some good news soon.
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