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  1. RIP Sulli, that was sad. Was late in the party, but I felt the need to drop by and post my thoughts. Just finished HDL weeks ago. What a beautiful story, Jin goo, the young prince in METS has grown into a gentleman, Im happy that his works these days have done well in the ratings game. IU, wow, I liked her songs but felt indifferent to her before as an actress, but Jang Man Weol was on a different level, after Cheong Song Yi and Kim Book Joo, JMW is now added on my best female lead list. Well done Hong sisters & the whole team. Lastly, even though I also thought that the scenes and the story of the captain and Manwol was also beautifully crafted, Im glad that I never wavered. I never rooted for them, I felt the bittersweet story of their arc, but I learned to love the slow burn, stable, mature, genuine and robust love development of Chanseong and Manweol. First love has always been fluffy, butterflies all over, but true and last love has always been the real deal - strong, cannot be easily wavered, stable, long lasting, thats how I see the dynamics or MW and CS. I love the small things, the nuances, the gradual development, it felt real and long lasting - between CS and MW. It has always been Chansung, since they were kids in the woods. In life you will experience your heart fluttering first love, but as you grow older, it will always be your true love. Chanseong is the only person who is compatible with MW’s moods, attitude, etc. What he and Manwol has is something that you can imagine even if they grow older. And Im optimistic that as what MW said, they will meet in another lifetime, no matter what. This is my 2019 drama! Hehe I enjoyed it! Manwol & Chansung, you are the OTP. Chansung, it has always been you and Nobody else Despite of not being the flowerboy, your love is the greatest, your heart is the bravest.
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