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  1. I like watching it because I like a good Makjang dramas. You won't enjoy it if you try to be logical or you want everything to be realistic or you want to explain every plot details. This type of drama is supposed to be a fantasy, with an outrageous plot, mind boggling plot twist and over the top acting. It's addicting and that's why the rating is so high. Don't think this has been posted here. Deleted scenes from the Penthouse:
  2. You are now contradicting yourself. So regardless what her previous experience, she does not have the right to do what she has done. For all the K dramas, just look at the poster, and you would have some clue how the plots play out. Soo-Ryun (Lee Ji-Ah) is at the center, so she is always the main female lead, and usually the good one. Everyone else around her in the poster could turn out to be villain at any time. And in this case, they all are.
  3. Sorry about your mother's illness, and I hope she would get well soon. But what I said was correct. Nowadays, 70 to 80% of the stem cell transplant uses peripheral blood rather than bone marrow, and in some centers, 90+%.
  4. Just want to correct the "bone marrow transplant" procedure that Seol Ah has supposedly endured. This is NOT how it is done nowadays. It is now called "Stem Cell Transplant", and in majority of the cases, donating "Stem Cells" is just like donating blood. Very easy, no anesthesia, pain free except the initial needle prick into your vein. They get all the stem cells they need from your blood - no need to "drill" into your bone at all. And of course, adopting an orphan just for the purpose of getting stem cells makes no sense. You don't need to do that. Finding a stem cell match is the
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