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  1. Ahh I want to watch the new episodes but haven't had a chance yet. The trailers though...I'm confused too. Maybe they thought it would be too confusing for non-book readers to do all the disguising magic spells going on and the initial misunderstanding from both DH/FJ with Vengo playing DH/DH 'disguised' as Xize/Chen Ye and Reba playing Aranya/FJ switching with Aranya/FJ disguised as Aranya. I can see how people could complain about how they don't know each other when it's all the same actors. I also notice the sequence of events is all out of order compared to the book. But it's such a huge part of the story, I don't know where they're going. True but I thought the book explained the FJ falling for DJ as XiZe very well too. It showed that FJ will always be attracted to DJ, no matter what he looks like or what name he's using cause the core of the person is still the same.
  2. The bath scene, the giving back bracelet/hairpin at court scene, drunk scene, A Li accidentally starting rumors, handkerchief etc. Pillow Book's greatest hits coming to life! Vengo and Dilraba really is the DH/FJ straight from the book. Vengo captures that "lazy amusement, I do what I want" so perfectly and Dilraba has the cutest expressions as FJ. I love how during the bath scene instead of leaving, DH just turns sideways. And he keeps taking off his robe for FJ in return lol.
  3. Last weeks episodes are what I’ve been waiting for forever. And the trailers for this week gives me life. They should’ve started here honestly. I just realized something too, the drama is technically fitting in PB the novel in 35 episodes. I actually think that might be a good pace. We are just getting started with all the great scenes to come too.
  4. I had my doubts when I heard about the change to make the mortal realm “real” and yeah I’m not digging it, especially when it plays chronologically. I think it changes too much of the premise and feel of Pillow Book. I don’t like the whole DH unrequited love/broken heart trial thing either. Cause now that changes the impact of Aranya /Chen Ye effect on DH/FJ’s story. I feel like the most emotional part of the book is that entire sequence when they discover the truth about Aranya’s dream world, leading up to DH basically giving the middle finger to “fate” is what PB is about. Not some stupid love trial thing. I hope we get to see kid Chen Ye and baby Aranya in the snake pit. So sad and even more tragic knowing that their sad ending is what gave DH/FJ a chance to meet. Also why the mortal realm being real makes no sense! DH/FJ shouldn’t have this entire history and backstory between them before Aranya/CY.
  5. I think the timeline is DH saves FJ before any of Yehua/Bai Qian's story starts in TMOPB. FJ being a palace maid/pet fox might line up with the beginning of TMOPB? But for the majority of events that happen in TMOPB, , DH is in recovery/sleep mode and FJ is in the mortal realm, thinking DH was there. That part is mentioned in TMOPB but very briefly. Pillow Book picks up at YH/BQ's wedding. But the drama is showing the events that happen before TMOPB like FJ/DH first meeting, palace maid and pet fox. In the novel, these events are told as "flashbacks." So really FJ/DH's story spans across a longer time period, both before and after TMOPB. Is "Lillith" the translation for Miao Luo? She is a manifestation of all the excess sins of the world. DH created a realm to contain all that evil energy to protect the mortal world from itself. And if you think about it, human sin never ends and can never be defeated so that's why Miao Luo is powerful cause that's what she's created out of. So every so often, DH has to use his energy to purify the place or else the "dumpster" will overflow and spill out into the world. He's literally cleaning up the world's sins. And yeah that takes a lot out of him. Anyhow, I'm still curious as to why they inserted the mortal realm story to make it real. I haven't seen it yet so don't know if there's an in-story explanation? I'm ok with small plot changes as long as the characters are consistent. One thing I hated about TMoPB drama is that they totally changed DH's character. They made him a guy resigned to fate when Pillow Book DH is known for his pure shamelessness, thick face and not giving a rat's behind what anyone says or thinks. From what I've seen so far, looks like this drama will keep that aspect of him.
  6. Yes!! I worried for nothing. We will get them as Aranya/Xi Ze and all the cute scenes! They seriously have so much chemistry. And did I see it right? They’re having Dilraba act out some of the scenes from the pet fox days instead of it being just a cartoon fox? She’s adorable. That trailer feels like a fan video for book fans. I prefer binge watching but with Pillow Book I’m not going to be able to wait knowing episodes are available.
  7. I'm confused about the mortal realm being real? As in the drama is making it so that DH really went to the mortal realm? I'm guessing the mortal realm would have to come first in the timeline then. If so, I wonder how they will work in the point that DH didn't notice FJ for thousands of years until BQ/YH's wedding. Memory lost route would be way too cliche for me. And if they fell in love in the mortal realm I feel like DH is shameless enough to break any rule and make sure he remembers his love. Also interesting that they're having Vengo play Chen Ye instead of Xi Ze in the dreamworld. Is that going to change the storyline for Aranya's dreamworld too? It's been awhile since I read the book so I can't really remember but DH just stole his identity and cast a spell so that everyone can't see the difference right? And I want to say Aranya/DH's Xi Ze had way more moments together than Aranya/Chen Ye. I hope they don't change those cause FJ's Aranya and DH's Xi Ze had some really cute moments together that would be a loss if Vengo and Dilraba can't act it out. Man I see the difficulty in adapting book to drama.
  8. It was never explicitly spelled out but WWX's guesses as to what happened was that because Mo Xuanyu was obsessed with JGY, he found out about the secret mirror room and saw the book with the spell. NHS was hanging out at the sect a lot, he befriended Mo whom told him about the spell. Then NHS encouraged Mo to get revenge by summoning WWX. Now the above is only WWX's guess but since he's always been presented as super intelligent and never wrong at reading situations, then I'll take it as fact too. Why NHS chose to resurrect WWX? Because he knew WWX would have very strong motivation in exposing JGY and he can control resentful souls. So it would be safe to release his brother's hand and let WWX take over from there. And I think he either knew about LZ's feelings for WWX (because Xichen the blabbermouth probably shared it with his sworn brothers lol). So wherever WWX was, LZ would be behind him. Or he was counting on LZ's reputation of being wherever chaos is, to get involved.That gets him 2 of the strongest people to do the dirty work for him and just about the only 2 people who could and would take down JGY. That's how you get to the start of the story: WWX resurrecting in Mo Xuanyu's body, Nie MingJue's hand getting released at the Mo village, and the Gusu bunch at Mo village all happening at once at the same place.
  9. I agree. XY's actor played him way way too cartoony at times. But XXC's actor is pretty much perfect as XXC so...Honestly, I feel like XXC is the most tragic character of MDSZ, in a story filled with tragic characters. And I like how the author added that bit about the entire young crew crying for XXC and A'Qing and Wei Ying seeing himself in XXC's ending.
  10. Yeah I think the drama made WWX into too much of a Gary Stu. And a bit too preachy at times. Novel WWX was a true anti-hero and more complex and unique. I honestly don’t think I would like drama WWX as much except for the actor being so charismatic. Is that another censorship thing? That the main character can’t be too grey and doing morally wrong stuff? As for the ending I don’t mind it but not sure why they had to do that separation/open to interpretation bit. They could’ve just had the 2 “buddies” travel together and going on adventures to get past the censorship. What’s gay about that? Because that’s basically what happens in the novel minus all the makeout/married life aspect. It’s the 2 of them splitting their time between going on adventures and life at Gusu.
  11. LZ knew WWX’s cultivation power/core was defective. He just didn’t the how and the why. I know a lot like the drama telling all the past story first and all at once instead of flashbacks but I liked reading the book and getting all the surprise reveals one at a time. It really made it memorable. The reveal of WWX’s core, and then a double whammy later on with JC’s reveal of why his core was damaged in the first place. But I guess with the book out there, nothing would be truly surprising cause it would’ve all been spoiled anyway.
  12. Guardian was taken down temporarily for too much “superstitious” elements, not BL. Supposedly. That was the reason given if I remember correctly. I don’t know why WYB is criticized for acting. Hard to judge a guy when he’s supposed to be playing a “dead eye no expression” character, literally. He’s not supposed to be subtle or hard to read or hides his emotion type, just plain no expression. In the book, every character always comment on his no expression face anytime he shows up. Constantly. It works in a book cause all his feelings are told through his actions and we don’t get visuals anyway. I get that it’s tough to get the same feeling in a live-action, especially when everyone else is given super dramatic stuff to act out. But he’s got the hardest job any actor can get with that type of character.
  13. I know due to censoring, this is supposed to be a bromance but I feel like the drama is slightly more romantic than the book. Or at least the bond between WWX and LZ is stronger in the drama. Even back in Ep.1, when he first woke up, he thought of LZ. Present day WWX in the book, was pretty neutral towards LZ in the beginning and he thought their past relationship was a frenemies thing. Of course we learn through flashbacks that he remembered wrong. The only thing we lose out on from the novel is probably the love confession, some of drunk scenes and the over the top teasing WWX does as flamboyantly gay MXY which I thought was funny. I'm still bothered by some of the plot changes like with the whole "founder" thing but hey what can you do. Otherwise it's a good adaptation so far.
  14. I think the story is a lot better than this one but to be fair it does have its own frustrations when watching so be warned. The bad people, especially the adopted sister and mom, have a bigger role and are more annoying in Because. And they don't really get their karma until the last 20? minutes of the series so you have to put up with them beginning to end. But the main relationship is what saves it. It is a true romance, and is romantic and Yun Kai, the lead male is a dream hero. The female lead likes to keep secrets from the main guy like GJ in here too but you can understand her reasons better and her secrets don't directly affect the guy as much. Then when the secrets are revealed, they fight it out for like 10 minutes and make up because our guy is so understanding and supportive. I was ok with this until after the engagement at the big company gala when YZ finally finally picked GJ over his own selfish interest. But it went downhill after that. I thought the one thing this one had going for it was that the leads were driving the story and the main conflict was between them trying to work it out. Because they both have major issues. In Because of You, it was the evil sister driving the story and the leads were just responding to her and other outside conflicts. But the way they wrote it, I now prefer the outside conflicts lol.
  15. They both messed up. Don't forget YZ has been working with the woman who is the cause of her mom having a mental disability and the woman who is the cause of her grandfather's death. How many times has he stood by and let Gao Hui sabotage her and just stood by? She messed up big time by keeping her aunt a secret and lying to him but he's no perfect lover either. At least she never set out with the intent to hurt him on purpose. And no matter what she's done, she doesn't deserve to be publicly humiliated and shamed on her wedding day. No real man does that to a woman he claims to love even if she wronged him. It's not like she humiliated him in public so no she doesn't deserve that in return. He lost any higher moral ground the second he took that public. Call off the wedding and dump her in private! And even if she deserves it, and that's a big IF, he could be the better person and treat his "wife" better than she treated him. But he took the low down dirty road. He certainly is no gentleman and that makes him no better than what she did. I don't even know why I stuck around watching this as long as I did. They advertised this as being in a series with Because of Meeting You. Does it have the same writer? Cause it sure as hell doesn't feel like it. Because of Meeting You was sweet and romantic and Deng Lun played such a great character and gentleman. The female lead was also a 100x better written. Their relationship was pretty much perfect. What the heck happened? The only thing the 2 have in common is annoying as hell evil "sisters" and bad side characters everywhere.
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