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  1. I’m liking both Xu Kai and his character here. My fave part is the friendships between the students. The core characters are all likeable except for the one annoying chick. And the jury is still out on Long Wei’er but so far she’s ok. I like that whole sequence of them trying to catch Qilin. But that shot of them walking into the academy reminds me of Armageddon lol. I know it’s going to take a dramatic angsty turn soon but I hope the friendships survive.
  2. Just finished binge watching this and both leads are adorable. There is no plot and nothing really happens? so credit to them for carrying the whole show. But I do like that there's no dog blood drama going on. Any problems they have, they talk through it like real, rational human beings and not melodrama characters. Also love how equal the relationship is, which is rare in dramas. Yes Jinbei took the lead in chasing and seducing lol but our doctor was very sweet and supportive in his own way. The 2nd couple is cute too and the friendships between the quad is fun to watch. Shallow
  3. Yeah it's just lip service. She should've realized it back in ep.2? or so when she was reflecting on the male brothel/no rights situation and said something similar already. I thought the story was gonna go the way of her trying to change it seeing as she was the one with the power. But she didn't really and even in her personal dealings, she took advantage of the power imbalance. I think it would've added more meat to the story if her and HS actively worked to bring the 2 cities together and equal and there could've been good comedy there seeing the citizens trying to integrate.
  4. I'm not gonna lie the shoe-horned in angsty melodrama from the last few episodes kinda tainted the whole thing a little bit for me. I think QQ crossed the line one too many times and the repeated humiliation of HS is really over the top. Once or twice is ok but the repetitiveness of the same thing over and over is too much. They really put HS through the wringer and never really made it up to him. He's practically a saint for putting up with that whole city and not tearing it down. I had so much hope too from the epi. 1 that it was going to have some witty commentary about gender
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