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  1. The character of Li Chengyin is intriguing because he is unconventional and defies expectations of a classic male protagonist who is heroic, just/do no wrong, and self sacrificing. Many questionable characters who steer off into the deep end are almost always convinced they're doing the right thing even if they're carrying about it in the wrong way, but not Li Chengyin. He is fully self aware, of his actions and impact but embraces it all. Embracing in the sense he doesn't personalize any of it, and sees himself a product of the times/environment he's in rather than a victim or who he is. While It's hell for LCY to see what he puts XF through, he is neither apologetic nor regrets what he's done. Contrast that to Gu Jian, burdened with guilt/shame and living out rest of those days divided between regret, compensating and love for XF. It's interesting people grow to love LCY, but very indifferent towards GJ despite his best efforts. LCY is definitely one of those characters you either love to hate, or hate to love.
  2. I dont understand the hate, this drama is consistently good and entertaining despite the length. Never once have I felt like dropping or skipping. The political intrigue and love storylines are tied well together and dont take any momentum away from each other unlike most historical romances. Secondary characters and storylines are given appropriate spotlight but never more than it should. Yes cliche tropes exist but that's almost to be expected with palace setting dramas. It follows history in the political context of events, but the characters and their stories are very much romanticized.
  3. This drama isn't exactly as talked about or followed compared to other running shows yet the production is one of the best I've seen. Everything from the cinematography, costumes, soundtrack to the subtle undertones makes it such an enjoyable experience. I especially like the mens costumes here, particularly royal Qin outfits. But is it just me or almost everyone has better outfits or hairstyle than Hao Lan? Anywho with 10 eps left to go and grown up Ying Zheng...all loose ends should be wrapping up pretty soon. And to the surprise of no one really, grown up Zheng Er isn't exactly a charming young man on first impressions lol. At this point of the drama, there are still a few burning questions ... like where are they going with Xiaochun's storyline? Bailing Er? Hao Lan and LBW? Lao Ai? Ps. Actor for grown up Lao Ai kinda reminds me of a poor man's Eddie Peng ?? Thoughts on Xiaochun etc as of ep52:
  4. My fellow Buwei- Haolan shippers sooo good to see some of us still there!! Yes Lu Buwei has been hard on poor HL's heart but I think he has redeemed himself more than one instance. He never hid who he is and his intentions, and though ambition and pursuits of wealth/power are all that's on his mind, instinctively Hao Lan has become his true weakness and he knows. Seeing the other layer of Yiren come out in Qin is surprising but not shocking. Personally it adds more intrigue to the character, otherwise he'd just be another mild tempered intelligent scholar type. Even as a BW-HL shipper, his
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