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  1. I want to meet Gong Yoo too even if I don't live in South Korea. He's someone who really drawn you into him because he has this vibe that's is very humble and down to earth personality. A very talented and handsome actor who is really inspiring.
  2. Well I was introduced to Korean dramas through Autumn In My Heart with Song Hye Kyo in 2006 and became a huge fans of hers. I bench watch all her works and all other very popular dramas. Never watched any Han Ji Min dramas or work until 2015 when the Thai lakorn Two Spirits Love came out. I end up loving the concept of that drama so much so my friends recommend Hyde Jekyll and Me to me. After watching HJ'M I like the drama alot because Hyun Bin was the lead. I also like his acting too though I'm not a huge fan. Later on find myself to love the drama so much because of Han Ji Min. She was what
  3. Going over the Marie Claire photoshoots with Joo Hyuk again and again. Her down to earth personality with a great heart is why she has become my favorite actress. Stilll recall how beautiful she was 5 years ago. It's 2020 yeh Han Ji Min still as beautiful as before. She is one dedicated actor who really work non-stop. I hope she get as much rest because she's already at her prime. If only I make a request to BH and Soop management agency to give these two a drama together. My only two favorite actors why I still stick around to Korean entertainment. https://www.instagram.com
  4. I love their Marie Claire photoshoots so much because Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk were so perfect and beautiful together. If only Here wasn't postponed but my Joo Hyuk has to enlist soon. Can’t get enough of these two actors because they just fit so perfect together. The chemistry they deliver is off the chart. Same here used to be a shipper too but now when I look back to those day, I feel like an idiot too... It's very embarrassing. I hope to see my beautiful Sunset couple in another drama. Starting to call them my Sunset couple because of TLIYES. Everytime seeing her with
  5. Happy Birthday to Han Ji Min and best wishes to her up coming production. May all her hard works paid off. I haven't watched anything that is Korean related for 5 years straight. Thanks to Han Ji Min I'm back to watching Korean dramas. Hehe but I only watched Han Ji Min drama and movies so...ah nothing to watch besides her. I'm pretty much lost interest in Korean entertainment except start watching Gong Yoo dramas and movies. Once again happy birthday Han Ji Min.
  6. Han Ji Min was absolutely stunning in her Goldendew photos. I'm waiting for Josee to premiere. Miss her works pretty much. Miss Baek was a wonderful film...
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