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  1. Just finished watching ep 4 and Im more immersed in this drama now thanks to Yoo Jin Oh. Go Kyung Pyo is so dashing in that 1930's outift and I can't get enough of him :tongue:. Another thing that I love is the fashion style of CEO-nim. He was so different from his past character in Goblin. He shines more in this drama. 

    @CatchMine_ID I keep replaying the satellite song thanks to your fmv. Just watched it yesterday. 


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  2. 4 hours ago, CatchMine_ID said:

    That already in my watchlist but the plot description kinda confusing tho hahah proud how she worked with many amazing talents in her early career.

    Wah so kind of you, thank you!:lol: tbh I'm working on JungSeol (really love how they portrait developments, especially KGE's character a.k.a Hong-seol) and wish that could be finished. Is that counted video of her?^^ 

    Gotta back read this thread, cause I think there was not her page in Soompi. Dang

    Yeah..Im greatful for any video of her. I love JungSeol too but mostly at the beginning of the drama before it became the drama behind drama. Pls share the link here when it's ready ^^

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  3. 4 hours ago, molybdenum said:

    Orr their fans are mostly adults who don't have time to play those games, and uni students who barely able to spend for themselves (*cry for my life) lol but yeah just try ^^ 


    Sorry for cutting your post but i totally agree with this. I bet those who mostly voted for PBG were teenagers in school ^^

    @ghosthunt is 33 times the limit to vote for free? how long the voting will be? i really want to vote but now im just too busy with work  :bawling:

    2 weeks to go before im free to rewatch Goblin again~

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  4. On 2/28/2017 at 3:35 AM, bebe1989 said:

    #ChicagoTypewriter will begin filming March 1st.

    Music director: Nam Hee Seung (Goblin, Jealousy Incarnate). 
    © DCYAI
    #유아인 #시카고타자기

    [INFO] #YooAhIn will attend "Chicago Typewriter" first script reading today 170227, 2pm at tvN Seoul Sangam building #유아인 #ImSooJung #시카고타자기

    Source: http://fb.me/1uZk5EqT0

    credit to -Sikseekers-

    Now, I wont be surprise if SOUNDTRACK CHICAGO TYPEWRITER WILL BE HIT & SUCCESS on chart ranking or being loved by fans :tongue: 

    This is good news..I love the OST from both dramas 

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  5. On Sun Feb 12 2017 at 0:55 PM, JaneyBae said:

    Some fanfics I've been liking lately to fill the Goblin sized hole in my heart:

    1. The air is full of rain (completed O/S)- Park So Min's childhood and the effects of her not drinking the tea. Powerful!


    2. one step forward, one step back (completed O/S)- ET in her second life, the day after KS and ET get married. Emotional and strong


    3. Every lifetime, every moment I spent with you….shined- (ongoing multi-chapter)- Takes place right after the ending of Goblin. I love this cause it gives me a second chance at seeing their lives.


    4. every bit of hope- (ongoing, two chapters) KS and ET after she comes back. Her pregnancy experience. So adorable and heartwarming.


    5. Family- (ongoing multi-chapter) If ET had blowed out the candle on her 9th birthday. KS "adopts" kid ET and raises her. It's super cute and heartwarming. 





    Thanks @JaneyBae for these! I love the Family and also the air is full of rain (if only there are more chapters). Another thing for me to look forward to besides our shipper thread :lol:

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  6. I can't stop smiling and giggling while looking at all the photos today. :wub:

    Btw, i just watched an episode of Running Man where Jong Kook had a blind date with a girl who is 12 years younger than him. Haha and Kwang Soo immediately said that they are a perfect match as they share the same zodiac. Watching that scene made me relate with uri couple. Jong Kook even talked in a soft voice to the girl just like how Gong Yoo talked to Go Eun. They even used Goblin OST in several scenes..aigoo looks like i might be a permanent patient of our Delulu Mental Hospital. No current treatment is strong enough to cure me :lol:

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  7. 9 hours ago, hinotori93 said:

    You're not alone. All of us are going through withdrawal symptoms, some more than others. I get through mine by watching non-Kdramas (new Kdramas have failed to entice me so far). This was the same feeling I had with R1988 but with that Kdrama, I didn't feel the need to join the Soompi forums. Only Goblin and our OTP got me here.

    We are fortunate to have this forum where we can collectively spazz and indulge our #delulu (and R18 thoughts for some hehe).



    Similar with me. GongGo couple and the drama made me signed up for Soompi :D. Im sharing all the gifs here with my friends and when they dont care much about uri couple before, they are paying attention now :lol:

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  8. 18 minutes ago, ching13 said:

    I got curious with KGE movie titled the coin locker girl, since i havent been on her thread i just knew about it now. I like her character

    , shes a big richard simmons..hehe and her younger version looks like the daughter of GY in train to busan. 

    I could never imagined KGE can smoke so well, she looked so innocent yet she can act like that.


    This is actually the first movie that made me falling in love with her. Her tomboyish act looks so real that I cant believe she can be girly too in her dramas. Her younger version is actually Gong Yoo's daughter in TTB which is one of the connections in their red string fate :D

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  9. On 02/02/2017 at 0:14 AM, CatchMine_ID said:



    P. S. I wish the song lyric is actually for a man. Um, and help me... I'm kinda in devastated state now, please pray for my youtube account that contains all the Goblin OST FMV... The account is now terminated due spam and community violation and I don't know where it comes from; no warnings or what, just when I want to upload this vid, I got my CatchMine_ME terminated *no emoticon can describe my face now* thanks before chingu-ya


    @CatchMine_IDFirstly, I would like to say I love all  of your FMVs. I want to show them to my friends last night but could not find it anymore and only managed to find your other channel. But no Goblin's fmv there. Now I know what happened. Do not give up tho. Please create more beautiful fmvs :D

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  10. 4 hours ago, maryofbethany said:


    11 Hot Korean actors name their celebrity crushes!
    8. Gong YooGong Hyo Jin

    Gong Yoo likes to date someone boyish with a feminine twist. He’s interested in someone who looks better in jeans and sneakers than a skirt and heels. He’s not too crazy about aegyo. He’s said Gong Hyo Jin and Diane Lane are the closest to his perfect type.


    In the same article, Park Hae Jin chose Kim Go Eun even before they starred together in CITT :lol: 

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  11. Im super sad of this news. They deserve the vacation but I agree with all you that this happened because of the groping incident and they might want the crew to have peaceful vacation. Hope there will be more news of them after this week esp GY and GE. I need more dose of both. 

    I need to rewatch ShinTak FMVs to ease my sadness. I love all of them but this one is special


    p/s: how to make the video appear here? is it not possible if i use mobile?


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