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  1. I thought she did. I'll have to go back and look when get back home and see. Makes me curious now!
  2. Love is Sweet was SO good. I've been finding myself watching more C-dramas as well. Personally I feel like K-dramas have hit a bit of a slump. For awhile there were some really good ones coming out but lately I just cannot get into (most of) the more recent stuff. Hoping that changes though.
  3. I get what people are saying about how he treated her. He was in love with the the girl she was when they were kids and was still in love with that version of her which explains at first why he was cold at first. He didn't want to love anyone else but her and he had to deal with all the nurses fawning over him. But after he knew it was her he didn't come clean at first about their childhood when he saw she didn't remember AND he for some unknown reason believe that she would have changed as much as she had. His heart was in the right place though. I do think the story started off a bit fast in
  4. I have to agree with you. I love SQ and how he's really opened up since he found Cong Rong again. I applaud her for being dedicated and wanting to show that she can be a good lawyer but there is no reason for not being able to take some time for her relationship. Especially since SQ is very supportive of her. I did like them and they had some cute and funny moments but I too was a bit more interested in the relationship between Wan Reng & Cheng Cheng. They are quite the opposites but this actually works out for them. They are so much happier and a better version of themselves when they are
  5. So I just started this drama today and am already 2 episodes in. I love it. Yes it has childhood love trope but I am still enjoying it. I'm happy to see a strong and determined FL. I hope she stays that way till the end. I know there was talk about the ML and his looks but I honestly don't mind it and am happy that he is the ML. I will be quite disappointed with Zheng Shuang if the scandal happened as they said it did. That being said I have enjoyed her other dramas. I hope things get cleared up and we find out what exactly happened/is going on.
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