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  1. Hey guys! Just want to say, I love this drama! I started watching this drama on Tuesday and binge-watched it all day & I’m caught up & just finished eps 14 yesterday! The concept of this drama is refreshing and thrilling & major props to all the cast members! Throughout the drams though, I was wondering why they never thought of making armor for defense haha. the only thing I really don’t like or maybe bc I watched it all in 2 days (this is just my opinion so pls no hate lol) is Hee Ju is crying wuth every scenario. I understand that it is her character & she’s vulnerable, but by now I thought I would see some character development that made her more stark or to see her actually playing the game but oh well. Besides that, I really like this drama! It kept me on my toes & the way of filming and editing editing (altho some are long and repeated) make it very suspenseful!
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