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  1. Great actors and actresses, but the female lead is just so annoying that I have to keep skipping parts. Female lead needs to grow up a little and up her game. The guy stayed there long enough for her to take pictures of the accident without climbing on his car and yelling on top of her voice plus going into his office uninvited and causing a scene. Like who does that????

    I feel sorry for the male lead he really need help and I am not sure if his shrink is doing a good job with him. Due need help like a lot of it. 

    The secretary is adorable, but weak. She can at least carry food and take care of herself knowing that she is a lock to that office and why trust everyone who pops on your desk you are guarding an important man in the company. Be cautious who you know your boss is not stable and lost someone in the past, doesn't work openly and doesn't like crowds. I wish she was the female lead


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