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  1. I feel like a bad fan for taking such a long break from this thread and turning into a stalker.

    Happy Birthday Hyo Joo!

    You've come a long way since debut.

    I'll never forget the first time I saw HHJ NN5 and Spring Waltz.

    Now, she's a Daesang winner and fronting so many brands.

    To many more years of awesome dramas from HHJ!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    be free. well, i want to fast forward till next April.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  3. harmony: yes, i felt like a proud mum watching HHJ win too. D

    nah. i'm just very busy with my new job that i became lazy to post here *runs off in shame*.

    but i promise, for 2010, to join in the discussion here as much as possible!

    now i'm anticipating Dongyi, seeing HHJ being so serious about her acting.

    you can actually see how close the BL cast is through all the speeches.

    HHJ's thanking each costar individually *touched*

    Kim Misook is definitely one of my fav seniors for HHJ to learn from.

  4. harmony: miss you loads and thanks for all the updates too~!

    Haha. She seemed so nervous during the performance but awwww .. I'm gonna watch BL again.

    So proud of HHJ today~! The award shows o the last few years are testimonies of her improvement.

    She looks really pretty today with her hair tucked and tied neatly.

    And of course, the Seungjoo pairing is giving me goosebumps (though the trip by the lil girl made kinda made me go oops!). 1987ers fighting! haha (now you know how old i am :D)

    oh yes, it's past 12am in my area!

    Happy New Year to all! :)

    May 2010 be an even greater year for all!

  5. ^ Gosh! BH Entertainment was my ideal choice for Hyo Joo too!! :D

    Glad she made the choice .. Cos Bae Soo Bin and Jin Goo are there too~!!

    I hope she'll take on movie projects since BH Ent stars are known to do more movies now .. :)

    Thanks for uploading the Soul Special eps harmony!

  6. ^Gosh! That's absolutely cool~!

    Glad to hear another endorsement for HHJ :D

    Hyojoo's clothes in BL looked casual just like those from Lacoste.

    Lacoste should have made HHJ model on stage since she's tall like the regular models too. :P

    I'm not feeling that grey skirt but (yes!) her Celine bag definitely outstanding.

  7. Happen to see this pic daum.

    should be from the Viki collection.


    maybe it's the make up.

    i still think she looks really really lethargic.

    I remember that many artistes from Fantom left for Yedang Ent. or went into independent labels. Yedang Ent sounds great with many of HHJ's former seniors in there.

  8. ^ I just saw news of her admitting to hospital too. :(

    I kind of expected her health to deteriorate during this busy period.

    Just like how the stars of BOF started falling ill with all the CFs and projects.

    Fantom ... sigh ... i really hope they'll end her contract soon.

    Let the girl go on a holidayyy~!!!

  9. Oh. A BL reunion at the movie~

    More HHJ~


    98875116_1.jpg<-- haha! I miss HwanSung now!


    I like the Jambangee photoshoot vid~ HHJ and Chunglim are so awkward around each other but it's cute. And the photos turned out great too.

    GAHH~ It's gonna be the 28th tomorrow~!

    Why do I have a feeling Fantom is working HHJ till her very last day on the contract? I hope she gets a break after finishing her contract.

    Well at least for us fans, we can see her on the news everyday. :D

  10. OMG! I love HHJ's YSL Easy bag!!!! :D

    My friend got me the exact same piece (only that it's an imitation from Korea). Hahaha~

    *runs of in shame for owning the fake YSL* haha ..

    Yea. The boots look kinda out of place.

    I love how she accessorize .. :D

  11. I gotta add my favourite pages from the Samsung vluu site. :D




    I'm still very amazed by HHJ's dance. Girl sure can groove (though it was a choreographed dance :D). I love the tutorial !! It's time to save for a camera and I have one in mind now thanks to HHJ. :)

  12. Thanks for the updates harmony~

    oh. And Hiiiiii Missha!!!! Missed you!!

    Gosh I love her Samsung Cf!!! It's awesome to know our Hyojoo is putting so much effort at work. She looks great dancing! (You know how tall people are said to be noobs at dancing~) I might sound like a proud mama now cos I'm so amazed by HHJ tackling dancing.

    And I love the camera!! It's like the ideal camera for self-caming!!! Hahaha~

    HHJ's a pro now. She's so good at endorsing products. It's no wonder the companies are paying her now.

    Gotta agree with allan on giving HHJ a break after this CF.

    I hope she'll recharge and be back to promote HP next month! :)

  13. Thanks for the clip harmony!

    I think she has put on some healthy weight~!

    It's quite evident huh (she's all bloated from eating while filming :D ) Hahaha~

    And she's still so happy with the "impression girl' nickname she got from viewers.

    Look at her 4-dimensional goofy smile when talking about it~!

    And HHJ's praying for a Handphone CF~ (hello Anycall?! Cyon?!? heard that?)

    I think she has been trimming her hair (noooo~ let it grow out fast!) but the style in the CF looks cute. :)

    OKayy, a few more days to the mnet 20s. I'm so sooo looking forward to news of her appearing at the event. :D

  14. ^ hello crazy-girl and all~

    I guess KMS wasn't being mean or impolite when talking about Hyojoo.

    Cos we know for sure there are those so called 'ravishing' beauties (actresses) around with almost perfect features (big eyes, high nose, small mouth and great body. Korean viewers kinda have the obsession with beauty of the ladies. She did say that Hyojoo was the type that looks comfortable at first sight, meaning she might not be the prettiest but people will still have a positive impression of her. Hence, the 'Impression-girl' tag which HHJ said herself too. :)

    Gosh. Mnet 20's is nearing!!!!! :D

    and HHJ's leading by loads!!!! :D

  15. Hi all~

    adding some pics from interview :D



    one more~ :D


    hello cherillyn~ the 'scandal' in the interview was on HHJ with this guy from Fullhouse (the wimpy buddie of SHK!) ..

    Thanks for the translations Hurley!! Seems like our girl is getting too busy. I hope she's not stressed out on finishing her assignments before her contract ends. And I just found out a common trait between me and HHJ, we can drink. Hahahaha~!!!

    Oh Yongwonhi! I gotta say the pictures you posted brought back memories of HHJ in NN5 where she's all goofy and silly. I love her in those red glasses! :D

    And thanks to Sabricaze for the vids! Since HHJ wants to go on a trip, some sponsor should just send her on a holiday to take pictures for her endorsements!! :D

    I'm doing a lot of catching up on HHJ this few days cos I'm officially out of college!!! woohoo! haha ..

    I first posted in here in before I entered college and it's been omg (!!!!) 3 years?!

    Can't wait for HP and also HHJ's CFs!

  16. ^ thanks for the pics harmony~

    Viki's clothes are kinda like for the working ladies :D

    IF ... if HHJ were to take on the Korean ver. of ISWAK, I think all of us will have a hard time imagining HHJ as a silly and kinda dumb girl. Haha~ I think they should be casting a younger actress since HHJ has kinda built her profile as a candy/street smart girl.

    I check the MNet choice voting daily and gosh! Her votes are jumping by 100 every 10 mins. Let's just pray it'll stay this way and we'll be able to catch her at the ceremony soon~!!

    oh. Her hair is growing out~!!

    She's able to tie a bun out now! :D

    It's funny how I just caught So Jisub's film last night at a film fest and today there's news of HHJ having a crush on him. Haha. NIce choice.

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