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  1. Please refrain from spamming with the same content on other LMH-Drama Threads and even in the K-Music Forum with the same contents.
  2. Click on this link to save FLV format -
  3. Dear Yon, I believe that our Ch U will only be televising ONE episode PER week. The MCS webpage has already stated it as 25 episodes previously - http://archiveu.mediacorptv.sg/tvguide.asp...090516&dc=1. Sidenote for info/comparison, "Be Strong, Geum Soon" is aired for 2 hours each time during weekends but if you edit out all the advertisements in between, it boils down to only 1hr 28min (including opening & closing credits) of the drama. BOF Ep 1 was 1hr 10 mins according to KBS World version, so I am expecting about 35 mins of ridiculous advertising frenzy (7-8 advert breaks).
  4. Thanks, Sis Mirca, for the wonderful piece of news. Just the right timing . . . . for fangirling . . Okay, so who's leading the SG mob . . . Sis Rae, good excuse for you to drop by Singapore again . . .
  5. I personally think he sung better in than in the 2X CF. Even commented about it then . . . kekeke Not sure if these links have been posted before . . . Cuts of ALL Lee Min Ho's scene in "I am Sam" in 4 parts : Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Credits : himboolkkun
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