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  1. @frozentundra @kembie, it's my pleasure! i noticed they did it previously with another actor even though it seems it's a relatively new concept for them, and they posted it on youtube, so we'll get the love advice segment in video form! and maybe the issue will contain an interview that'll serve as a sort of continuation of the esquire one.
  2. perhaps if he confirms it we'll get to hear more about what kind of character he's going to portray. there's no information about that, but for the others in the cast there is already a little description of who they'll be playing as. why call it a comeback if it's not a main role or the antagonist role? what do you guys think?
  3. @hilllllllly they posted an old interview with lee dongwook around the same time they posted about jongsuk, if you noticed, but another one they posted is a new one because the article says the 5th of january. i don't know if there's a logical reason for it, maybe they share the last ones they did with people they'll work with soon.
  4. arena shared this a few hours ago. it's the interview jongsuk did with them before he enlisted. new photoshoot coming?
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