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  1. @moonbongbong 1 ) So far ,the article didn't mention about the sources .Only Topstarnews updated about this & not even Soompi released anything about this till now (19 October ) . 2 ) How come the dating denial come out first before the dating rumours ? . Even though she went to watch his musical & he mentioned her name in his post military interview but still no dating rumours about them . 3 ) The timing - released article about ig post which was posted on 25 May 2017 (after almost 3 years ) is super weird !Especially in the peak episodes of his current drama . 4 ) One of the Vietnam Nam Ji Shipper who was working with him in 1 of the interview said ,GE was really strict with the questions prepared to be asked in the interview .So ,it's weird if out of sudden they allowed this kind of interview to be released when all the attentions should be given to MMS.More over, if they are any denial about anything /issues /dating rumours ,GE must be released their official statement . Almost 3 years in this ship ,no matter what's the future will bring to us ,I will continuously love NamJi as a couple or as an individual
  2. Haha please spell it correctly ..it's TanCOOKIE .This is super cute credit to the owner
  3. SBS Catch posted this 2 hours ago .Why don't you just give us Suspicious Partner Season 2 then ?
  4. I am just laughing when haters are more triggered with this Nerdy hoodie than us,NamJi shippers .Afterall ,it's just pieces of clothes .It's maybe means something or maybe nothing .Stay pressed & trashy forever ,haters
  5. Wookie's ig story & reminded me of this post from Hyunnie's ig credit to the owner
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