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  1. Nothing important ,its just reminded me of Hyunnie's bracelet in this post when I saw Wookie's latest photos
  2. Can't believe I m already 2 years in this thread Love this video credit to @masthu
  3. Talking about rumours & interviews ..I think we are lucky because we have the full version of this video & we have @riririru to translate it ...If we are just depending on Soompi for example or maybe some fans's site for translation ,we got nothing because NONE of them translated this part .Yeah its "irrelevant questions " .My point is ,not all the interviews are "what you read ,what you get " ,there are some hidden "gems " in it that should be hide for some reasons .Same with mbc interview,we are super lucky because we have the video . credit to the owner
  4. Good morning I am bit late for this .Same shirt with her latest ig post credit to the owner
  5. This is among one of them And this ,Nara was on his left but he just focused on Hyunie . credit to the owner
  6. If I m not mistaken ,I read somewhere Hyunnie gave books to Park ji bin to read when he was in the army .So there are possibilities she did the same thing to her oraeboni .As a return,Wookie gave his scripts for her to read
  7. Slow motions Translation from changwook10 -Wookie's kfan "I didn't let them see her " .Exactly one month ago credit to the owner
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