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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5ILSCFp726/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Video of hye yoon and jin goo at the blue dragon event
  2. I think i’m too old for this drama...lol... at 1st i decided not to watch but i change my mind and started by watching ep 4 1st! I love it and marathon all episodes from the beginning twice.. .. today i’m like “ Wednesday please come faster”!
  3. They should publish a novel after this season. So i can repeatedly read it to clear my thirst of this amazing drama...
  4. I just rewatching ep 6 with subtitle... seriously JE just holding hand with her husband while sleeping! In previous episode we know that JE did asked for ‘that’ from her husband but he turn her down. In my religion if this kind of thing happened in marriage, the wife could get permission from the syariah law to terminate the marriage/ divorce. Pity her.. i skip most of soo ah scene. Hahaha... her hot scene with bad boy van gogh also did not interest me... unfortunately, ep 6 was full of their scene. Hopefully we got more scene from our otp next week...
  5. I just noticed; in ep 7 prev, this bird man back hugged his wife... and he look serious... i kind of dislike it.. hihihi...
  6. I love this drama... 2 episodes per week are not enough for me... lol.. i need at least 4..
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