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  1. Did they cs mw get reincarnated or was all that just a dream?
  2. Seriously what's the point of bringing all this again. We all have read the articles and also know the truth . Just because we don't discuss this now doesn't make us less of a rational person. Unlike you we know and understand how sensitive this issue is and are aware of the fact that there are several antis and flies waiting for proper opportunity to attack jcw with this by blowing things out of proportion. We are all here for a long time you don't need to teach us anything about rationality just know how to choose your words carefully since this is a public thread and no need to bring such sensitive issues that clubbing thing was totally uncalled for. I think you should stay out here if you are gonna continue breaking the peace here and I really don't like you wasting our pages here through your posts. So bye
  3. I hope next time you will be careful with your words before you post something. They are really offensive towards the actor and his fans. Many of us here are jcw fans and also shippers here respect both jcw and njh individually. If you can't do that I think this is not the right place for you. He already had enough people calling him a player during and post sp just because he didn't fulfill their delusional fantasies and this is the last place I want to see something like that again.
  4. Glad to hear that Wookie will be making a comeback soon. I am not sure how I feel about the plot yet but the writer seems to have successful track record with dramas like strong woman do bong soon, miracle that we met and woman of dignity are well received dramas in Korea hopefully this one also adds to the list. I am more curious about the actress they will choose I just hope it's someone who can act and can share good chemistry with him ( as much as I love Wook I had trouble watching the k2 but thankfully Wook and Yoon ah acting saved the drama for me not gg one since I said acting)
  5. Okay first of all I don't get it why are you on this thread ? Insecure much ??? Second if other supporting actors had the same sizzling chemistry just like them you would have remembered their names not just jcw and njh Third you need to learn more about long passionate kiss you can't just call any kiss that Fourth Even if other casts were over flowing with ozzing chemistry we don't care Fifth don't come here again if you want to trigger fan wars It hasn't been a week that captian is out we already have flies visiting our thread like I said before namji's power is real
  6. Keep that tongue in Ji Chang Wook I know it can do wonderssorry guys my cat typed that I am the innocent one here
  7. Hello everyone first of all I would like to thank everyone for keeping this thread alive. I am sorry that I wasn't able to post regularly but now that our captain is back I will try my best to stay active. Wookie did it, we did it. The wait is finally over it's the d day and Wookie our captian is officially out. I am so happy and proud of him. Thank God he was able to finish his military service successfully. I wouldn't say he was able to finish it peacefully and we all know why but I believe in him and everything will be alright time will heal and clear all the unnecessary dirt that was spread due to carelessness and irresponsible reporting of few . I never thought I would be here on this ship for so long. I thought it would be over once wook joins MS but all thanks to our namji , d cut and our amazing shippers past 20 months ( I hope I got the count right) flew by in a blink of an eye. I remember how I was preparing myself to face the drought once Wook enlists but to my surprise I never really felt it. The d cut completely changed the way I perceived Namji's relationship. Tbh despite seeing Namji's closeness in the catch bts and d cut I was still worried about them losing contact once Wookie enlists but hyuniee cleared all my worries by attending his musical that's when I realized they passed the test of time and I am glad they did it's good to know that they are still in contact. I always knew that hyuniee is a woman full of surprises but that like on the shippers post after 2 years still doesn't fail to catch me off guard whenever I think about it everything that happened during that week feels so surreal. A like on a shippers post was the last thing I was expecting from her especially now that we are an "old ship". And let's not forget Wook this boi I mean I am used to him messing up his answers and dropping bombs when it comes to hyuniee but boi just couldn't wait he just had to do it within few minutes of his discharge. Lol once a goner always a goner. What I love about our ship is our captains are the one that are serving the tea. We don't have to debunk others to sail ours trust our captains to provide us with enough fuel to sail our ship. That is the speciality of this ship. I never knew I would say this after two years of boarding this ship but fam "we are on the right ship" . Now as a shipper all we have to do is just wait for the right time. During this period of time while shipping Namji I came to realize what an amazing individuals they both are. They deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world. I am so happy that hyunie's drama hundred days husband was well received. She is an excellent actress and a person hope to see her back soon with a great project. Same with wook I miss him onscreen I am sure many of us do. Hope his comeback project is a huge success and gives him a huge break. I hope he takes his own time and chooses wisely. I can't wait to see him till then I hope he takes rest and spends quality time with his family, friends and the girl who will be done with her mid terms by today ( okay okay I had to delulu here ) P.s : Wook looks like a kindergarten kid returning home from school. He is so cute
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