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  1. Yaa I just saw that I edited my original post and apologized already. I read it as I agree with abc thus misunderstanding the whole post. My bad sorry for creating the confusion
  2. I said now a days and in my opinion it is. As someone who follows this thread regularly this thread has become toxic be it because if trolls or regular shippers. One day syj is disrespected next day hyun bin and some keep bringing up their exes when their are so many precious Binjin goodies that can be discussed about. The proof that some of the regulars and mature shippers left this places proves my point. Anyways I don't wish to discuss this further. I hope mods takes necessary action towards that harmful post. Peace
  3. This is the most toxic threads on soompi now a days. Defaming other actress again shippers here defame son ye jin and Hyun bin so I'm not surprised. This person is clearly disrespecting the other actress. I'm more astonished to see some people reacting with laughter and heart emojis. This post was totally uncalled for and the joke about corona virus isn't funny at all. I can't believe some find it okay. This behavior makes binjin and Binjin shippers look bad. @Hanyeoun @LavelyShai @stroppyse @angelangie
  4. Your post disgusts me on so many levels. @mods please take action against such posts that can be harmful to the repuatation of the involved artists
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