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  1. Lee Byung Hyun be like "i dont ask the project you did, but the one you are filming right now" even He need to help her back on her righteous thoughts by mentioning So Ji Sub name.... Now we know, its not only Hyun bin but Ye jin is also smitten with HB
  2. If i am not mistaken, this is their first appearence after their LA grocery shopping. The news of dating rumors still new and hot and Hyun Bin even keep waiting for her in the door? He could just go first and avoid the crowd, but no he was waiting for Yejin still love them even the actors and their CEOs used same elevator.
  3. Seem like the logo is ADIDAS, but since Hyun Bin seem more into NIKE, so i am not sure it is yes maybe same brands as Yejin's bag or it is her bag!!!
  4. YejinHand who cannot control her Hand i am sorry since i am fan of both Bin and Jin, i almost never watch others interview of BinJin with their other co-stars. Anyone could tell me pls if Yejin used to do tht hand touchy with her other co stars or it just happend to Hyun Bin only?
  5. Could anyone please tell me if they are Yoon Seri and RJH or Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin? https://www.instagram.com/p/CHIIkyOpmkI/?igshid=8nn8fy82i5zo
  6. May I know how close Jenny to SYJ? Because as I know, her stylist is Jennyhouse_mijung
  7. As my previous post, Song Yoona is also a good friend of the ex... the fact tht SYA liked Binjin Photo, it is actually a confirmation already who is the real gf of HB. If HB were really with the ex, SYA would never do tht kind of LIKE. Probably SYA did that to tell us the fact and to stop the shipper war. Those antis should know this fact
  8. I am wondering if he really act that formal in front of Gong Hyo Jin? Or it just the formality on the ceremony? She is a very close friend of Yejin and i am sure Yejin have already introduced HB to her. HB is supposed to close to GHJ as well as Yejin close to Kang Kun Taek and his wife
  9. So, he will attend the ceremony? Will he give his acceptance speech? Will he thank his co-star at his speech?
  10. Did anyone here notice who was commenting on Song Yoon Ah insta's post 3 days ago beside SYJ?? If SYA best friend with both means lets trust V/st last denial and ignore V/st denial related to Binjin remember when SYA liked Binjin photo last month...
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