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  1. Can someone explain to me who was the random couple who eloped/escaped during the chaos of rebellion? We saw them with Gu houses 4th or 5th uncle, there was a lot of gold on the table, the woman gave up her jewelry (bought her freedom), got a (her slave?) contract and tore it up and then escaped. I really didn't understand who the couple was or their significance to the plot. Help, what did I miss?
  2. Can someone who can read Chinese translate the meaning of the names of the characters in the series? I am really curious what the names of each characters represent. We the non Chinese speakers only hear the vocalisation and see the Latin spelling of the names, but are completely missing the meanings of the names. For example what would Chinese person know when they hear the name Qi Heng Yuan Ruo?
  3. I think this is where me and some other viewers disagree about the view of situation. GTY is a master manipulator and there is no way in hell he was blind to the fact that QH still loved ML and was going to try to get her back again, as soon as the proper mouring time was over and QH had some face/more backing to get ML back. We the viewers know that ML wouldn't ever take QH back, but GTY manipulated the situation so that QH and anyone else couldn't even try to court ML anymore. He was basically even robbed of the chance to try again. GTY was QH main confidante about the ML situation, and he knew that QH was willing to die for her. He also knew that the only reason QH gave up ML was because the crazy princess was going to wipe out QH's family, ML's family and anyone getting in her way in marrying QH, even QH himself. That kind of desperate I'm willing to kill myself to protect my woman kind of love QH had for ML does not die out in captivity. GTY had a first row seat to the whole situation and he knew QH character and how he would behave if he got free from his marriage. So QH getting free from the crazy blackmailing princess it was only a matter of proper face saving/mouring time before QH would be back in trying to woo ML. GTY is definitely guilty agains QH in this matter. If he wasn't guilty he would have also wooed and proposed to ML openly and properly like he accused QH in not doing, but he didn't since his goal of getting the girl was more important. The only way I believe a master manipulator like GTY could be blind about QH feelings and plans to get ML back is if he made himself willfuly blind to it, a.k.a denial, putting his head in the sand. I think GTY didn't want to face the fact that he had betrayed QH in getting ML. So he pretended like he had no idea that QH was still hung up about ML. He also didn't want to face the fact that if he married ML he had to choose between getting ML or his friendship/bond with QH. Basically GTY chose getting ML over his bond/friendship/familial bond with QH, and he knew it but he didn't want to face it. There is nothing wrong in choosing the woman he loves over a cousin/friend, but he didn't want to face the consequences of his choice, so he pretended like there was no petrayal and QH was delulu in being angry/pissed off/spiteful about it. Basically GTY put his head in the sand and pretended that since time had passed QH wouldn't care about the betrayal. That kind of denial gaslighting of reality would enrage QH even more. I love it that GTY has these kind of character flaws. That he is not a one dimensional hero. And I feel for QH's situation also, he got his bestfriend killed for nothing, his own mother ordered his bestfriend/servant to be killed, he was blackmailed into marrying and pleasing a psycho & her family, when he finally got free and had a glimmer of a hope in actually getting the woman he loves back, his other close friend/family member stabs him in the back and blackmails the woman QH loves in to marrying him, and then that close friend/family member has the nerve to pretend like there was no betrayal and he had no idead QH had feelings for her. That can be quite an embittering experience to have.
  4. I think the way GYT has manipulated the Emperor and put him several times in a very akward losing face kind of situations. That behaviour has come close to abusing the Emperors trust in him. We know GYT is a loyal subject, but he is not a respectful subject since he views the Emperor as someone he could manipulate easily and take his favouritism as granted. He is getting cocky with it and that could get dangerous. The only reason why he has gotten away with such disrispectful behaviour is because he is the Emperors most favoured subject and so far he has found decentish explanations, when the Emperor has called him to task. There is only so many times GYT can get away with this kind of behaviour before it actually gets too disrespectful and the Emperor would start to think his favoritism is taken for granted and abused. No one wants to feel like they are a chess piece for someone to be manipulated as. And it is really dangerous if the Emperor himself starts to feel as a tool for GYT to use.
  5. Word word McWORD! Neither of them was right or wrong! I love it that both are such human characters with their faults and their good sides. I absolutely adored the confrontation scene in ep 51 between GYT and QH! Both of them layed out some truth bombs the other needed to hear. QH needed to hear that he was coming close to abusing his power because of a personal grudge. He also needed to hear that this was also what had made him blind to the fact that no other official made the complaint since they asked the other party too. His personal grudge had made him blind to the fact that he could be manipulated in to abusing his power and making blind accusations. By the end of the scene I got the impression he was slowly coming to grips with the fact he indeed accused GYT because of a personal grudge. I adore GYT and ML as a couple, but GYT was sooo in denial about the fact that when he went after ML he betrayed a friend/family member for it. GYT on the other hand needed to face the fact that he indeed had abused QH trust and petrayed the friendship when he schemed to marry ML. He knew perfectly well why QH had to abandon ML and he was also QH closest confidant about the whole situation. GYT knew very well that QH was forced to marry the crazy princess and how he still loved ML. So GYT snatching ML with a scheme and QH never trusting him again should really not come as a surprise to him. Or how that betrayal of trust can have consequences. QH asking whether the emperor knows of the GYT situation or wheter the emperor trusts GYT version of the situation, and where it might bring him, like it brougth QH when he trusted GYT was something GYT needed to hear. I think GYT has come very close to abusing the emperors trust in him and he needed that verbal slap from QH as a reminder, that GYT is indeed capable of it and he should not be surprised when the people whose trust he has betrayed can have consequences in the future! I think this verbal slap/reminder might force GYT face his own character flaw and hopefully he will be more respectful of the Emperor in the future. I adored that scene! Both of them were fabulous in it! I love it when main characters are three dimensional and have flaws!
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