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  1. :star:  Merry Christmas~! :star:

  2. Oh and i forgot to mention, JY updated his official wechat account for the chinese winter solstice celebration and there were lots of candy............... The update was basically like a slide show with a recording of JY singing Red Bean playing in the background. Red bean is YZ thing, but i basically forgot the details, all i remember is something about trading one red bean for the universe (yuzhou). In the slide show JY referred to himself as "yu bao" the bao is the same as in baobao, the nickname for cpf in chinese. So it was pretty obvious and also the comments that are visible have to be filtered by the account to be shown, since it is a public account. JY's WeChat update (12/22/2018) Cr. Me lol (Did a screen recording to make it easier to watch outside of WeChat, enjoy!)
  3. Today/yesterday was full of candies.. There's a whole list that i haven't even searched and found all the original posts for, frankly i haven't even finished watching all the videos involved.. First there was ZZ's iqiyi talk show on Dec 21st and then his third appearance on happy camp on Dec. 22nd. Dec 22nd JY had was at the KPL event, basically he was playing like king of glory or whatever the name of that game is in english (it's basically like a chinese version of league of legends), with the cast of the movie that he is in "speeding life" (that's from google), which is about race car divers. I watched the live stream and JY was in a very good mood that day, even though he lost pretty bad lol....... He used the "monkey" character (probably sun wukong or something) and it was obvious to people that he didn't know how to pay that one very well. He died so many times lol. This is only one of the candies from yesterday............. The list is long. But i haven't finished watching everything related to the other ones so i won't mention them. ZZ's Iqiyi variety show appearance 《出招吧!番番》 (12/21/2018) {Actually really funny.. Poor ZZ} Cr. 11301020 ZZ cut of happy camp episode (12/22/2018) Cr. 11301020 JY's KPL event (12/22/2018) Cr. 11301020
  4. I basically don't even have an iphone but i just downloaded itunes on my desktop and bought his second album on it. If you want to support him and pay for the album you can just do it on itunes like i did. Also, if you have an iphone you might be able to just download those chinese music apps and pay with apple pay, a lot of other people did that. So yes, there are ways to buy it lol. And as for the full version, it just means you can buy the full digital version of his second album but not the first on itunes. But with apple pay you can just buy both albums on the chinese apps, basically you skip alot of hassle with apple pay. I actually bought the physical copy of his second album from the taiwan sites, i'm not sure if they are still selling it, it may be over now. But i think if you look on taobao and those other international asian sites, that i forgot the name of, you can actually order the physical copy of the first album. There are still sellers that have it up, check the thai sites too.
  5. Hm..... I think it depends on which country you're in.. iTunes has some of his songs, like his 2nd album, which you can buy. Or you can download one of the chinese music apps, like qq music, kugou etc but you still wouldn't be able to buy or listen unless you use a vpn, it's limited to only china so far as far as i know.
  6. ZZ's Vlog #4 was out a couple days ago i think. I finally managed to get the ability to post bullet comments on bilibili for the video. There's actually a test involved.. In chinese... Just like a bullet comment etiquette test but so much slang.. Cr. 11301020 I actually don't think this is a very big deal, there was another singer that got to be the ambassador for the EU-China tourism year immediately after ZZ (mao buyi or something like that), this guy is the one after MBY i think. Basically it's literally impossible for one star to cover all the countries in the EU, considering their schedules. So i think they just have a new star to advertise for every couple of countries, that way they also get the attention of more groups of fans.. ZZ was croatia and italy, MBY i remember went to france. I was wondering why ZZ seemed to have such a short visit for all of the EU, when it really wasn't for all of the EU. Croatia and italy got a good deal lets put it that way lol. But MBY is really big this year. ZZ's new episode of happy camp will air next saturday, it took like a month to be aired this time, apparently there was a back up of episodes from other stars that delayed it. ZZ's friend peng peng was there too, so a lot of people are excited to see this episode. The fans who were there in person during the filming said they were both really funny, they made it sound like such an amazing episode, i hope it is as good as it sounds lol. ZZ's new movie The Rookies is supposed to be delayed till at least January 1st. Which really isn't too bad. Hope to be able to see it internationally as well! I've been checking but haven't seen it listed anywhere yet.
  7. It's been a while since i last posted on soompi, probably people don't even know who i am anymore lol.. But i am basically sick of ig so i'm just going to post more here now.. There wasn't really a way to write a longer post or discuss more details on ig and to be honest, most people did not want to hear it anyway. There were so many things that happened with JY and all the blackening, it was pretty exhausting, but i think it's more or less done. Of course no one can really say for sure, but that's the most likely case right now. Although there may still be small attempts to black him. It's really more like they'd take the chance to black JY and also ZZ if they can, but it depends on whether they have the opportunity and the depth of their resources. Considering that both JY and ZZ are doing things that are related to the government right now, they are not as easy a target for the moment. ZZ's MV for the 40th anniversary of the change/opening of the government (roughly.. probably should google it) is actually a pretty big deal, because apparently there was a strict process for selecting the star that would sing the song and be the main focus of the MV. ZZ's MV for the 40th anniversary of the governmental reform: "The Answer of the Youth" Cr. 11301020 And one thing that was bothering me from one of my posts here before........... A while ago...... I remember saying that there was a rumour of how Diriraba (i forgot how to spell her name lol) was not going to participate in the dance show ZZ was in, because she can't really dance. Ok that was false, she can dance, her reason for not actually going was an injury to her back or something. This basically shows you a bit of how the rumours on weibo go for these shows and stuff, like yes she wasn't going to go, but it was apparently well documented that she danced before, so the reason was completely wrong. Also, now we can kind of see even if she didn't have an injury.. Why she might not want to participate lol.
  8. Long time no see lol. So many things happening, ZZ being the ambassador for the 2018 EU-China tourism year and JY getting an award in the film festival in Tokyo. I want to put the yuzhou tag on the clips of ZZ in croatia being interviewed by the local news channel on instagram, but it's such a big deal that i am trying not to. They already know probably from just looking at his main tags on instagram, but not to the level of the yuzhou tag lol. Tagging YZ and JY in the official superdry tag last year already caused the only fans to go crazy.. ZZ must have be so nervous there, even if you can't really tell from his face lol. JY seemed really quiet and not talkative in Tokyo, but he was probably super nervous too. Both of them representing their country, kind of understandable lol.
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