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  1. Actually I don’t like her style today, it makes her old than her age. I wonder why her stylish always makes her low. Besides, Kyo has sign with Wong Kar Wai’s company. As I know that he is the great director of Asia and his film is always estimated in the power side. If Kyo has a chance to be casted in his film despite small role, it will be her honor. This is an opportunity for her to improve her acting skill. However, I hope this will happen after she has a baby. That is just my opinion, I will support her decision whatever happen
  2. She already safe arrived in HK :)). Truly a great ninja. Hope she will be beautiful tomorrow. Sometimes I confuse with her stylist.
  3. I read the artical on Naver about our beauty this morning and I wonder why so many angry reacts appear on this artical. anyone knows the reason? I use Google translate to trans these comments below but they just admire her beauty and envy with the cat. However, the amount of angry reacts make me suprise. What 's wrong? I'm so curious about the reason. Besides, I find out many twitter accounts speard bad news about Kyo on the comment section. It seems like her anti fans increase so much after she married. So sad and resentful with that news :((
  4. Why you have to answer me in the angry way like that. I just ask about the information that i have read. I didn’t say this is the true information. Reading your comment make me angry.
  5. She changes the picture of her private account. Do you know what it means. I read in somewhere that she has a baby https://www.instagram.com/kkk_yyyooo/
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