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  1. Happy 2019!!!!First JG update of the year!


    Lee Joongi works with US-based Represent - donating proceeds from sale to those in need



    (source: https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003929792)

    Actor Lee Joongi is starting 2019 with a donation project.


    His agency Namooactors revealed on January 1, “Lee Joongi started working with a U.S.-based donation platform Represent on a two-week donation project under the slogan ‘Just Go Love.’


    Represent is a donation platform that has taken the lead in giving back to society by working with Hollywood stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo.


    Through the Just Go Love project, the proceeds from the sale of the merchandise designed by Lee Joongi will be donated to those in need. Sources say that Lee Joongi was actively involved in planning and designing the merchandise helping create a cordial atmosphere at work. The fans have also responded enthusiastically to the refreshing move Lee Joongi has made starting the new year.


    Lee Joongi said, “In response to the big love and support I have received, I want to contribute to making the world a better place. If there are other great projects, I will participate and get involved in planning them too. Please support ‘Just Go Love’ that will go on for about 2 weeks.


    Lee Joongi is the first Korean actor to work with Represent. A rep for Represent said, “We wanted to work on a project with Lee Joongi who has a wholesome and healthy image. Thankfully, he inspired our staff so much by getting actively involved in the donation project and coming up with a variety of ideas. They also added, “We also feel very encouraged by Lee Joongi’s global fandom showing a great deal of interest in this project.”


    Translated by:https://allaboutjoongi.tumblr.com/post/181604404013/lee-joongi-works-with-us-based-represent


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  2. Its 1 January in Korea and other countries like Australia and many more.I wish all Angels who are there a very happy new year.To kick off the new year celebrations, here is an update from our lovely JG.


    .He has been promoted:):

    Caption translated:


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    “Knowing Bros” Seo Jang-hoon: “Best scene of 2018? Lee Joon-gi showing off his talents … Ratings soared”

    âKnowing Brosâ Seo Jang-hoon: âBest scene of 2018? Lee Joon-gi showing off his talents ⦠Ratings soaredâ (source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003114683) Seo Jang-hoon picked the episode featuring Lee Joon-gi as its guest star as the...


    Seo Jang-hoon picked the episode featuring Lee Joon-gi as its guest star as the best scene.


    The December 29 episode of JTBC’s variety program “Knowing Bros” (CP Im Jeong-ah; PD Choi Chang-soo) showed the members having the year-end closing ceremony of 2018.


    The members chose their own best scenes of 2018, and Seo Jang-hoon selected the one with Lee Joon-gi displaying his talents. On that episode, Lee Joon-gi showed off various action performances and other various talents using his flexible body.


    Seo Jang-hoon justified his choice by saying, “It was a re-discovery of Lee Joon-gi. And above all, that episode featuring IU and Lee Joon-gi earned soaring ratings, over the course of two weeks.


    Meanwhile, Kim Hee-chul picked the “National Singing Contest” episode featuring Celeb Five as his best scene of 2018.


    “Knowing Bros” is an entertainment program set against Bros School and aimed at ‘letting go of reason and following our instincts,’ featuring all sorts of fun plays in the world.


    Source: (source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003114683)


    Translated: https://allaboutjoongi.tumblr.com/


    IG update:


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  4. Actor Lee Joon Gi is chosen as the Best Male Asian Star





    Lee Joon-gi attended the 2018 Starhub Night Stars awards ceremony held in Singapore on the evening of the 21st and won the Best Male Asian Star award.


    Lee Joon-gi-led drama “Lawless Lawyer” that aired this year went on to air in eight other countries not only across Asia but also in North America, drawing applause for his powerful action and dramatic performances. Through this drama, Lee Joon-gi, who’d maintained a solid fan base in Asia for his works from movie “King and the Clown” to “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” has earned more new fans and seen a further rise in his reputation as a Hallyu actor.


    When Lee Joon-gi arrived at the red carpet for the awards show, his fans who had gathered to see him welcomed him with loud cheers. Lee responded to their enthusiastic welcome with a radiant smile, and tried to make eye contact and interact with the fans.


    During the show attended by prominent Asian stars, Lee Joon-gi drew further attention by winning the Best Male Asian Star award. Since the award is given to the best star out there, it naturally attracted lots of buzz from the public and press alike.


    After receiving the award, Lee Joon-gi shared his reaction through his agency Namooactors: “I am very grateful to everyone who worked so hard filming ‘Lawless Lawyer’ and to my fans for showing strong and unwavering support. I will continue to work hard to show you the best of myself as an actor and become a person who’s ‘wide awake’ at all times.


    Meanwhile, Lee Joon Gi embarked on his 2018-2019 Asia Tour ‘DELIGHT’ while considering offers for his next project. So far, he’s enjoying smooth sailing, having met with about 10,000 fans.


    (source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003925846)

    Translation: https://allaboutjoongi.tumblr.com/

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