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  1. Im so over the on again off again relationship between MYT and YZ character I find myself fast forwarding to the the lawyer couple for their sweet scenes at least they are harmonious right now its gotten to point where i want her to end up with Denny Huangs character
  2. I need to stop watching until monday the dreaded angst scenes are coming up
  3. new preview they show too much in previews essentially gives everything away but i still cant help but watch everything
  4. cute preview I hid it just in case ppl dont want to be spoiled
  5. So thankful for @Moonsto26644583 all the clips and interviews get me so excited for whats to come
  6. I agree in the beginning I was a little put off by her character but once they develop their relationship I love her there was a interview with Yangzi where she says that they will develop her character (career,life apart from HSY) and I am glad because even though I love her in the book I want to see her mature It takes time thats y im going to wait to watch Hopefully they dont take out the scene where she develop a program to test the teams reaction time
  7. Quick interview about Yangzi feelings about Tong nian as a character I think someone posted this as a twitter video already im just posting this to have the option to watch this through youtube
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