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  1. Ahh I didn't see his other bts but I saw him fixing YZ hair all the time. Idk to me when he looks at her there's that gaze of admiration. It could also be that they're comfortable with each other
  2. I'm confused about this too. I can't tell if JM is mortal or immortal... they also don't say that she got to keep her memories. We assume she does but who would let a stranger hold her like that or kidnap her on her wedding dressed the way XF was hehe
  3. I'm 4 episodes behind guys due to work but Ive been spoiling myself with weibo and this forum. Thank you guys for the translations and spoilers!! I liked how respectful everyone was to each other and for sharing your insights. I missed a lot of things Bc my Chinese is limited, the language here is really flowery The only thing that kept me onto this drama was the fact that there will be a happy ending and the acting; especially YZ's acting. She felt very genuine, like she was JM (now I'm not a die hard book fan, but for the drama she felt right. Her dubbing was really good too, better than the male leads. I could hear the emotions in her voice). I really wish there was more OTP scenes and they developed XF character more. The ending wasn't like rushed rushed but felt like BAM that's it. The beginning only help set up the OTP storyline but it didn't give my too much insight for his character development. He just cool and really in-love. I did enjoy DL acting when he being cold to JM but actually still in love. It was all in the eyes. But for some reason, when JM was revived his acting seemed kind of off.. I wonder if this had to do with when they filmed the scene (like how comfortable he has gotten with YZ, I know they were a couple in a drama years ago) RY acting was good too, but at the same time I felt like it was due to how well-written his character is... he had a lot of good lines. His scenes with YZ were the best but alone... it was a hit or miss Okay, I think I'll stop ranting now Thank you all!
  4. Definitely going to break out in tears today I found this gif that might help you smile afterwards lol RY expression haha and JM wedding headdress looks so heavy
  5. Okay, I'm not really okay with the repeat of this event.. Like I get it. SH was evil and she let her obsession for XF caused her to make bad choices but this is NOT the way it should end for her. In the novel, BUT I'm sure the actual writer would have never incorporated this scene. It doesn't seem like her writing style for her characters to end up this way, even if they are a minor character.
  6. http://p.weibo.com/show/channerWbH5/1034:4279643763881070 major spoilers but I unfortunately can T understand it since there's no sound, only words! May someone please translate?
  7. Awww they should have kept it, was it part of the script? I hope they release cuts. I remember when I was watching Hua Qian Gu they cut out a scene from the ending and it ended up being released afterwards Bc ppl complained lol
  8. I saw a gif and that was possibly from JM dream, it was yellow. Also, I am also upset with XF and how he can't see what's going on. But I remember his character is suppose to be very prideful (i think the book says this too, confirm?), which may be why he refuses to accept the what JM said. He doesn't act that way (or maybe I haven't seen it much in action) but many of the minor characters like the demon princess and his uncle said the removal of his celestial class is almost like killing him. I feel like the drama didn't do a great job evolving XF character too much. It feels rather rushed right now, there's 4 episodes left and war hasn't even happened yet. Speaking of JM. She did cause the death of XF loved ones Bc she didnt trust him. That's what I was angry about. How can you not trust the person who has been your friend for years, was it the pill? Though it pains me to see XF treat her that way but it pains me more to see him torment her while tormenting himself Bc he clearly still loves her
  9. I thought XF threw his hairpin at on purpose to protect her from his own attack, since it seems like he still loves her But yes he did say
  10. I'm going post this weibo profile who posts a lot of clips! I figure it might be better for everyone. https://m.weibo.cn/profile/1897410357
  11. Try your phone! Or if you're persistent, there's is weibo international now lol I was kind of confused about the petal thing I really need subs for this drama, anyone know what episode they're up to for subs?
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