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  1. On 5/16/2019 at 9:34 AM, Sejabin said:

    Is a gay guy will sways when walking? Is there any differences if gay walk and guy walk? 


    I live in a gay village for almost 5 years so I'll try to answer. Some gay people will be obvious in the way they talk, walk, etc... But some others talk, walk, move just like straight guys so it's hard to tell until they let you know... But then again, there are some straight guys that seem gay as hell so everything is confusing in my town. There are guys that had surgery to have boobs, butt, and everything to look like girls but they're straight and kept their shlong because they're still into girls while wanting to look like a girl. They're like incompleted straight transsexuals but they don't want to be called transsexuals (or tranny), they wanna be called straight men. Some are normal straight guys by day and drag queen by night. I have so many stories here that are gonna seem weird to you but at the end of the day, it's just better to not think too much into it... The obvious ones (like famous Youtuber James Charles) have the stereotypical way of gay people that you can spot a mile away but there are a lot of very discreet ones out there we can never spot until they say so.

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  2. On 5/13/2019 at 6:50 PM, Ignatius said:

    pretty brave of you to post your insta on a public forum like this lol


    Wow I must be very old school with forums. Back in the old days, people would post so many pictures of themselves in public forums like Soompi including their "myspace", youtube, eventually facebook, etc... Instagram didn't exist yet back then but wow, it's now a brave thing to share those these days... Times have changed indeed (I just came back out of nowhere)... 

  3. Haven't logged in Soompi since Robin Williams was alive... Where the hell is the "Current Events" section or whatever it was called where we posted some random news? Even this section here is no longer entertaining since I see a lot of threads about how I can treat my acne and stuff... Damn I sound like a grandpa complaining about new generations while looking for some floppy disks...

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  4. jennyle52 said: I honestly just want to get myself together by the end of this summer. If there is one thing that can seriously brighten up my entire year right now, it would be getting a decent job. If there is such thing as a higher being, than give me a decent job after working so hard for so long, especially since I got into McGill. Thank you, to whoever is listening.

  5. False. But the word complicated is very close to constipated which is what I would hallucinate if I were badly constipated.
    The next person has some nose hair coming out while laughing like dandelions on spring season.

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