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  1. I agree with both of you. I've dropped it this week. The actors are doing their best but the plot is too frustrating and the script is just so poor. I saw a review that summarised how I feel about this drama: "it's like the male leads (Kim Min Jae and Seo Ji Hoon) are in a completely different and better drama". I totally agree with this. Kim Min Jae and Seo Ji Hoon's individual characters and their acting performances are very good - easily the best in the drama. Both deserved better than this especially Seo Ji Hoon as his role and limited screentime is pretty thankless but he is still acting the heck out of the character. I feel the same as @RPM about Gae Ttong. I don't really understand why either of these very eligible, good looking men are so in love with her. They gave her relationship with Soo barely any development and there are too many unnatural, forced skinship scenes with Ma Hoon. Sometimes GT is smart and likeable but a lot of the time she is written as a loud caricature and Gong Seung Yeon (who I usually think is a good actress) just can't get the right handle on the character so she often comes across as foolish and annoying. I also feel like maybe Gong Seung Yeon is trying too hard to play the character as young and naive (I assume she is supposed to be about 18-20 years compared to the actress 26 years) but it isn't very convincing and along with the sketchy writing GT just seems...dumb. I have no interest in the secondary couple at all. Ji Hwa is just a horrible character. Her father wishing she was a boy is absolutely no excuse for being so nasty, mean, vindictive and abusive. Joon seems to have fallen for her for no real reason besides the drama wanted another couple. I would have preferred if Joon had fallen for one of the kind gisaengs instead or just stayed single.
  2. Thanks for posting. Awww! I'm so pleased for her. She deserves the recognition. Unfortunately, I don't have a weibo account but I hope she gets lots of votes.
  3. Awww fist bumps will always remind me of you and Gank Your Heart now Crossing my fingers too. On episode 3 now and I have such a positive feeling about this drama. It's laugh out loud funny and already has some very sweet moments. The female lead is naive but resourceful and smart and male lead is your typical overbearing boss but isn't unbearable like some dramas and obviously cares for the female lead, family and his staff. He's still kind of a d!ck but he's mild compared to some of the bosses in these types of dramas. They have great chemistry together too. The supporting cast are all great and I am loving Yun's adorable co-workers and parents. At the moment the only character I dislike is the male lead's playboy best friend. Uh oh! f you are feeling like bracket ranting I bet I have some serious frustration on the way. He seemed quite nice at first but I am guessing this situation with the sister's ex-husband is going to be a mess. Only downside so far is that rag doll wig.... it was bad in the stills but watching it onscreen is just... no words... They legit didn't even try. Thanks for the stills @angelangie!
  4. Excellent work! I'm so glad you are still keeping the fics coming! I really loved the detailed background here about what happened to all the teams we saw featured in the drama (plays world's smallest violin for Li Gan and the now decimated VNG). You created a perfect scenario with Shu Wen and Gu Fang joining Phoenix in their new roles and i love that they are so aligned with XK compared to his experience at his previous teams. The whole scenario at the convention was hilarious. Well done XK for reassuring your girl. Yi Xuan is a careless boyfriend and didn't go and speak to Yi Yi especially knowing her less than stellar opinion of males. God help him when YY gets a hold of him! I agree with @owlstar always good to see more jealous XK, He will have to deal with more of that as QY becomes more and more famous as a pretty commentator in a male-dominated industry. Muah ha ha ha! LMAO!! I'm a big fan of the Legend of Yun Xi but the kiss scenes were crap. They should have just left them out instead of the obviously fake pretend kissing. I think as an actor I would feel more embarrassed having to do these weird fake angle and air kisses like some kid at a school play instead of just doing my damn job and kissing. I have seen some good kissing scenes in C-dramas but they are definitely lacking compared to the Taiwanese and even Korean dramas now. I feel like you don't really see so many of the fakeass statue kisses in K-dramas now but they are still all over C-dramas. T-dramas rule all when it comes to kissing though! They are as hot as any kisses you see in the West.
  5. So funny because My Girlfriend is An Alien was exactly the drama I was thinking of! i just finished it a couple of weeks and I feel they could have cut a good 4 or 6 episodes from that drama and it wouldn't have made much difference to the story. I totally know what you mean about it feeling like a 44 episode drama and the repetitiveness of the middle episodes. It was complete fluff with a thin plot and characters that was dragged on unnecessarily to 28 episodes IMO. I hope it can keep it up! I have had that good feeling about so many C-drams only for them to go and fall apart in the second half. I have just finished episode 1 and I really, really like it so far!
  6. You are right. It doesn't even look real. Disappointing. Whenever I rewatch that episode I skip over that part. It's just completely cringeworthy. You are welcome!
  7. That awful wig is just a complete mystery. Who thought it was OK? Glad to hear you are enjoying it so much too. Definitely the shorter episode count is already a point in its favour. There is no need for a fluff romcom to be more than 24 episodes but the C-dramas sure do try to drag it out for as many episodes as possible. I'm pleased to hear the ML falls first. That is my preferred trope!
  8. I really liked the previous title The World Owes me a First Love. Also I read on another site after C-netizens saw the crappy wig on Bai Lu's head they trended "The World Owes Bai Lu A Nice Wig" lol lol lol! Yeah, the story seems to be the same old same old for C-drama rom-coms but I'm grateful it is just 24 episodes rather than a pointless 44 episodes or something. I remember he was a good kisser in the Eternal Love drama and I know Bai Lu is a great kisser from Legends so we should get some real kiss scenes in this drama!
  9. Thanks for the pics and gifs. I wondered why they zoomed out and didn't show the kiss? It would have been nice to get SOME sort of kissing now they are finally a couple. I still can't believe we didn't get anything once they started dating. I thought maybe there might be a no kissing clause in their contracts like some idol actors have but we got one kiss scene before so that can't be it. Thank you soooooo much for your hard work these past SIX months!!!! You should be proud. You have done such an incredible job and I appreciate all the work, thought and effort that has gone into your recaps and engagement on this thread. I totally agree! I loved this scene. It was so inspiring and showed the journey of everybody in the team. This drama did such an amazing job of making us care for all these characters Totally agree with you again. This scene was just too cringey for me Thanks so much for all the adorable gifs! Thanks for your review. Yuck! Sorry but absolutely everything about this product sounds so unappealing to me.
  10. Definitely agree there. This drama really crafted some memorable and endearing supporting characters I second this! Really? I haven't listened to any of his other songs but I really like his voice on the Gank Your Heart theme. I really like what you said about QY being more aware of romantic feelings than most C-drama female leads. I agree the flirtatious banter between QY and XK is refreshing compared to the typical clueless leads. I also like that she knew he was attracted to him but she didn't chase him desperately like some female leads. LMAO!
  11. They should have just let her rock a cute pixie cut rather than this mop they found in a cleaning cupboard somewhere and plonked on her head. As we have seen from Arsenal Military Academy she looks great with short hair and cute, short hair would have differentiated her from the usual drama heroine look. Thank you for the review. I want to give it a try as I enjoy Bai Lu's acting and trailer looks fun. Hopefully, English subs appear somewhere.
  12. Thank you for another fantastic story. This is something I really wanted to see in the drama so your fanfic is the next best thing! I love what a typical teasing little brother Xia Ling is but how just one look or nudge from Captain XK aka his future Jia Fu (thanks for explaining the meaning ) pulls him back in line. I think Xia Ling has competition as it looks like Xia Lin'g mother has a new favourite son(-in-law in the future)! I noticed you snuck in a head pat too I especially liked how you ended it with the bittersweet a but realistic moment between QY's father and stepmother too. Yeah, they both luckily saved themselves future awkwardness. You know I was surprised on Harry Hu (Luo Tian)'s weibo page quite a lot of people seemed to ship LT and QY which I wasn't expecting! Hopefully, now Luo Tian is more relaxed and doesn't live and breathe work he will meet someone
  13. Don't judge me...Between the doctor's crazy stalker sister and Ding Ding being so wishy-washy I had to take a break and I still haven't picked it back up He is such a mediocre actor and he has zero charisma onscreen and he isn't even good eye candy. He always looks like he is about to cry or is confused. There are better looking actors with acting skills as weak as his I'm surprised considering Shen Yue is the bigger star. I've read some more reviews similar to yours so you're definitely not alone with this opinion about the drama. I totally agree about too many episodes. Many C-dramas that would benefit from a tighter plot and a lot fewer episodes. So many C-dramas start off with promise but then drag on and on needlessly.
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