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  1. CHEORIN NATION!!!!! Can we declare episode 16 is the BEST episode but since next week we get A TANGO SCENE IT MIGHT CHANGE AGAIN BAHAHAHAHA! We already become auntie right now LOL >_< Did not expect the ending gonna be the announcement of Queen pregnancy and we all getting wild pffttttt I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! ROAD TO HAPPY ENDING!! I PUT MY BET ON IT! LET’S PARTYYYYYY!!!!
  2. @aislingIndeed he’s one of the excellent actor out there. Kim Jung Hyun eyes is so expressive that you can know what his feeling and emotion, he trying to show to audience like freaking smooth. Not to mention they way he controlled his voice to match with the situation not just as whole but the details of each word coming out from his mouth is so amazing. I really amazed by his acting like REALLY!!! He’s on par with Shin Hye Sun that why they are being paired as main lead. They deserved all the praise. Thumbs up! I know I’m not the only one want b
  3. I’ve been hyping Mr Queen on Twitter that I forgot to post here about Ep13 & Ep14. We’re are back to romcom genre hahaha. This drama rollercoaster emotion is just amazing, actually my heart cannot handle it anymore! in a good way! EHEK Can we conclude for now Ep14 is the best episode ever hahaha!!!! Wanna point out Jang So Yong ornament on next preview (pfffttt) for Ep15. *isn’t it too much HAHA but we don’t know her intention ! Well, Soyong look sexy and fierce with that black hanbok and red lipstick. Totally ready to fight with someone LOL!
  4. Same!! I actually get immersed with his acting and feel the intensity. Kim Jung Hyun is a top class actor!
  5. OMG I’m so excited for tomorrow, like I’M SO GLAD that we didn’t have to wait for another week hahahah. Let’s see WHAT REALLY HAPPEN, but guess what the king already with QUEEN when they entered the room that why Court Lady Choi CAN’T ENTER THE ROOM;; I mean it Mr Queen the writer know how to tease us hahahahaha
  6. Guys look at this! A video of junghyun struggles hahahaha it’s so funny I’m laughing out loud! Ahh why I keep missing them when it’s still an ongoing drama gosh, I’m TRULY ADDICTED! credit to owner
  7. @aislingIkr!! Kim Jung Hyun literally shine in the latest ep of Mr Queen and that what makes ep 12 is one of the best ep so far! The balance in genre and everything was PERFECT! idk how many times I say this, thumbs up to those that comes up with ideas pairing up Kim jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun. They are unexpected couple that SHINE SO BRIGHT and the CHEMISTRY is just gosh superb! Both of them IS ON THE SAME LEVEL! Bubblegum couple awww cuteee credit to owner They really are bestie and they way Kim Jung Hyun said to Shin Hye Sun come here~ (he’s such a
  8. I saw this AND HIT ME SO HARD! THIS IS LOVE Cheoljong is hurting but he’s only think about Soyong in his mind. NOOOOOOO!!
  9. Guys I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT IN NOT IN RIGHT MIND RIGHT?!! AND STILL SHOCK OF WHAT HAPPENED TONIGHT THO! LIKE WHATTTTT FREAKIN KIM CLAN I’M GONNA KILL THEM I’M STILL @kyakyari yes! I saw that too from the preview, and what can I say that soyong gonna remember EVERYTHING that happen before she drowning into the lake like HOW CAN I WAIT FOR A WEEK NOOOO!!! @aislingI’m with you let me joining the force! I’M SO DONE KIM JWA GEUN !!
  10. Welcome!! @Luvpoddle Waittt Soyong’s father?? I’m not ready for sad scene tho! @skinnyjeanshahaha no problem!! Since, I starting to stan and get to know him >~< he’s indeed a talented actor! By the way thank you for sharing the video! ahhh I need to watch his previous Live IG, never watch him doing live just followed him last month so hahaha
  11. Guys!!! I noticed that in the latest preview of episode 12, Cheoljong is crying????? Like WHAT IS HAPPENING?! that makes our king cry infront of other people?? Queen Cheorin also look worried!! Like her face is literally showing an expression of shock!? She also running towards something right??! No!!!! please not a tragic incident happen I know Mr Queen will get more intense since we already in the 2nd half of the drama itself, so get ready cheorin nation!! @aislingYes sameeee this is what I noticed tooo hopefully no
  12. Guysss I found this FMV on yt that really well made tho! The intensity between Cheoljong and Soyong is on fire that I almost forgot Mr Queen is also a comedy genre drama OMG cr to vid owner @aisling since you’re asking I’m willing to answer it wholeheartedly hahaha since I’ve been curious about him so I search his past work and project these day Kim Jung Hyun have been selected as advertising model for Panasonic so basically the CF for LAMDASH is around June 2020, the latest CF he made with Panasonic is the last 3 months for Lumix S5 camer
  13. @enzek I agree with you, people can say whatever they want but Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun is such a great pair with undeniable chemistry ! I’m actually didn’t know much about both of them before this, it all started when I accidentally watch one of the Mr Queen video teaser on youtube. Guess what, it their way of expressing the character makes me want to watch the drama. I think this is my first time watching a kdrama without considering the lead (well usually I did since everyone have their own preference hehe) But for Mr Queen it turn out different, I getting into
  14. If your theory end up happen I would be the most happiest person in the world lol at least they survived. Since, saeguk drama always disappoint me with my fave character dying or not a good ending after all. As saeguk drama tradition is sad ending so I was like giving hope but not expecting anything. Of course, happy ending is always the BEST but yeah can deny other theory about bad/sad ending. *hoping both King and Queen at least survived THAT IT And we actually didn’t know how this drama gonna end, since for now soyong body is control by bong hwan, is soyong
  15. I just realise that our queen calling our king name cutely~ ”Chongie Chongie Cheoljongieee” WHY SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE credit to owner @namulatee_
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