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  1. [EngSub] Jun Ji Hyun Rouge & Lounge F& W Collection CF & Greetings 2019
  2. Jun Ji Hyun will be the classy feature model of Vogue Korea on upcoming Jun issue
  3. [EngSub] Jun Ji Hyun Playing Piano- My Sassy Girl Behind the Scene and Movie Version
  4. [Eng Sub] Jun Ji Hyun Lifestyle Interview with Ha Jung Woo- I can't Drink Alcohol 전지현 하정우 인터뷰 2013 Jun Ji Hyun Paparazzi Photoshoot CF - Rouge & Lounge 2019
  5. On 26 April, 2019 afternoon, Jun Ji-Hyun attended a photo event of handbag brand Rouge&Lounge at Hyundai Departmental Store in in Seongnam
  6. [EngSub] Jun Ji Hyun BHC Malakan Chicken CF 2019 - 전지현 마라칸 치킨 광고
  7. [EngSub] Jun Ji Hyun Evolution in Elastine Korean Shampoo CF( 2002-2011) - 전지현 엘라스틴 [EngSub] Jun Ji Hyun Self Camera Interview 1999 Part 1- Highschooler Sassy Girl Self-Introduction [EngSub] Jun Ji Hyun Self Camera Interview 1999 Part 2- Funny Photoshoot with g.o.d. Band
  8. [EngSub] Jun Ji Hyun First Funny Friendship TV Commercials (1997-2000)
  9. Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun interview from 2013- translated and subbed by me
  10. For what? If you indicate the music video I posted, I've translated it in both English and Bengali, thanks And here's two more Jang Hyuk's old music video translated by me - sorry, I'm mainly JJH fan, so I mentioned her name first :p Jang Hyuk's rap song MV
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