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  1. My first drama (discovered while channel-surfing) was 'Which Star Are You From?', starring Jeong Ryeo-won. After that, I was hooked! The next one was Eugene's 'Really Really Like You' (aka 'Love Truly' co-starring Lee Minki.) That is the one that sunk the hook, back in late 2006. Running at the the same time was the classic daily drama 'Pure in Heart' (aka 'Pure 19') starring Goo Hye Sun. I've seen every drama starring both of these actresses and the rabbit hole has grown longer and with many, many divergent tunnels. I generally follow the careers of the the players that I like, and this introduces me to more and more, and they just keep on coming. Thanks to KBS broadcasting, in Los Angeles, for getting me stated!
  2. Congrats, to Yoon Ji and family! Thank you for the announcement. I logged in today specifically looking for news of this. Thank you, @larus
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