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  1. The occasionally show the preview for next week earlier in the week. This preview will air after Thursday's (american time) episode 84.
  2. Took a break from the forum to finish grad school. I admit I am only watching bits and pieces here now and fast forwarding a lot. I am not watching it nearly as regular as before since I find the plot going in circles. If I didn't have free time right now, I probably wouldn't be watching it at all. I did watch a part of the episode and was glad SJ did what he did although I wish he sent the video to both Sehyun and his mother. At this point they need to send visible proof to SH, even if he is crazy, he can't deny video especially a video like that. I honestly do not like the writing of the story... it's super slow even for a daily. I think the problem with this show is that they didn't give enough plot to all of the characters which is why they are dragging the corporate and SJ/SH/SY soooooo long. Usually dailies have a bit of makjang but they also have more storylines going at the same time. One thing I do like that is that we finally have confirmation of SY's feelings for SJ and SJ no longer being in the dark of what is happening around him. Will probably only watch SJ/SY scenes if any for the foreseeable future.
  3. I just hope in this mess it is revealed that Ms. Hong was behind the surrogacy and everything. Because if everyone is going to be in pain she really needs to have her comeuppance in the form of her son leaving her for this. Also if SH realizes how much pain his mother has caused, hopefully he can respect SY and SJ's relationship in future episodes.
  4. Nothing really happened in today's episode other than what was already shown in the preview, but it looks like the cat is out of the bag tomorrow (ep 59) if the preview was any indication. Today's episode the ex-wife and the adulteress know the truth about So Dam because the ex-wife got a copy of the birth certificate (which isn't really believable because it's not easy to get those kinds of paperwork from the US unless you are the person on the certificate). Also totally OT but being from Southern California, I admit I'm highly amused that the US stuff took place in Irvine in this drama. Irvine and LA do have a lot of asians, so it is believable but from what I know Irvine isn't really a nightclub kind of place . Im just amused that the exwife caught bulldozer in Irvine of all places in this drama lol. But it looks like SoYou is about to go on a rampage in episode 59. I was hoping for some cute moments for the OTP, but with the styling class also happening soon it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.
  5. Welps it looks like people are going to get a taste of what it is like to richard simmons SoYou off. I really wanted to see SJ and SY be able to have some time getting to know their feelings but that doesn't look like it is going to happen . But considering we are at the half way mark, I guess it is good that the surrogacy secret comes out now, so that it won't be a hidden secret in the future when SY and SJ get together. While I do think it is not the smartest thing to release previews a couple episodes early because it already tells you if something has happened or hasn't by that time. I do wish I saw episode 61's preview cause I am so curious about the next couple episodes now that we know things are going down in episode 59.
  6. Its two-fold with Sodam, I think not only is Korea still quite conservative with surrogacy, the fact that Sodam is young and unmarried and already have been pregnant so to speak is really taboo. Adding the fact that it was for Seojun's sister adds a whole other layer of taboo when SoYou and Seojun get together officially or try to get together officially. For good or bad, western cultures are overall more open minded to these things, but in lots of traditional parts of Asia it is still pretty taboo. I think SeoJun's will handle everything the way he has handled it in the past. He has been pretty honest with JiYoon from the getgo, she is just in denial and hardheaded. The harder part is dealing with his family but if the previous episodes are any indication, the fact he kissed SY means that there is no way he is marrying JiYoon or even considering it unless it is to protect SY in some way. He's been respectful of SY up to this point because he thought she only loved SH, now he has reason to believe its not one-sided. It will be interesting to see how their friend/coworker interactions will be now that they have kissed. I hope they maintain some level of their bickering and SY gets more comfortable with him. Ms Hong is such a funny character to me. She thinks that separating SY from SH will make SH go for SJ's position that she didn't even consider by putting SY and SJ together that he would want to leave the company to get away from seeing the two. I mean SJ is the heir and won't leave, so of course SH would want to leave since he wouldn't want to work day to day watching his first love and his best friend become romantic. It always amuses me how dramas are written sometimes.
  7. Since the guy who set up the game is one of Ms. Hong's team members, there is a 99.99% chance that she is teaming up with SJ. There is no way Ms. Hong's people would allow her to team up with SH since the whole point of this charade for Ms Hong is to get SY far away from SH and break up SJ's engagement/future wedding with JiYoon. Since the preview for 56 showed them getting closer but still not together, I pretty much wasn't surprised very little happened today other than SoYou having to select between the two ski suits. I am frustrated with the writer because even if SJ and SY aren't together yet, i would think by episode 55 we would have her showing some kind of feeling towards SJ especially if them getting together in the end is to be believable. I get that part of the reason she won't let herself feel anything for SJ is because of the secret she has, but I really hope she tells SJ soon because the show is getting repetitive in its plot points and is dragging seriously. SJ is hopelessly in love SoYou and has been since the first couple episodes, by now SY should have some kind of feeling towards him but the show keeps showing her neutral to SJ and still very affected by SH. The SH character is super frustrating also, he has had so many hints already that something is very wrong between his mother and SoYou and yet he still can't put two and two together , like seriously? If he loves SY as much as he says he does, he should know her well enough to know something is up especially since she is always tense around Ms. Hong and always shaken after he catches him with her. SJ knows somethings is up and the only reason why he hasn't tied it to Ms. Hong is because he hasn't seen them interact as much as SH has.
  8. They look so happy in the preview for tomorrow. Can't wait till the subs for 51 come out. Argh I am so curious to what Sehyun took the blame for and what Sejun and Soyou's conversation was about.
  9. just saw 50 with subs and for once Bulldozer's big mouth helped.
  10. I think he noticed SY's new phone when she was taking pictures of the outfits SJ showed her for the golfer and then the korean coworker said something about what he saw at the hotel after their meeting , it looked like the coworker asked her if she was okay and then mentioned something about a woman slamming into her based on his gestures (I don't understand korean) to SJ so he was already suspicious about whether SY really tried to keep him from the ceremony. I think SK probably said something that fit into suspicions even more which is why he pulled her away. I think he is probably asking her to tell him the truth because he knows something is not right.
  11. Just saw the episode with subs.....Of course SoYou took the blame and of course she didn't defend herself against the bulldozer. Even though she wasn't listening, I am glad that her best friend told the bulldozer why they were at the hotel. It's sad because SeJun basically once again told her how he cares about her, he is more pissed that she can put him through all that worry just for her own benefit (even though we the watchers know that isn't the case). Although I feel bad for him, I also am also disappointed in him for not trying harder to get an answer out of her. He knows this isn't her and she has given him so many clues about it having to do with him and her having no other choice. He has already seen Ms Hong try to give So You money very early in the drama, he knows in depth whats going on with her financially. Our simple Chief Choi needs to start using that pretty brain of his. Also Ms. Hong is getting so close to admitting that she got So Dam to be surrogate for the bulldozer.... oh my goodness when that comes out that will be a whole other level of problems between the Sehyun-SoYou-Sejun triangle since MS Hong was the one who organized it and bulldozer was the one who benefited from it. For all the things ms hong wants to keep under wraps she sure as heck isn't doing a swell job. Argh i really want to like Ji Yoon, but how many times does Se Jun have to tell her that he doesn't want to get married to get her to give up. Now she wants to skip the engagement all together and to jump straight to marriage because of her obsessive jealousy. I am starting to remember why I rarely watch daily dramas. I don't have the patience for 100+ episodes
  12. I think it is important that their collaborator saw her with Ms. Hong's minion, otherwise I don't see a point of the director of the show focusing on him seeing the interaction for too long of a time. Since they will be working with the golfer and the korean collaborator, at some point I can see this coming up in conversation. I haven't watch the subs yet so I don't know what was said, but the vibe i get is he is convinced something is up but can't wrap his head around why she is doing it since it goes against everything he has seen from her. He loves her, but doesn't get why she is changing and doing these things. At some point she will have to come clean with him. But I think it might take some time because these daily dramas are 100+ episodes and we are only at episode 48. There will be a few episodes where SJ will be suspicious something is up, some episodes of him figuring it out and adressing it with her, some episodes of noble indiocracy then they will get together. Then the family problems and his illness will come up. I do think SJ finding the truth or actively searching for the truth is going to come out soon because unlike Sehyun, deep down he knows something is going on and wants to know why. Good thing I am working on finishing grad school, if I get too frustrated with the drama i can bench it for a few weeks and come back.
  13. Just watched it with subs. He definitely knows something is up. I like that he is upfront with her about the fact that he likes her as much as he does but knows that she doesn't like him that way (at least right now). He's hurt by how she is treating him because he doesn't know what is going on but knows that this isn't her true feelings since he knows her better than that. l feel bad for him, he's a nice a guy but making all the sacrifices to make sure everyone is happy. Also you can see his heart sank when he realized that Sehyun only cares about not losing So You and doesn't care that he is going into a loveless marriage with someone he only sees as a friend. He treats Sehyun like a brother but its becoming obvious that Sehyun doesn't have his interests and feelings in mind when it gets in the way of him getting So You. Sadly SeJun recognizes SoYou is important to himself but isn't willing to hurt Sehyun since he believes that So You doesn't like him that way and that Sehyun is who she wants. When she really starts to fall for him and he recognizes as much, he won't be able to ignore her. I think right now the only reason he can maintain his loyalty to Sehyun is because he can tell SoYou is not acting genuine and he can't hurt Sehyun, but once So You falls for him and he recognizes that the brotherly feelings aren't mutual with Sehyun, all bets are off.
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