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  1. Am sorry if I have created a false impression. It wasn’t an official title; it is just one of those reputation thingy - Koreans love to call their favorite celebrities nation’s this and that. For example, Lee Seung-gi is their nation’s brother (if I am not wrong) and Park Bogum is their nation’s boyfriend and son-in-law (if I am not wrong) and so on. So, at the height of his popularity (after Secret Garden and during his military service time), he was known as the nation’s treasure. At Rampant’s movie promo interview last year, Jung Man-sik (a co-cast in the movie and his good friend and sunbaenim) when recounting an incident which almost injured Hyunbin’s eyes, said, we almost had to account to the nation for injuring our nation’s treasure Hyunbin was also hyped during his military service time as he was a Marine Officer (these go through the toughest training in military service). He was featured in documentaries cum interviews showing him in military training - these were done to promote the good image of their servicemen (I think at that time he was considered so special as most celebs didn’t really embrace tough military training then). I shall stop here haha..as a Hyunbin fan I can really go on and on about what a gem he is. And really, he is! Haha..I will just say that he is well loved by the general public in Korea and you can hardly see negative comments against him. I sometimes do see negative comments by inetz. But, this is hardly representative of the Korean public.
  2. As I have only been a fan of male actors (haha), let me explain. Fans of male actors observe this rule within the fandom - you don’t ever link your bias with a female celeb haha..so even indirect references are forbidden. This applies to both Korean and Chinese fandom. Actors’ fans guard their biases fiercely coz their biases are meant for themselves only haha..that’s why you really very seldom find shippers among them That said, as the fans are mostly women, they are also able to instinctively tell if their biases display a special liking towards another female celebrity..so, among the more rational ones, if they think that their biases might perhaps have a liking for someone, many would quietly support the pairing, though they won’t openly “ship”. Most shipper fans are fans of the female counterpart. It’s not common for actors’ fans to become shipper fans. Fans of actors usually only focus on their biases’ projects. I will also share that Hyunbin is extremely popular among the Korean public. He has even been given the title of a “National Treasure”. So you can imagine how concerned the general Korean public is regarding everything about him. Hyunbin himself is a very low key person. At an interview not too long ago (in 2017 if I remember correctly), he stated categorically that he is not into popularity and that he regularly turns down events and interviews. He prefers to be known and recognized as an actor first and foremost. That’s why when he turns up for events (for example because he’s the brand endorser or for example it’s a film festival where the movie he is acting in is featured), the reporters are all there, hungry to capture him in the news, coz it’s not easy to catch him in public news. Re shipper fans, I think Hyunbin has loads of such fans. They are mostly fans of his female counterparts in his dramas and movies first and foremost. Till today I still see references to his “woman” as Gil Ra-im , And as long as he has a loveline in the project, there will be shippers haha..I have long ceased to be bothered about them. It’s really interesting that SeGa fans are still around and he has also gained many Binshin fans So yes, there’s no need to care about the angry emotions coz they are most likely from his jealous fans or from other shipper fans. As far as I know, the Korean entertainment industry people and the Korean general public seem to be in favor of our couple.
  3. I think it may be that the landscape of Mongolia resembles that of North Korea. I also think that a large part of the drama is set in North Korea given that a big proportion of the cast is described to be North Korean characters. Re him adorning the mask, it could also be to hide his present look. When he pulled down the mask for a short moment, I could see facial hair..haha..I love sexy Hyunbin with facial hair ..(love all of such looks - in Come Rain Come Shine, Late Autumn and Confidential Assignment). Don’t know if it was because he was so busy that he didn’t have time to shave or because he’s sporting that look in this part of the drama haha (earlier sightings of him was without facial hair). But if it was because he was down with the cold.. Hope everyone in the team will stay healthy. His fans here have been so quiet haha..hope to see more interactions in the drama thread. Sharing another video clip of the Leaving for Mongolia Incheon Airport sighting.
  4. http://www.webdaily.co.kr/view.php?ud=2019091810303011165tpwebdaily_7 According to this news, Drama Crash Landing of Love is expected to be sold to Netflix. Yay!!! That means it is very likely that we can watch the drama with English subtitles within an hour from its airing in Korea, just like the case for Memories of the Alhambra. It also means that the drama is already assured of revenue from Netflix. Daebak!
  5. Me too. Seeing them, especially when they are in one frame makes me so happy Well, it’s just my surmise that many are tired of them being linked based on the negative comments that I read. I think it may not have much to do with whether they like them as a couple or not. Perhaps the denials did turn some people away..just my guess...As for me, Hyunbin’s agency has said they are close (when explaining why they were caught being together in LA) and so, I will just go on that basis..that is, no matter what, they are close friends. That itself is good enough.
  6. I know I am outnumbered here as most of you are SYJ's fans first before you are a shipper fan haha..but as a Hyunbin fan, I also want to say that if they are really together, then SYJ is also the luckiest girl haha..I have been to the fan meetings of a number of Korean celebrities; but honestly, Hyunbin really stands out in terms of his sincerity and humility. He is not a man with a lot of words but he is a man of action..you can tell the kind of person he is by his action..I also like that he is always honest and is totally unpretentious. He doesn't say things for fan service or media effect. What surprises me most about Hyunbin is that in real person, he has this adorably innocent air about him that makes him so pure haha...this is the most surprising thing about him coz he's not that young anymore and is also immensely successful. But, take it from me, the vibes he gives me makes him THE BEST among those I have seen hahaha.. I also want to share that among knetz, the tides seem to have changed. When the first and second rounds of rumours broke out, almost all comments are supportive of them. Now, some knetz seem to have grown tired of hearing about them being linked. Just the other day, one article that posted about SYJ's IG update with the caption that is worded something like, "Hyunbin's love story..SYJ uploaded a picture taken in Switzerland...". That reporter was badly lambasted for using such a misleading caption and the top comments criticising the reporter had more than 10,000 upvotes when I checked on the day the article was released. Articles with suggestive titles or captions (and there were a number after the airport sightings) all have many angry emoticons. A perusal of the comments gives me the sense that many knetz no longer like the idea of them being linked together... I have no idea if these comments come from their fans, non-fans, shipper fans of other shipper fandom or what not...Am just sharing here for your info..I think most fans of actors aren't really into shipping. While this is the case for most of Hyunbin's fans as well (I interact mostly with his Chinese fans), I believe most of us, especially the long time fans, are quietly supportive of our couple. As for me, I have never been interested in his past relationships or dating partners haha...honestly, this desire to know more about SYJ and their dating rumours/news is a first for me. Because of that, I am a lot more invested in their upcoming drama and my anticipation and excitement for the drama is at an unprecedented level. It is for this reason that I got active again in Soompi I really really hope their drama will do really well. I am so happy to have you guys to interact with when I need to feed my inner shipper heart. Thank you very very much!
  7. The uploader said, "Heol hh Do you know what? I took the same plane as Hyunbin and Son Yejin. We took the same plane to go to Mongolia!! After I got onto the plane I ordered the inflight meals. Momentarily... fainting Peacefully eating the steak..eat again... Ate two meals in the airport... Then on the plane ate again... Continuing eat and eat hh When we arrived in Mongolia as I was disembarking.... Ahead of me..Oh? Is that a celebrity? That's so... It's Hyunbin (laughing face) As soon as I got down, I searched the internet And found that they are here for the shooting of the drama CLL hh I flew here on the same plane as them hh" As for the comments, there is nothing significant. Some asked, how is the real person like etc..uploader did not reply with any specifics. She said SYJ or Hyunbin (am not sure who she was referring to, think it is likely to be Hyunbin) was wearing a mask all the time.There is no mention of them being together and things like that. Hope this helps to satisfy your curiosity
  8. Lee Sin Yeong has been confirmed as a new addition to the cast. He will play as Ri Jeong Hyeok’s most trusted subordinate in the drama. It is interesting to see that they are still adding to the cast
  9. Actually, Hyunbin too appears nervous haha..his usual airport sightings aren’t like this. He’s usually not on the phone or checking his phone. Though shy, he usually would be walking with his head up and he would be greeting fans. Two things are different about him at the airport sighting this time round - 1. He was wearing a face mask (he usually doesn’t); 2. He was head down checking or pretending to check his phone . Think he “appeared preoccupied” to avoid direct contact with the media and onlookers haha..(he too appeared nervous/shy like SYJ. He’s easily shy so it’s not surprising that he would be shy about attracting attention in this scenario). As for the mask, I saw in the video clip that he has facial hair when he pulled down the mask and oh my! He looks so sexy hahaha I love the look of Hyunbin with facial hair haha (like how he looked in Confidential Assignment and Late Autumn). So the mask could be dual purpose- partly to hide his present look, partly coz he’s shy/nervous about media attention. Syj looks so sweet and cute!!! She looks really young for her age. I watched The Last Princess just to check out some of her previous works and my! She’s is so beautiful. She has this classic and melancholic beauty about her in this movie. But in real life, (seeing her at the airport), she has this girlish charm that is so adorable. Her eye smiles make her look so cute every time she smiles. Haha..I am so in great danger of shipping this couple. HELP!!!! Haha..
  10. Haha..I really didn’t expect to be this excited about spotting the two of them leaving for Mongolia for filming, but I am!!!
  11. Uri drama couple in one frame from 2.30-3.00 Just watching this video is already so exhilarating hahaha.
  12. Hyunbin seen at Incheon on 16th afternoon leaving for Mongolia for their second overseas location filming for Crash Landing of Love. He’s seen wearing the mask - don’t think this is his usual practice. Praying for a safe trip and good health and a smooth and safe filming in Mongolia!
  13. The lead couple in Crash Landing of Love has been spotted at Incheon on 16th afternoon. They are leaving for Mongolia for their second overseas location filming. Uri black and white couple strike again - this time in the reverse black and white from script reading time. Kudos to production team/our couple for giving us so much couple feels haha..and SYJ’s cap - sorry for my fertile imagination hahaha..
  14. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000171576 According to this newsen article, CLL team left for Mongolia for overseas filming in the afternoon of 16th September (i.e today). Fans are overjoyed with this sighting In separate sightings earlier, these were spotted. There’s information that filming will continue until January 2020. As drama is expected to premiere after Melt Me, which follows after Arthdal Chronicles Season 3, the estimation is that drama will premiere on 23 November. This will mean that drama will end in January. If filming is expected to continue until January, then we are really looking at filming being in tandem with the airing of the drama. I had thought that drama would be largely pre-produced. So it doesn’t look to be the case. Praying for the cast and staff that filming will proceed smoothly and safely and everyone will be in good health throughout, especially our lead couple and all in the main cast.
  15. https://www.dramamilk.com/son-yejin-wrapped-filming-in-switzerland/ This dramamilk’s review poses new possibilities for the story behind Switzerland This has raised my anticipation for the drama haha.. I must admit that I didn’t like the drama title. But after reading this, I have changed my mind about the drama title.. “I like that name because it is easy to say and matches the ridiculousness of the drama premise which is of an heiress in South Korea crash landing in her hang glider (or something) in North Korea and then falling in love with a North Korean soldier as he hides her from the government and helps her get back to the south.” I am so excited to see Hyunbin delivering his character in a comedic way again haha - He’s done really well in such roles - cue My name is Kim Sam Soon and Secret Garden
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