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  1. When I posted my latest post before this, I thought it would be my last post here until there is further development. But after observing what has been happening on socmed over the past few days, I have decided to say my piece here as a Hyunbin-only fan. I will start by laying down some facts that deserve to be repeated in the context of this forum and in the context of what I am going to say. 1. Hyunbin and Kyo did date and based on publicly available information available, they were each other's longest love interest. With others, they were short and for Hyunbin, it did not last beyond a few months. And the rest were all rumours, all of which were denied. Re rumours, I will just put it down to the fact that both are great actors who are able to work up great chemistry with their co-leads. And you can't deny the fact that both are simply too good looking not to be shipped by their fans or fans of the other co-lead for their bias or generally, by romantics. Who wouldn't love a good romance story with the male and female protagonists who are gorgeous to boot? So, the starting point of the BinKyo ship is that this couple isn't just an imaginary couple. They were a real couple at one point in time and by all accounts, they were a loving couple when they were together. This couple also parted in loving terms with the media reporting it as, "They still love each other but because of their inability to withstand societal and external pressures, they have decided to part ways." 2. The fact is that most of the regulars here (and squirrel army) are Kyo-only fans or Hyunbin-only fans who gathered here after rumours of BinKyo reconciliation rumours broke out. It was not shipping them as a couple that brought us here. It was the rumours that brought most of us here to share our joy and our support for this beautiful couple in our common hopes that the rumours will turn out to be real. When we traced back to hunt down the possible source of origin of the rumours, we found PSM's IG post of a WW OST by Soya and with a loaded caption - a long and tiring love. Kyo was tagged and Kyo responded to that post. After she deleted the post, her IGS had a pair of lovebirds and we read that as a hint of something. Most of us did not even start our journey from the onset of rumours on Weibo but much later. As fans of Kyo and Hyunbin, why would we even dream of shipping two people who were each other's ex? Why would we fans of our bias revisit their past (mind you, this is their real past) and ship him/her with someone whom he/she has broken up with? True fans will never do that. 3. I need also to highlight that in our "shipping" journey up to their official statements after the 2nd deluge, we put together what we perceived to be hints dropped by our protagonists themselves and their squad. Our main motivation is to test and see how true the rumours are and to do a reality test on the prospect of our once real ship sailing for real once again. We did not use drama BTS, drama promotion, drama promotion interviews, their interactions in public events (for Binkyo this was non-existent other than WW-related events). When looking at the hints, we were careful to test their veracity. We checked timelines, threw out hints that are too far-fetched or tenuous. It was through this process that kept our Binkyo hopes alive. Yes, perhaps in our zealousness, we might have been too imaginative or might have read to much into things. The crumbs we threw out for the rabbit hole don't count hehe. So yes, we did try our best not to force things or create our own fiction. Against these facts, it was of course not surprising that when the official statements came, most of us naturally stopped our quest as we respect their privacy and their official position. We do so because we all genuinely love them individually. So it came as a big surprise to me to find that after the denials to the 2nd deluge of rumours came, instead of feeling more secure of their situation and going to town about it, others became even more threatened. The most unpleasant thing is to see them going to Hyunbin's agency to bash Kyo and to make all kinds of allegations against her. The statements were meant to delink Bin and Kyo, why go to Bin's place to bash Kyo? Why take things outside of shipping forums and link them again in their official sites? Do you not have any respect for Hyunbin's statement? What is the motivation? I can't fathom. And such behaviours is not only disturbing Bin's peace, it is also destroying his reputation among the people in his agency. It is something I cannot comprehend at all, to say the least. Poor Binnie is busy filming his movie in Jordan and he is being hounded by hate speech against Kyo in his own backyard. How pitiful! Since there have been allegations against Kyo for buying hot searches on Weibo and since I also know a little about how hot searches on Weibo work, let me say that the allegation is ridiculous to say the least. Hot searches only work on scandalous or gossip materials because it is human instincts to crave for gossip and only gossip materials will gain a lot of traffic which makes for good marketing platforms. Against this background, you can imagine that hot searches on scandalous materials are never bought by the protagonists themselves because why would a normal person buy hot search on scandalous materials on himself/herself? So yes, you can buy hot searches but they are usually bought by rival camps, or people out to harm the protagonists or generally by marketeers hoping to earn a quick buck on high traffic for gossip materials. The other type of "hot searches" is more appropriately termed as noise marketing - this type is used to promote an awareness for an upcoming project etc - and this type would use harmless suggestion type of materials that would arouse people's interests or curiosity in a bid to promote an awareness related to the project. Certainly, the Binkyo materials on Weibo are not this type of pure suggestive type of marketing materials. They are materials intentionally distorted from bits of unconnected facts to make into juicy gossip materials. So yes, why would Kyo buy hot searches on BinKyo gossip?(unless both are going to be in a project together, which I am sure all of us here are super game for hahaha!!!). But most importantly, people who think that she needs to buy hot searches to link her name to Hyunbin - please know this fact. Kyo is more famous than Hyunbin in China. She is the Hallyu Star that President Moon brings along when he attends Hallyu or showbiz functions or events in China or with Chinese counterparts. Kyo's name is the very reason why DOTS is a joint China-Korean high budget pre-produced production. Because it is Kyo, all her news always come up in hot searches. This is the case not only in China but also SK. Just look at how their Binkyo reconciliation rumours trended in SK! It is because of their combined power. So, was the trending searches in SK also bought? Just because her name (and often, Binnie's too) often trends (even for simply liking an IG post etc) doesn't mean anything other than JUST THIS - HER NAME TRENDS. That fact that BinKyo reconciliation rumours became hot search in China, SK and other places speaks for itself. Therefore, before you make nonsensical allegations, please check your facts. His fans from his fandom and all his shipper fandoms - please stop bashing Kyo. Please stop bringing disturbance to poor Binnie who is right now working hard in Jordan for his movie. Both of them do not deserve to be subjected to such mistreatment by his fandom. Please devote your time and energy to love your bias instead of bashing other celebrities and their fans. Bashing them won't change the present reality. Bashing them will also not aid in the future of your ship. So one last thing, PEACE and VAMOOSE!
  2. As I have said before, I came here only because of the reconciliation rumors that sprang out of nowhere and that met with radio silence. I have also said that if there is any statement contradicting the rumors, I will stop. So yes, it’s time for closure. I am happy that the reconciliation rumors gave me a chance to learn more about Kyo. I now have a greater appreciation of her strengths and I wish all the best for her. More importantly I have had a chance to interact with a group of Kyo’s and Binnie’s fans who are passionate, witty people with a great sense of humor. Reading the posts here has given me so much fun and enjoyment. So yes, no regrets. It was good that they ignored the rumors at first even though they were groundless coz had they denied earlier I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet some of the most fun and knowledgeable fans in squirrel army. Will continue to support Kyo and ofc my long time stan Binnie. Till we chat here again if the opportunity arises in the future, God bless.
  3. Yes the dog in Kyo’s post looked old (and sad - I was heartbroken when I saw the dog). By the way, in case some are not aware, Binnie is a dog lover. Regarding hands, Binnie once said in a 2009 interview that he regards a woman’s hands as the most important (when he was asked about the attributes he looks for in a woman.) I think this could also be because his mother is a sculptor. Since knowing more about Kyo, I can really see why they connect. Kyo is artistic - loves art, doing things with her hands etc, and he is artistic too, though he wouldn’t admit it but he did calligraphy from young and has accompanied his mom to exhibitions etc..
  4. Since people associate me as a Hyunbin-only fan, and since there have been questions/allegations about my allegiance, after some consideration, I think it’s best that I stand up to scrutiny and give some explanation as to why I have appeared here. First let me get this out of the way. I am and I remain a Hyunbin-only fan. As a Hyunbin-only fan, I support him in all of his projects and though he does not want his fans to focus on his personal life and choices, it does not mean that I won’t bother about them. But it is true that I should not speculate and should not impose my personal views about his private life and choices. Therefore I don’t question. But where I see signs then I will show my support until the official position goes the opposite way. When that happens, I will definitely not continue in this direction and will respect his choices and official position. So as for why I am here, it is because he has said things about Kyo that shows me she has a different place in his life, albeit they were said in the past but the fact is that he has not said anything else to replace what he has said or change his position about her. I am a fan who has read almost all of his interviews that I can get hold of and watched anything that features him that is available out there. And the conclusion I can make up to this point in time is that he has not said so many things about any other lady in his life as he has said about Kyo. For an introverted man of few words, this speaks volumes. So, let’s see what he has said about Kyo. Won’t do a comparison with what he has said about others coz this is not a competition. I will just let the facts speak for itself. Re Kyo and her influence on his acting I have learned a lot from her. For example, I have learned to focus on showing through my eyes. I put that into practice in FoL and showed my emotions through my eyes without words (Me: So his gaze and eye acting which he has received much praise for - he had at one point attributed it to Kyo). Re Kyo as his confidante i feel very comfortable to share about things with her. I have difficulty opening up to others but with her, I can share freely about anything such as my inner thoughts. Re Kyo as a friend She makes me laugh a lot. She is a happy person. Re his attraction to her as a woman She is chic and cute. She has a sophisticated sense of dressing. She is like a baby. Everything about her is beautiful (this one (if I remember correctly) was said when he was asked at the Aritaum/Laneige CF and he sang the CF song “Beautiful” together with two others. Though it is CF related, he used it to show his appreciation for her inner beauty from his perspective.) Re Kyo as a person She is sensible and has a good sense. I have not seen/read about him talk like this about any other after the BinKyo 1.0 period. Though I became a fan only from SeGa days, I have dugged up every interview/everything I can find about him. His Chinese fans have a very comprehensive record (in those days it was Tieba and the resources are still kept by his long time fans from MNIKSS days and when he gained many many new fans after MotA they were all dredged up and shared with his new fans - though the BinKyo stuffs were no longer there because of their status then. So his new fans have not seen that much info from that period. Since it is past, why am I here? I am here because despite the following, he has not released any official statement to correct the impression I am getting from certain signs: 1. Sudden avalance of reconciliation rumors in China and all over Asia - though most if not all of the gossip articles are no longer available. 2. Radio silence about the rumors. Would have been less stark if not for the fact that this radio silence is contrasted with active denials on another front. 3. After avalanche I think back to these connections: a. I saw his interactions with Ellen Park at Belma’s wedding on 7 July last year. @fragola also shed some insightful perspective about the significance of his actions and that further reinforced the impression of how important Kyo is to him, even if it is as a friend. Then again, as it was just shared - is it possible for two lovers to become just platonic friends? b. Kyo’s CFs being featured in his latest drama along the likes of his BFF JDG’s CFs etc - again, is it just a friend supporting an old time friend? Perhaps. 5. I have always wondered if theirs was just a breakup in 2011 March and no more or there was more than meets the eye because of the various coincidences some of which are uncanny if they were just coincidences. The most important coincidence is his Reply MV (the details including timing of filming and how it is reflected on VAST’s sns platforms make this coincidence even more uncanny). 6. And all of these pieces that I have collected due to my nosiness since the avalanche: a. Park Solmi’s OST IG post and Kyo’s reaction to it. Btw PSM’s husband Han Jae Suk (hope I rem his name right) is Binnie’s friend. b. The appearance of a dog in Kyo’s life that she looks after herself c. Kyo’s liking of a IG posts about squirrels d. Baccarat gift for Belma (hhhh.. I can’t divulge the connecting dots for this one) e. Quite a few other coincidences that are shared in the club, including Kyo’s activities on IG etc. So yes, all of these led me to show my support here but this doesn’t mean I have turned into a BinKyo shipper. I have shared with club members that I don’t consider this as shipping as shipping is about an imaginary couple but ours was once a real couple and perhaps one that lasted longer than what it was made out to be. If this fiction in my head is true, then what has happened is that they both took a detour for whatever reason and now if the rumors that they are back together is true, then this is something that is really precious and should be protected. Both were not known to be in any other public relationship since their breakup except for that detour. And the support is all the more needed because that detour might have changed the public perception somewhat and finding ready support from the public isn’t going to be that easy. So yes, that’s why I am here to show support. And I am doing this solely because I am and still remain a Hyunbin-only fan. I will show my love and support to whoever he loves. But if the perception of BinKyo 2.0 is not correct, I will definitely stop, but because I have learned more about Kyo in the process, she will remain dear to me. Haha..sorry for my long-windedness. I toggle between being long winded and being nonsensical haha.. Cheers
  5. Binnie’s new CF. He has aged, now moving into health products They both have the same fashion sense when it comes to bracelets And it’s not Kyo. Don’t blame her. Only she will amuse him
  6. Re the question about the dog. The dog in Kyo’s IG in Dec appears to be a Basset Hound (perhaps not pure breed). The puppy that Binnie bought for her in that pic has the same brown fur as the dog in Kyo’s IG in Dec (but coz I can’t see the front, it’s hard to confirm if it’s the same dog.
  7. Since I have already put out the teaser, here’s find Wally. Courtesy of Chinese detectives. Her : I see 2011, 2015 Him : I see 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2017. Connect the wristband/bracelet dots and you may get a different picture from what is out there. .
  8. Hating people is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat. Henry Emerson Fosdick While thinking about what it is that motivates uninvolved outsiders to have so much hate against a celebrity just because the possibility of her for him goes against their own fantasy, this suddenly occurred to me. If it is completely baseless to be linked to an ex who is no better than your next door neighbor Mr Kim, and you are being bashed in your friends’ IG and on SNS, why would you not speak up against it? If it were me, I would definitely find an excuse (plant a reporter to query me about it) to issue a statement and get rid of the nuisance of being bashed. So yes, the radio silence from her seems to ring louder than the radio silence from him. @arabella haha..Chingu, is that your new account? haha..it’s not just a web of connections - past and present. No, bodyguards are not included as connections coz if so, then IU would be linked to him and LMH would be linked to her Okay, yes, it’s not just a web of friendships that link them. More importantly, they are linked by tacky bracelets and wristbands.
  9. Temporarily un-lurk to post my translation of excerpts of his interview article featured in the Japanese magazine "Weekly Asahi" that was published in the issue released on 15th of July. My translation is from the Chinese translation by 菜鸟木子妈. I am too lazy to translate the whole article (it has repetitive stuffs about what he has said about the fear of losing popularity etc - so I don’t think it is necessary for me to repeat those. I will just give you the gist of one important part - he is not affected by his popularity at all. Neither is he afraid of losing it. He said he returns to himself immediately after his work. While he has learned to savour the popularity (he put his ability to enjoy it down to age and maturity), he remains very much himself. As with all of his interviews, they are always focused on his projects and the characters of his projects. Interestingly, although the interview arose out of the Hyunbin-madness syndrome in Japan after Crash Landing on You, Hyunbin himself did not mention that drama or his character in that drama at all. The questions and his response were focused on his dramas My Name is Kim Sam Soon (MNIKSS) and Secret Garden and the similarities he has with the characters in there. The only mention of his latest drama is by the reporter Hayasirumi herself/himself (at the end of the interview and report of interview) wherein reporter remarked that the female character in CLOY is like the strong female predecessors of MNIKSS and SeGa. Reporter: I am afraid that until now, when he is asked the same question, he will always have the same answer. Although he is not as arrogant as the rich second generation chaebol that he plays in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (MNIKSS), they also have something in common. Hyunbin: I think the way we are calm and composed when handling things is similar. I do the same, clearly deciding what it is, so what I say it is, it is. I will not be ambiguous." Reporter: There is often a quiet air about him. He doesn’t usually talk much. Hyunbin: When I am interacting with people at work, I prefer to listen than talk. When I am with friends, it seems that I am also a listener." (Me: At his 2015 HIS*TORY fan meeting in Seoul, his staff put up a skit about how frustrated they are with his monosyllabic answers to their questions haha) Reporter: The heroine of "MNIKSS" is 30 years old, a cake chef with no money and low education. This is a breakthrough heroine image never seen in a Korean TV series 15 years ago. And the fact that a second generation rich chaebol is attracted by such a character is one of the highlights of the TV series, and Hyunbin himself has also expressed his love for Samsoon. Hyunbin: (Samsoon) is passionate about work, and goes all out in love and work." Reporter: However, the setting of the chaebol being emotionally shaken and torn between Samsoon and his former lover - that part seems to be somewhat ethically incompatible. Hyunbin: As for me, I will only choose the one I love. Reporter: At that time, in the very popular "Secret Garden" in South Korea, he played the super willful second generation chaebol again. Although people initially worried about the overlap between his character in there with his character in MNIKSS, Hyunbin’s acting was again highly praised as he shaped and displayed a completely different character. Not only is his acting excellent, the director also praised him for his meticulous and hard work in portraying the role. Although his character in there is considered to be a character that is not very similar to himself, he himself says that they have something in common. Hyunbin: I think I'm quite willful or stubborn (like Kim Joo Won). For example, if I want to do something, I must realize it. When it comes to work, I will also always go by my first choice according to my mood. Even if the people around me persuade me and say, “Isn’t it bad to do this?", I won’t listen. From this point of view, I am quite individualistic and willful/stubborn. In addition, if there is something I want, I must get it, come what may. In this way, I am quite similar to my character in Secret Garden.” Reporter: The same is true for "My name is Kim Sam Soon" - in the works selected by Hyunbin, most of the heroines are women with equal standing as the male character and they all have a strong personality. Hyunbin: “They are full of enthusiasm for work and love, and they are very charming people, but I am attracted by their optimistic attitude to overcome adversity. I like women who are happy in work and love." Reporter: He has appeared in various roles so far, but when asked which role is closest to himself (his real personality), he couldn't answer. Hyunbin: It's difficult to answer this question. No character is completely different from myself. My behavior, my inner traits, these things will, more or less, be projected onto the characters that I play." Reporter: He always seems calm and composed, but he said he is not like that. Hyunbin: “I have a pre-challenge panic disorder. The worst thing for me is to go for an audition. It's already very hard when I stand at the starting line of the 100-meter run (laughs)." (Me: Reading this part in Chinese gives me the impression that he is referring to him having a panic attack when he faces a clear challenge ahead.) PS: The “Reporter” part is basically the reporter’s writing in prose, and not reported in a question format. The “Hyunbin” part is his response reported in first person. The comments in brackets with Me are my personal comments. The link for magazine cover is here. https://dot.asahi.com/print_image/index.html?photo=2020071500076_1
  10. He has no SNS account on IG, FB, or Twitter. There’s only his agency’s VAST’s accounts on IG and Twitter. The only sns account maintained in his personal name is his weibo account.
  11. Seeing some stuffs has made me come out of the woodwork. Let me show you what I want to say by a round of conversations. Shipper: (goes to K's/K's friend's/Vast's SNS to bash K) Me: Why are you doing that? Shipper: Because of the reconciliation rumors. Me: What about the reconciliation rumours? Shipper: Because the rumours aren't true. They can't be true. Me: Oh they aren't true? Then why do you need to do what you do? K is not involved. The rumours aren't true anyway. So, why bash her? Why waste your precious time? For all you know, B might be merrily having a great time with xxx whom some of you say he is in an open relationship with that the whole of Korea knows about. Shipper: Because the rumours just might be true. Me: So what if it is true? Shipper: No, I will only let B have xxx. Me: Are you B's mom, aunt, sister? Even if you are, does B have to listen to you, if he does not want to? How are you so sure that xxx wants to have B? If you like a boy, can you force him to like you? But this is worse. You are forcing someone to like a specific someone else?! Go write your romance novel where you can have total control over how you want to pair up your characters in romance. By the way, Soompi Shippers Paradise is described as a place for imaginary couples. So, we can ship all we want about our imaginary couples in our imaginary land. But please keep it in your imaginary land. Don't take it out into the real world to hurt real people who have their real relationships with real people that you don't know anything about. This applies to all of us.
  12. Ah I see I see! Thank you so much for correcting me. I am amazed by all your detective skills! My misinfo was based on a google search for the pic and the google search turned up that result. My apologies! (Oh since I am online here again, I want to share one piece of info re the grocery sightings in LA. Writer Park Ji Eun lives in the US. Casting news came out in early March, less than two months later. Therefore, it is most likely that he was there to discuss drama with Writer and again VAST's statement that there were other people with them is not untrue.)
  13. This is purely for fun! A Tale of Two Ships Ship 1 Fans: Wow..this ship is beautiful. We want to board and sail in it! Captain: This ship will not set sail. Fans: Still, let us board and let us sail. Captain: Alright, just board and look at how magnificently built it is, but I am telling you, ship will not set sail. Fans (including myself): (went on board the ship). Wow..this ship is indeed beautiful! Please set sail! Please set sail! (Continue pestering) Captain: (Takes down one mast). I disembarked from ship. Fans: Please set sail, please set sail! (Continue pestering) Captain: (Takes down the other mast). See, the ship can't sail, even if you want it to. Fans: No, it can! It can! By the power of us, it can! Captain: (Sends the ship for dry docking). Fans: Aaww..the ship is so beautiful...It can and will sail, by the power of fans, we say it can and it will! Ship 2 Gossip Media: News today. Fans and netizens have spotted the ship out in the deep ocean. Fans: What??! Really? Who are these "fans" and "netizens"? How is it that we are not aware of the existence of the ship? Gossip Media: (Okay, let's send these fans some evidence that the ship is out in the deep ocean. )(Sends out (i) pic of co-Captain wearing an unidentified necklace; (ii) pic of the scenery of Captain at sail) Fans: These evidence aren't persuasive that ship exists and ship has sailed. Let's look for more solid evidence. (Search for possible sightings of ship). (Found evidence of Chief Mate PSM blowing the horn to signal that the ship was setting sail. At that time, there were unidentifiable persons on board which Gossip Media have termed as "fans and netizens". Fans: It might be true that ship exists and has set sail. Please, we want to board and sail with ship! Pretty please? Captain: Ship is out in the deep blue. You can't board. Fans: Then, at the very least, please show us if and how the ship is sailing! Pretty please! Captain: (Gives a pic of young Captain at the time when his previous ship was sailing to legit media). There! Are you happy to know that the ship might really exist and might really be sailing on its own? Hope you guys don't mind my nonsense hahahha With this, let me introduce myself. First off, I am a (long-time) Hyunbin-only fan from SeGa days. I was not a SeGa shipper during SeGa days as I knew he was with Kyo and I didn't see it right to disrespect that. I am still not a shipper and if I do occasionally entertain the thought of shipping any lady with him, it is usually short-lived and never serious. For example, I did entertain the thought of drama pairing since he is single and there were dating rumours whirling around but when a firm denial came mid drama, I stopped entertaining any shipping thoughts. With that intro out of the way, let me share with you my "BinKyo" journey up to this point. As a SeGa Hyunbin fan, I naturally did not have much knowledge about them, other than the bits and pieces of info from his past interviews. From what I read, I gathered he was much in love with her. These are some of the things he has said: (i) Everything about her is beautiful. (ii) We can talk to each other about all sorts of things. I feel that I can share about things freely with her. (iii) "Yes, she is my ideal" (At press conference of Come Rain, Come Shine less than 2 months from his military enlistment) (iv) "Yes, I have a girlfriend" (At Taxi just before he enlisted in the army) (v) When asked which of the three - Love, Career, Honour he would choose as his priority, he said Love (He said people work in order to provide for and protect their love; (can't remember how he answered about love vs honour haha)). (vi) He talked about getting married at age 34; the kind of father he wants to be (let the son smoke in front of him if he wants to smoke; be a friend to his son without the generational gap type of father; wear matching clothes with his son); he dreams of a wife whom he can see within sight when he is at home, etc, etc (various interviews including one Ceci Interview in 2009). Mind you, he has never talked about marriage or about love after that period. In his Esquire interview in 2019, because the interviewer had interviewed him in 2009 and asked him what he thought the Hyunbin 10 years down the road would be like and he said he imagined that 38 year old Hyunbin would be married and would be a more solid actor, he was asked at the Esquire interview, so, how accurate were you about the present you 10 years ago. He laughed. "I was only half correct. Because I am still unmarried." Shortly into my fangirling journey, they broke up and I was heartbroken for him. The memory of him wiping away his tears after bowing to fans is still vivid in my memory (when the news broke the next day, I linked two and two together and saw the tears as his "hurt" and "pain"). Because of that, I was put off WW. So I back-watched all of his dramas except WW. To be honest, I only started watching WW after the end of MotA. MotA got me back into crazy fangirling mode and so, while waiting for his latest drama, I watched WW and boy, I became hooked! I rewatched it twice more and would still occasionally watch parts of the drama here and there. As I had watched WW before the latest drama, I could see the difference very very clearly. Don't even talk about the BTS/NGs. Now, why am I here to put up this post? Let me say I really don't know what is going on. What I do know is what he has said in the past. What I can speculate is that they are not on non-talking terms (haha..what a roundabout way of saying things. I just want to be careful with my words.). Why do I say that? 1. I see a Hyunbin who was comfortable and very familiar with her personal manager last July. 2. I see that her endorsements graced the sponsorship of his latest drama, together with the likes of the main casts' and his BFF JDG's (JDG's Crown Goose etc). This shows me that there is support from her for his drama. But, of course, one can argue that this has nothing to do with her. The brand owners saw a good potential in the drama to promote their brands and decided based on that. While this is certainly logical, I do find the coincidence a bit questionable. These two facts are bolstered with other "coincidences" such as Chief Mate PSM's OST IG post with cryptic caption and the latest pic sent by uri Captain to Japan Weekly. I also ask myself, is it possible for past lovers to become just "platonic" friends (am assuming they are at least on talking terms)? I don't know enough about celebs and people in the entertainment industry, but my logic tells me that this is illogical (pardon the oxymoron haha). Alas, the most blatant piece would be the radio silence. The 4th and 5th denials for drama pairing originated from outside of SK too. The 4th denial was for the wedding after end of drama rumor - it was reported in the reports I read on never that it came from outside of SK (my own gut feeling tells me it came from the Philippines) and the reporters asked VAST to verify the rumours. VAST issued a straight up denial with a threat to institute legal action against the spread of malicious rumours. The 5th denial is for the ridiculous "holding of hands under the table" rumor - this rumor isn't even anything serious. I would imagine a simple denial saying no, they were not holding hands and they are professional artistes bla bra will do. But no, it was a resounding denial - "Although it is understandable that many people would like them together because of the drama, the fact is they are not dating and have never dated in the past." There was one report that even reported, "A close aide of Hyunbin told the reporter that Hyunbin is flustered over being hounded by this dating rumor". At that time, there were comments from Kentz that went like this, "he must have a gf in rl for him to issue such a strong statement like that" hahaha (it is only now that I wonder about the wisdom of such comments haha). So yes, the upshot is that I am seeing radio silence vs clear denial statements. I am puzzled why no nosy reporter went to VAST to ask about ? rumor. Is it because the gossip media couched it as "fans and netizens believe they are back together."? This thing about speculations from netizens, I monitor his news on Weibo and I did not see any speculations about them lols! If there were any speculations, they were all about the drama couple lols! Taiwan media and other Chinese gossip media were endless about the drama couple. This thing came as a thunderbolt out of the blue on 19 May (if I remember correctly, this is the date of the avalanche on Weibo haha). And most of these gossip posts by Chinese bloggers, had this ending question, between the ex and the dating scandal gf, ? do you prefer for Hyunbin? When I first read these, I dismissed the rumours as nonsensical and was half wondering if the "rumours" arose out of some media play tactics by either camps etc. Then came Baeksang. Baeksang piqued my curiosity and I started lurking here after that. Back to my position. I don't know what the real score is. But if this is real, I want to voice my support over here. As a Hyunbin fan and as a hopeless romantic, I will unconditionally support this. The sighting pics of a lonely and sad-looking Hyunbin at camp for his military training on that certain day in 2017 still brings tears to my eyes every time I see them. And the Reply MV featuring him that was released shortly after that certain day in 2017 - I imagine it might have something to do with that certain day and it makes me feel so sad for him. (Caveat : This is only my own imagination coz I have always imagined that Kim Dong Ryul wrote the song for him. MV was published in January 2018.) The translated lyrics : Sorry for being too late You know that I'm slow to understand reading several times over Still I can't believe what I just read The questions that I don't know their answers 'I should make her smile tomorrow.' I thought. Looking back, that time You fell over yourself I didn't know that and acted so immature You must've thought I am so silly "We'll get something nice to eat Or maybe watch a movie tomorrow." I said that time. If only I could go back in time, I would've held you so tight Though there are so many words I want to say For just a moment If only I could go back in time, Would I be better than before? I want to tell you something that sounds right But I just didn't think it was a good time Sorry for taking so long. It won't change anything Even if I send it to you You probably don't remember me anymore Maybe you won't read it at all I have kept silent for far too long If only I could go back in time, I would not have missed every chance Actually I still don't know the answers But I won't say sorry Because I thought, if I did, everything might be over I thought there was nothing left for me to do I thought maybe I would find the answers tomorrow I defer and defer and defer I love you It might be not enough and it might be no good for now These are my last words that want you to know Love you, I do https://lyricstranslate.com And the climax - I love you....that always brings tears to my eyes. It is just too sad. Okay, this concludes my longwinded post which is intended just to say I WILL UNCONDITIONALLY SUPPORT (IF THIS IS TRUE)!!! (PS: Re his consistent behaviour in the past - he has no qualms admitting his official position. The dating news with KSR was released on 15 December 2016, one day before his press conference for Confidential Assignment on 16 December 2016. So yes, as his fan, I will always fall back on the Hyunbin he has shown me all these years.) (Anor PS: Re his old Weibo profile pic which one of you said was also given to a publication in the Philippines, that was one of a series of pics taken for his International BNT World January 2019 photoshoot. Not that far back. I googled and saw that BNT Intl is based in the UK. - so it seems that he might have gone there after that grocery sighting in LA and if so, then VAST's statement that he was overseas for official business isn't untrue.) I will go back to lurking. I want to thank all of you here for all the crumbs! I have had so much fun reading your posts.
  14. My dear Chingu-deul, since I have been tagged, I feel compelled to come in here to state my position on this matter. My apologies in advance if what I am going to say may hurt your feelings. Those of you who have interacted with me over here when I was participating in the discussion would know that I have left this thread midway through CLOY’s airing. This was after Hyunbin’s agency issued a denial statement and even a warning of legal action against rumor mongering midway through the drama’s airing. In my last post here, I did state this clearly. Thereafter, after CLOY ended and after the wrap up party (one or two days after if I remember correctly), because of an edited BTS photo being circulated, another round of rumors was generated. This time, his agency issued another statement with a categorical denial. A close aide of his also stated this to reporters: “Since morning he’s been hounded by dating rumors. He’s frustrated that these rumors keep popping up. It is understandable that many people want them to date after seeing their great chemistry in the drama, but the fact is that they are not in a romantic relationship. They were never in a romantic relationship in the past and neither are they in the present.” As a fan of Hyun Bin, I care about his feelings. I want to take what he has stated in his response about this matter at face value and trust and believe in what he has said. I have chosen not to post about my position or my translation of these denial news (especially over here) because of my regard for your feelings. A number of you have also DMed me and to those whom I have not responded to, this post explains why I don’t want to discuss this matter any further. If you have read all my previous posts, you would also know that I was very supportive of Binjin shipping. And I am not against Binjin shipping at all. However as I am only a Hyunbin fan, I care about what he has stated as his official position and I respect his position and privacy. I also don’t want to engage in speculations. As such, I no longer want to be involved in Binjin shipping. Because of that, I request that you don’t circulate my tweets about Hyunbin in here. I do not want anything I do to contribute to further speculations and the possibility of more rumors; all resulting in more trouble for Hyunbin. In any event, the tweet thread of my translation of his interview article that was shared here by @cloyfan is, as far as I am concerned, not relevant to Binjin at all. If you are interested to find out more about Hyunbin, you may follow my Twitter account Please note that that is not a fan account and I use it to tweet about other stuffs too. In fact, my fangirling of Hyunbin has been kept strictly to interactions with his Chinese fans (that was where I started anyway) and though I have had my Twitter account for more than 4 years alr, I have only started to use it to tweet about him recently. For your info, as a matter of culture, Chinese fans of actors are strongly against shipping of drama couples and I have had first hand negative experiences from my Binjin supporting Thank you for reading! And thank you in advance for respecting my wishes. And please DO NOT LIKE/RESPOND to or QUOTE my past posts anymore haha - coz the notifications keep reminding me of my regretful actions in the past. I wish you all more happiness in your Binjin shipping (please do so respectfully). Thank you and I’ll see some of you in other Soompi threads again sometime! Goodbye!
  15. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/076/0003544817 (21 Mar 2020) On Sports Chosun’s 30th anniversary, the opinions of practitioners & experts were collected through questionnaires to select "capable artistes in various fields such as film, TV drama, radio, variety & music". In terms of film, drama and entertainment, 47 companies related to movies and 41 companies related to dramas and entertainment programs were selected to vote for three artistes each. In the drama category, HyunBin is at no.3 with 7 votes together with Jeon Ji Hyeon and Gong Hyo Jin. Kim Soo Hyun is at no.1 and Park Seo Jun is at no.2. “Hyun Bin, who has been in his 17th year, is expected to continue to lead in the K-drama scene for a long time to come. Hyun Bin, who evidently reinstated his value with Crash Landing on You, is still considered a talent with perfect looks and acting skills. On Hyun Bin, experts explained his strengths as his ability to digest the character so perfectly that the actor himself appears to be the character in the drama and he has a good look that fits any role well."
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