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  1. We all got all caught up in ZY being strong and domineering that we also forgot she’s a girl. After LCL and ZY got together, her character got toned down to as someone in love that I thought she wasn’t the girl I liked because I always hated it when they portrayed female characters like that, but I guess, after all she is a female and kind-hearted like how BL put it. I also understand how the North Sect leader felt when he thought she wasn’t the LZY he knew. I felt like that too...but in a way, I liked how she put it when JW said she’s his. She said something along the line that’s she’s not his nor MQ but to herself. Correct me if I’m wrong?! LOL..my Chinese is still limited.
  2. @ilovetea: He played JW very well. He said that he’s willing to help not because he (LCL) begged him but because he likes her. That touched my heart! Especially when he actually took out his heart to cure her. It’s ironic how before all that happened ZY wanted him to prove that he loves her by showing her his heart and now he LITERALLY took out his heart. It was a good episode ( sorry to those who didn’t like it). I stopped having google translate the novel for me because I didn’t want to correctly put everything in good English. It was too much work.
  3. @usagi1997: I can understand but can’t speak it anymore. At least we know some or enough to understand. Asian language is hard because we have so many tones. Sigh. @Cindy Ngo: Viki got the license to sub it but it says coming soon. When? I’m not sure but hopefully someone will sub it if Viki decided to run it after it finished airing. But like we were discussing, it look like it prowont get sub until NYMY is done.
  4. @usagi1997: true, people probably will show up after NTMY. I watch trailer for NYMY and I liked it but somehow, I haven’t started it yet. Probably because Destiny Lover got my interest first. Maybe I’ll watch it simultaneously. I learned Mandarin years ago but it’s limited, at least watching cdrama is keeping it intact for me. Just can’t really understand those proverbs, etc. At least it’s enough for me to understand. I see Viki got the license for it. Hoping to see it soon in eng subs!!
  5. How come there aren’t a lot of people following this? OMG!! This drama got me laughing so hard!!
  6. If I remember correctly, when MQ enter Qi Zhi Di, the person he asked for the direction to the shop was the old man. As soon as MQ left, he turned back to look at him as if he’s familiar. So in the novel, he’s immortal but in the drama, he’s in Qi Zhi Di, he’s not immortal? Another question, Zhao Yao said people who experienced near death can enter the place, but are those people living in there, are they dead? Like some weren’t dead but got used to it and stayed there, are they dead then? Or what are they then?
  7. How can they cut that scene and have it in the ending credit? LOL...postproduction is not good. Even the flashback when she comes out of the tree, it’s daylight when it’s supposed to be dark. Another when they come out of the tree at Sima Ring place, there was no CGI. I thought producer are supposed to overlook the editing as well?
  8. I have a question: what the shop owner say what happens when she explodes for the 5th time? I love the main leads courting but I”’ sad about the departure of Ling Cang and Zhi Yan. Feel so bad for her...love him but can’t be together. Sigh. It was doomed from the day his father killed her father, although he was controlled but there’s no turning back...I guess.
  9. I squeal so hard watching the previews. Today’s episodes were disappointing. One question is: how did everyone know about QQX taking ZY body and the ice cave? ZY hasn’t told MQ about it yet...
  10. You guys are lucky.. I’m waiting for mine. Usually around this time, it’s iploaded on another Chinese site but it’s not up yet. YouTube has been 2 hours late in uploading new episodes doesn’t it seem like in this drama, every characters are devoted lovers? LCL to ZY, SMR to whatever her name is again, the south leader to that sect girl, QZY to CL, etc. cute though...
  11. My thoughts exactly!! I read the book for TMOPB and it was confusing but the drama was able to placed it so well.
  12. How come it seems like QQX is easily smitten? LOL.. don’t get me wrong, I do ship him and SQ but I feel kind of sad too hoping for more MQ and ZY scene next week.
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