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  1. I forever will miss Cha Si An bright and shiny smile. Ive been One's fan since show me the money. He always have nice smile but in HPL he shine best. jae Wooonnnnnnn i will always root for you...
  2. Now, all i want is to celebrate my birthday with Cha Si An too.
  3. Sian really knows everything if he know deokmi is sinagil. He trully an angel.. with a beautiful smile. Sigh i can never look at One the same way. This is perfect character for him.
  4. I just cannot stop blushing.. i feel like an 15 years old teenager sneaking around instead a middle age woman.. encounter effect i say
  5. No wonder they need a break to prefected the kiss.. worth waiting for
  6. Omgggggggggg im screaming in my head while grining like a goof.. the long kiss makes me blush and the balcony scene.. no paparazi in Cuba. God bless Cuba
  7. I was also thinking. The ex husband for sure witness the whole thing. Why he was there anyway? Thqt was his purpose
  8. No matter how great WS as a guy 0r how much he seems to love SH, they will never be happy together especially with his mom around. Im sure SH suffered a lot as a wife & DIL in that house hold. Remember MJ said they thought everything will be okay after WS's father died. N how his mom keep on saying she need to be the obedient wife again. Thats not a life any woman want. WSs mom commenting on her handbag previously shows a glimpse of how horrifying their marriage life was
  9. I havent watch it yet but i read drama milk recaps. I think Team leader yang is married to team leader Choi. Hence why she slapped him. Hence why he asked what is SY to her previously. And when she said he reminded or her brother. He already know about him. And when he said to IW that she is not just another woman. She is SK.
  10. I come to a phase to accept all the ending is given. I do hope for more explaination. What had happened? In that year.. but maybe the PD think what ever happened the audience want them back. Im sure the subs would be similar to the lovely live recaps already. Im humbly satisfied ( the new me, post what had happened with one hundred million stars from the sky)
  11. Im so scared.. please no more angst. Just focus beating in woo and his gangster only
  12. Oh no... i dont understand the preview. I hope Jang 선생님 dont ask her to break up with Seo yeon sshi. Pleaseeee .. wait Is what jang said sy is not well right now because of yeorum... haihhh i need to focus more in my korean class
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