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  1. Hmm the tVN now blocks its videos from my country. I cannot load the clips from its channel anymore. Anyone is in the same situation?
  2. Furthermore, I have a theory that Jang Hwa Sa (in HY body) actually did not kill Mr. Ma. Hopefully, there was a hidden cut serving for later purpose and it will be revealed after HY takes back her body. There must be twist(s) somewhere, at least that thinking gives me hope. The act of carelessly killing someone can't be acceptable for Jang Hwa Sa. (I hated that scene, sloppily directed too). Even though it's not relatively attention-catching, and sometimes it looks weird, I still want to sit tight and see things go on. Let's see.
  3. I just finished binge watching the show. Well, this is when the bias heavily lies on. There is too much confusion in every detail of each scene. Not to mention that, the directing is a tad strange from episode to episode (or maybe the script writer). And to answer your question, I would say yes. the swap will be high possibly successful. Sometimes the preview is relatively misleading, except this one. According to what they exchange in their lines (thanks to the translation team), I'm pretty much sure Yoo Jin is successful helping his girlfriend taking back her physical body. Well. set aside the fact that first, Yoo Jin is so handsome and adorable, but sometimes, he looks like so forced; second, Kim Hee Sun is sooooooooo pretty to the extent of which I cannot tell her age really, the drama remains a lot of room needing improvement and correction. Well, half of the way already, I'm curious how it would go from here since the mean time during one drama usually demonstrates a game changer. Yes, I agree. I stil don't like HY and Jang Hwa Sa either. They're both selfish yet HY is too arrogant.
  4. I am too. oh my god, can't believe they're still in touch (every time like this, my heart flutters for Song Yoon Ah, I can tell from almost always either dramas or movies as long as there is a name of her in the cast list, we definitely have the spin-off like this). Currently, I just finished binge watching on Room 9 featuring Kim Jae Hwa and she's still amazing with comparable natural acting knack.
  5. Hi thistle, I apologize for having made you misunderstood about the meaning of my response and my late reply. That's why I have a pinkish post-it-note right in front of my working desk that says never respond in hurry. I meant it sounded doubtful to me because just as I had told previously that I was really on the fence, whether or not I decided to hit the button to watch. I appreciate your thorough explanation and comments about the drama. For the last part, yeah I know, in work, I'm pretty fair and rigorous, but in drama-land, I'm quite easy to skew if I have not good impression about the actor or actress in the first place, and vice versa. However, according to what you commented, I'd prefer to give it shot since I believe the two actresses will knock off the show. Yay, enjoy watching.
  6. Nah, I don't have time either. Super busy but since I just finished "Let me introduce her", I believe I could find some slots in between to squeeze in. Hopefully it won't let me down. Frankly, I've never considered Kim Hee Sun a good actor. Hmm...this sounds...fishy. The only reason I noticed this drama is Kim Hae Sook and then Kim Young Kwan. I watched him in Secret Mother and super liked him. However, when it turns in the main cast, I wonder if he could handle it.
  7. Strongly agree. Finally, in tvN, I trust. Even though the subject of souls exchanging is not something new and novel, it's still a good field to unearth more in minor aspects which tremendously depends upon the screen script and acting. I always put my faith in Kim Hae Sook. She's wonderful and effortlessly experienced. I believe in her choice of projects. p/s: ondemandkorea doesn't broadcast this show, who knows where should I can get a hold of this drama please before I have to binge watching in the last minutes
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