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  1. I would really like to know this too...there are a lot of restrictions on sites for viewing in the UK sadly...
  2. Tbh as fans, we will always want YEH to be at the top of the food chain, top of all the actresses in terms of recognition and success. I feel that YEH's mentality now, compared to 10 years ago, is that she is doing things that have importance in both her life as well as her viewers'. Princess Hours, Coffee Prince, My Fair Lady, Lie to Me etc were all works which she needed to do to prove herself as an equal (coming from a singing to acting background), as an established actress and someone who has accolades and awards in her own right. Even her 'bad' dramas weren't really bad at all - they just lacked something - mostly the story/script. YEH as an actress was always consistent. The YEH now has already 'been there and done that', you know? She's already gained that peak in her career and she's a household name in pretty much all of Asia. Does she really need to continue to do mainstream anymore? In my opinion, nope. She can do whatever the heck she wants - she's a veteran now (for lack of a better word). I am glad she isn't going for coverage and viewers. One thing for sure, her fans are loyal. She may need to up her choices if she wants newer, younger fans but as far as popularity is concerned, she's pretty much still relevant because we keep her relevant. My point is, and I think this point has always been the point, that she should just keep her work/acting coming. Big/small - that's irrelevant to me. 'Love Alert' was not bad. Honestly, it's not a 'I can watch it a billion times' type of drama, it's more like, 'I will watch it now and again because I need a pick-me-up' type of drama. Princess Hours, Coffee Prince, My Fair Lady and Lie to Me fall under the former group while Love Alert and The Vineyard Man go under the latter. Missing You and MHIYD were 'one time watches'. I find it interesting that you can categorize the handful of dramas she's done into all 3 of the major drama groups. Anyway, coming back to what I wanted to say - 'Love Alert' did not conform to the expectations of probably 90% of kdrama viewers because they are all programmed to accept whatever is the current rage on TV and because their brains have become such that they can only take things at face value. While the rest of the 10% of the viewers actually understood the drama's message and the tiny nuances here and there that were, a work of art. You know the type of art in a gallery that has hidden meaning and you have to ponder and think about it for a few minutes before you can interpret it? That's the type of art it was. People forget that drama and serialization of a story, from 2D to 3D, is an art form. Yeah, there's the directing, graphics, the lightening blah blah, but they're all physical and technical aspects of a drama. The emotional and philosophical art comes from the actual story, acting, character chemistry and script. You know, I didn't love Love Alert. I liked it. There's a difference. And I feel liking something requires more of an effort as well as conscious involvement in comparison to loving something. It may sound like I'm trying to justify a bad drama to myself as well as everyone else, but I'm not. I'm just a little tired of seeing very shallow and vague, hateful opinions everywhere about something that wasn't given a chance because gallery viewers glanced at the colours on the canvas, rather than comprehended the whole picture. Sad, really. But I hope that whoever comes across Love Alert doesn't throw it away because of what it isn't, but learn from what it is. @lonetwilight Yup, my birthday's on the 25th Jan so I'm super looking forward to watching raw on the day and subbed versions during the weekend haha (hopefully!) And thank you very muuuch, hun Also on a side note, YEH's overseas schedule?? I wonder what it is!
  3. Ahh Can't wait for Go Go Song! It'll be such an amazing birthday present for me I really get the impression that it's going to be one of those feel good type of stories that leave you thinking that there's still so much good left in the world. Completely satisfied with the direction of YEH's acting choices - you go, girl!
  4. So I finally watched episodes 10 to 12 today and I must say, YEH does not disappoint in terms of acting. She never disappoints. YJ and WH are meant to be. Life isn't smooth and their relationship, considering both their positions, is balanced on a knife edge. I feel everyone who is disliking the whole angst-y period because truth be told, it does put viewers off. You want to escape from real life to be entertained with something happy and 'heart fluttering' not heart wrenching melodrama. But dang, did anyone see that punch coming? I was not expecting BFF to waltz in like a protective boyfriend and knock out WH. I was like O_O but for some reason, I couldn't help but think "good, you deserved it!" WH has my heart but he has been annoying me with his wishy-washy actions. True, his hands are rather tied and he's in a 'damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't' kinda sticky situation but for goodness sake, don't just back off for 3 episodes!! I feel good about the direction of the last episodes of the drama, it's getting back on track. Why is it that some of the kdramas kind of start amazing and then get lost for a while in the middle and then find the road again towards the end? It's so bizarre. I think I'll go ahead and watch Coffee Prince again while I wait for the next episodes... Anyways, happy watching and discussing, peeps! Edit: does anyone know why koalasplayground isn't watching this drama/recapping it? Just curious.
  5. I confess, I haven't actually watched episode 10 yet...having heard/seen so many spoilers (subbed) about it, I don't think my heart will be able to take the angsty emotions and YEH's tears. She can cry over spilled milk and I would believe it and cry with her. I think I will only watch it when episode 11 is out because that will help diffuse whatever unhappiness I'll feel watching our OTP part ways. @lonetwilight I agree with you 100%! I don't understand why the mood became so dour on this forum straight after episode 10 airing. Don't tell me people were thinking everything was going to sail smoothly for the 'honey-milk couple' (my new name for them ❤)? And don't let ratings affect you! Come on now, we've been through worse than this as fans right? Everyone's support has always been unwavering! I fully understand the need for the story to go down this particular route - YJ needs to fully comprehend the extent to which she herself is willing to sacrfice in order to be with WH. Forgiveness and trust, I believe, are major themes in this drama. YJ needs to learn some lessons and the truth, when revealed, is used to test her mettle. Up until episode 9, I think she was being quite naive about the whole relationship. Remember, she's a novice in love and none of her past flames/relationships has worked out and up to the point of being so serious. I don't think she was ready prior to the whole mess that took place. I'd rather YJ be shaken up early on in their relationship than rush straight into something and then break apart when she really needs to be strong. For instance, when/if she ever needs to go head to head with the Wife Wannabe - as a top star, I want her to be able to face her rival properly without really needing to rely on WH. Not sure if it was just me, but with the mindset that YJ had before, I don't think she had her 'claws sharpened' for a fight. YJ character just isn't like that. I feel episode 10's misunderstanding will toughen her up a bit. On another note, I have read some of the comments of people who are not liking the drama on english websites...uhm...that's their opinion and they're entitled to it. But it's justified, because it isn't an original drama. There are many cliches and the team behind the scenes are new and inexperienced. However, our OTP is goals, right?! Aren't they?! Like the fact that they are shining and sparks are flying so much that I'm scared they'll set fire to my bedcovers when I watch the episodes in bed (it's freezing here in the UK), is a testimony to how hard they're working. As long as we, the fans, and majority of the viewers appreciate their work and experience the thrill of first and real love of two adults, I think they can all say they've achieved what they set out to do, right?! Happy watching and discussing guys!
  6. Latest article on Soompi: Yoon Eun Hye Is Surprised By Joo Woo Jae’s Confession In “Love Alert” Nov 28, 2018 by K. Lew Joo Woo Jae will be making a direct confession to Yoon Eun Hye in “Love Alert.” “Love Alert” is about top star Yoon Yoo Jung (played by Yoon Eun Hye) and doctor Cha Woo Hyun (played by Chun Jung Myung) and the romance that ensues when they are forced to pretend to be in a relationship. Joo Woo Jae plays Yoon Yoo Jung’s best friend of 10 years, Sung Hoon. Previously, Sung Hoon and Yoon Yoo Jung showed off their great chemistry as best friends. However, it was revealed that he in fact has romantic feelings for his friend. When Cha Woo Hyun asked him if he really only had feelings of friendship for her, Sung Hoon could not respond. He also gently held Yoon Yoo Jung’s hand as she slept. In the released photos, the two meet in a luxurious bar, as Sung Hoon previously told her that he had something important to tell her. His sincere expression conveys his direct confession, while Yoon Eun Hye can’t hide her surprise. His confession will shock her even more so as she believed for the last 10 years that Sung Hoon liked men.“Love Alert” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 11 p.m. KST. If you haven’t already, check out the previous episode below!
  7. Sigh...I know. I really want her to sing, it's been a long time since she sung anything and she has a sweet voice. I think it was in 2014 MAMA that she sang live in english and it was so good. I don't think I've watched a non-YEH Kdrama in the 5 years she was not on screen. I just hope she doesn't take a long break between the end of this show and her next.
  8. Has filming for Love Alert stopped? Does anyone know of any official news in regards to that? Isn't that YEH's voice? Granted, it has a mature quality to it but I swear I can hear YEH in that...is it wishful thinking?
  9. Ahhh episode 8 already!! Time moves so slowly to get to Wednesday and then it flies from Wednesday to Thursday...I can't wait to watch more and yet, I hate the idea of it finishing. I want it to be over so I can binge watch the full series again and again but I don't wanna say goodbye to the cast and YEH wahhh T_T How is everyone coping? My favourite moment so far has to be when they're having that conversation over the meal she cooked (I wouldn't be surprised if she actually prepared it in real, our YEH is an amazing cook). It was so simple and yet so heart warming. I loved how she sat down to watch him eat and then went off to do the laundry like it was the most natural thing in the world. That's what I love and appreciate about this drama - it's so natural, it looks real. That's why I fell in love with Coffee Prince - the line between real person and actor was super blurred, it's a similar atmosphere in Love Alert but without the angsty love and emotions. Here, it's just a refreshing love story between two adults. Buuut where are my steamy, off-the-scales kiss scenes??! Episode 8 already and I've seen more of hospitals than anything else. Ayaaa I know these things need to fit in with the flow of the story but dang, am I missing a bit of the skinship... Anyways, the direction and story is impeccable. I must say that whoever originally wrote this has done an amazing job and I understand why it was so popular. It's just...nice. There's depth and little nuances that mean so much, which btw, some of these blogs are doing an awesome job of analysing. I love the 'adultness' and no mess vibe. Misunderstandings and arguments aren't dragged out, each person's intentions are pretty clear (even the Wife Wannabe and the Delusional Mum are very transparent characters). You understand their point of view and, dare I say it, come to accept it. There's not really a 'bad guy' in this drama, is there? Yes, there's problems and conflicts but that's life and both leads are doing justice to the characters with a high dose of finesse and style. I think I may be in love with the scene in CJM office, where YEH comes to complain about her rivals. Gosh, without subtitles, it was causing butterflies and then when I actually understood what they were saying, I felt like immortalising such a scene. Damn, CJM's "aigyooo..." was so cute and YEH is the cutest thing regardless of her expressions. I'm having trouble figuring out the Best Friend. I can't decide between whether he's always been in love with YEH or whether it's just a side effect of having YEH's attention diverted from him. I have this funny feeling things are gonna get difficult after YEH and CJM break up and remember Best Friend asked her out on the weekend? That's gonna cause a stir - you betcha! I'm loving YEH's outfits now...like, get in there fashion queen! Oh and people are concerned about ratings? I stopped being eager for them when I found out the drama airs at 11pm in Korea. I mean, come on! 11pm?! Even I don't watch any dramas past 9; 11pm is literally for the die hard and obsessed fans...It's not for everyday people and people have lives and jobs. It's really not a big deal but yes, I pray it doesn't discourage YEH. What has been everyone's favourite scene so far btw? Can't wait to watch ep 8 with complete subs soon! Happy watching and discussing peeps!
  10. This was such a great read - thank you for sharing! Thank you for this @yippeeyeh! Just spent the last 2 hours watching - the subtitles for ep. 4 wasn't really complete but I'm so grateful towards the team subbing so quickly, so I'll take what I can get.
  11. Hey guys! I've been keeping up to date on this thread but have not had the time to sit down and write my thoughts and comments about the drama. Btw @lonetwilight where did you watch all 4 episodes in english sub? I have access to Viki but the new episodes are locked. So let me take a moment now to drink up the fact that YEH is on TV and online with a new drama of her own which perfectly suits her strengths. You can really tell she's in good hands and is enjoying herself - my heart finds peace in knowing that she's happy and well cared for. In the first episode, I felt that the style, fashion and make up was lacking on YEH - her manager looked better put together than she was however, slowly but surely, I can see things looking better and better. Her complexion has always been amazing but there is dimension and colour to her face in the scenes, which I really like. To be honest, I find her the most beautiful without any form of makeup - perhaps only with lipstick. As most dramas go, the first episode was slow but that is necessary to set the picture and introduce the characters one by one. I had reservations about CJM but he's proving me wrong and I love it! Their mature romance is amazing - it's very subtle, adult and mellow. I feel YEH's character is not only an amalgamation of her previous roles but there's a new finesse in her acting that is great to watch. When she lets her guard down, switching from her 'actress' persona to how she usually is, I can see Coffee Prince, and Princess Hours. When she acts slightly awkward and haughty, I can see My Fair Lady and Lie to Me. When she cries, there's so much of Missing You. In terms of graphics, lighting and cinematography, I'd say it's not up to the standard that other dramas are up to but I don't think it takes anything away from it. Less of things that are put on and fake, but more of the substance and character's story itself. I have super high hopes for this drama and the ratings are amazing and going strong, let's not jinx anything. Happy watching and discussing guys!
  12. ^ YEH's new insta update! I can't decide whether she looks her age or doesn't....And I hope the subbed version of her episodes come out quickly!!
  13. Can I just say YEH's looking really gorgeous?! She's lost weight, but as long as she remains healthy and happy, I guess it's fine. I'm super excited to see the fashion in her show, as Koala rightfully said, she's bound to make buzz around her fashion and makeup. Oh oh - not to forget the romantic scenes...I can't wait to see how she handles her character. She's got great comic timing and if 'Love Alert' is the rom-com that it seems to be, she's going to shine! And now I know I might be jumping the gun here, what with her just coming back to the small screen - but I'm tallying up all the potential drama's and stories that will suit YEH based on the space that YEH is currently in, in my head. I guess I'm anticipating her future work from now too...ahhh, Daebak!
  14. I feel like the news and media outlets are rushing to publicise whatever bits of information they can get their hands on since it seems that not much is being said by the respective actor's/actress's agencies. With this, there'll be confusion. I'm happy to wait (oh, how patience has become our virtue lol) for a confirmed broadcasting channel. And it's not like I can watch the episodes straight away, will need to await English subtitles...I wish they'd release the episodes subbed and ready for international viewers...you'd think with the growing amount of interest English speaking countries have for Korean dramas, they'd do that - it's a no brainer, really. On a different note, I still can't get over the fact that YEH's signed onto do this and is shooting it, as we speak. I'm still in a state of shock. I'll probably remain so until I get to watch the first episode but how sweet that would be! I also love the fact that this thread has come to life again - welcome back, people
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