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  1. I watched it and got a little angry with Gae Ttong. She was smiling one minute on Soo's back and kissing another man soon after. In real life people dont do that. I have always problem with that kind of action in dramas though. Most famously Ha Ji Won in What happened in bali, who had the relationship with rich and poor guy. Then when she decides she loves with rich one, everything was too late. So hope Gae Ttong makes up her mind soon. I am sure she wont be living so happy in the palace. At least Soo is trying to be true to his love no matter what. People do give up their loves are ones i really dont like. Because without their true love, you cant never be truly happy. You are gonna just live, rich life and all, but you are gonna be having regrets for your all life. I am on Gae Ttong- Soo ship.
  2. Seems they showed Lee Soo in one sided love with Gae Ttong. But if thing are like that, i dont see what is the complict anymore. Hoon & her can fall in love and get their happy ending. If Gae ttong is in love with Soo, they have mountain of problems between them, so Hoon helps them and fall in love with her along the way. Soo& Gae Ttong are in anguish and Hoon is in anguish. Together they join hands and make Gae Ttong a bride for the king and Hoon would be left with accomplishment and friends for life and maybe a new Gae Ttong in the end of the show. This would be better story for me. I pity Soo. Since he already loves Gae Ttong that much, it is almost impossible to love another person just as same. It is possible to care for another woman or a lot of women given he is a king. Such a devoted person he is, yet cant live the way he wants and cant love the woman he loves freely. What a pity. I wish production wont sway to audiences, just focus on the written story which is always a winner. Or else drama will be botched mess, not worth to watch for the second time.
  3. i am watching it raw and subbed later. I usually understand 60-70 percent of what they are talking. I should say Kim Min Jae is slaying his role and he is mighty handsome. Reminds me of his friendship with V and they are a look alike especially eyes. They are doing very little with the king. Wonder why they cast Seo Ji Hoon& Kim Min Jae together. Because they both are lead materials, especially Seo Ji Hoon stole thunder from both leading actors from his last 2 dramas. i am loving eye candy cast anyway.
  4. Hello. Watching this drama and it is so cute and beautiful leads and story too. I love all the lead actors. But I love Seo Ji Hoon more, such puppy eyes and beautiful acting.
  5. Feeling for sorry for the 321. He seems nice guy but was in very poor condition to grow. and trying his best to provide better life for their future. As much as i like watching Kehuan and Wei Wei being in love, it is not really good thing to teach. I totally get why Kehuan loves Weiwei and somewhat understand why Wei Wei falls in love with Kehuan. Still very sad for that hard working, poor guy who has trying his best and working nonstop. I bet writers would make him go bad to save the Kehuan-Weiwei though.
  6. Always liked RSY and saw him in a new light through this drama. Wonderful acting.
  7. I think everyone loves in their own way, we are not to judge them of their ways to love and he thought he killed Ma Ri and killed himself becoz he cant be without Ma Ri. So in a way, it is his own way to showing his love to Ma Ri. Too bad she is all happy with the doctor and talking about flowers. Doctor had loving mom and friends. In Wook had abuser dad, mom who killed herself leaving young boy, a wife who doesnt love his husband and zero friends, such a pitiful character...
  8. @zenya22 A girl and two guys. A girl ended up loving both of them in some way and went together with the poor guy and rich guys comes and sees them in bed and killed them both. When she is dying, she told the rich guy she loves him. She loved him but the pressure from the rich family of the guy and her own pride didnt allow to love and she understands she loves the rich guy more or she only truly loves him after lying in bed with other guy. Unfortunately it was too late. Then rich guy ended up killing himself too. The Rich guy is played by Jo In Sung. He is a bit similar to In Wook here, both were beaten by their fathers and doesnt know how to love properly and push themselves on the girl etc... he wasnt beater of women though. This drama catapulted Jo In Sung, Ha Ji Won and So Ji Sub's careers and very memorable even still. Till this day Jo In Sung is my ultimate bias.
  9. ouch. What a stupid writing so far. They have rode on RSY's performance and his story with his wife and yet never really tried to fix him and redeem him. Just killed him off. He loves Ma Ri so much, he cant live without her, so writer couldnt make any other ending but kill him. Since writer showed he beat Ma Ri black& blue , he couldnt fix their problems and rather bring obsessed doctor which was a safe choice for feminist viewers. A poor abused boy and a husband never got love and support from his own wife and his psychological problems fixed. I have seen so many dirty scumbags and villains got redeemed before in dramas. What a slap on face for tortured souls and men from broken families. As a person who married to a man from broken home, it wasnt so easy to make him a family man he is today. Obsessive doctor got his happy ending and getting love from a woman who has his ex wife face. i bet he is happy living with his own mellow Ha Kyung now. Drama reminded me a bit of What happened in bali which is one of my ultimate faves. When it comes to love triangle, rich families breaking their children and their lives and a bit stupid female lead. Same ending as What happened in bali would have been rather good here. Seems everyone here in thread loves the doctor, i feel like he is same self centered jerk of In Wook from What happened in bali. If the ending was same, three of them dying, we would have been left with what if...
  10. Just finished this drama. it took me a week. Seems a lot of are in YL&QL ship. I do believe she loves her husband enough. But i hope she ends up guarding Fuheng in her next life like she promised.
  11. I watched raw. From my understanding WHK loved the doctor and his friend at the same time. She loved the friend more, decided to marry to the doctor based on his family. Also without IW had less screen time, those episodes were boring.
  12. Also this is a drama. Many characters involved. I'd love to be peaceful about it. I have seen very young IW witnessed his mommy's death and he said he was beaten so many times too. I feel sympathy for him too. I bet many others feel the same too. Doesnt mean i am supporting his wife beating tendency. About Hae Ra, i feel like she is gonna do a lot harm to YMR in the future. I wouldnt say she is the reason HK fell out of love with the doctor. I would need to see more to reach that conclusion. Also even doctor said just once Ha Kyung. He is always reminded of Ha Kyung when he meets YMR. Seems next week they would live together i suppose. Cant wait to see next episodes.
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