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  1. Just finished this drama. it took me a week. Seems a lot of are in YL&QL ship. I do believe she loves her husband enough. But i hope she ends up guarding Fuheng in her next life like she promised.
  2. I watched raw. From my understanding WHK loved the doctor and his friend at the same time. She loved the friend more, decided to marry to the doctor based on his family. Also without IW had less screen time, those episodes were boring.
  3. Also this is a drama. Many characters involved. I'd love to be peaceful about it. I have seen very young IW witnessed his mommy's death and he said he was beaten so many times too. I feel sympathy for him too. I bet many others feel the same too. Doesnt mean i am supporting his wife beating tendency. About Hae Ra, i feel like she is gonna do a lot harm to YMR in the future. I wouldnt say she is the reason HK fell out of love with the doctor. I would need to see more to reach that conclusion. Also even doctor said just once Ha Kyung. He is always reminded of Ha Kyung when he meets YMR. Seems next week they would live together i suppose. Cant wait to see next episodes.
  4. This is what i think too. He was in love and wanted to live happy life with her. But you know the pressure from daddy, and his life experience made him this way. If he wasnt in love, he could have married any rich girl and be even more rich as his dad said. I am married for 13 years and met my dh 14 years ago. I have never been in abusive relationship. But i dont think he beat her for 5 years straight, might be wrong. Usually people are happy for first 1 or 2 years and argument here and there since they are very 2 different people to make a home together. Also i am little bit inclined to think IW is such a monster you wrote. If he was punching her so badly like you said, there is gonna be lot of broken bones and scars and she wouldnt argue with him that fiercely, would she after 5 years ? I am not defending the abuser in any way. Just writing my POV. Now about korean society, they are very much about patriarchy system from many dramas i watched. Most of rich wives are almost locked at home and shopping and some rich wives meeting and nothing else. Mari is in exact same situation. I'd love to see him a lead role in melo or any good drama soon too.
  5. Yes, she is easily swept away for ME. I am an asian and watching it with asian mindset. As i know, asian wives try to fix the problem and try to understand and help and support our husband. I also know few women who lived with such husbands and never left, but husbands arent rich in their situation and heard so many rumors about wealthy wives being beaten and regular patients at hospitals yet stay with their husbands. Maybe i never seen such monsters up close and never met with one, i couldnt imagine the pain or fall out of love. I usually hates abusers in dramas, i dont know why i want to try to understand IW and fix him to be better men. Must be actor doing terrific job.
  6. i just there is a similiar drama Let me introduce her. But i like surgeon there kk. Kim Jae Won is one of my fav. Guess i like RSY better than JHW. I keep rooting RSY to win the girl and heal the wounds from broken home and become a good man. As i married woman, I am not believing married woman of 5 years could fall in love this easily with another man. Also such innocent woman marrying for money this easily is very surprising for me and never loving her husband. Double eyeroll. Also when everytime doctor appears to save YMR, i hate how cinderella she is being or becoming. I never disliked female leads being a cinderella in dramas before. I'd love another surgery and then doctor and she could properly love each other maybe. Everytime doctor sees YMR and thinking this love is his next chance to be with more mellow Ha Kyung? Some of us has problem with IW is seeing MR as his mother and obsessed with her. Why dont you find doctor wanting to fall in love with a woman exactly looks like his first wife?
  7. I feel like writer is toying with the idea let YMR to get her old face when she asked to SJW to give a second face change. Specially with PHB's husband's scandal and she also requested some adjustment about her parts. Also he is fishing out which one of guys viewers want by not IW to not go full crazy route. Almost proved IW cant live without YMR and she is the one for him. IW and MR must have had happy times. They were married for 5 years and he seemed protective of her in front of his dad. For doctor he loved WHK so much, i dont think he will too sad not having YMR. Maybe i might be wrong. It is gonna depend on how story develops from now on. I reminisce how i was supporting Han Yi An in School 2015 and Joo Sang Wook in Giant. I dont know really why.
  8. Thanks. I understood as much as you too. IW almost knew that woman who has Ha Kyung face is YMR. and very much startled affected by her neck just by looking at and hands when they were shaking hands. I'd say being together close, he was pulled towards her. I think being husband and wife for 5 years would do that. For me doctor and YMR falling love this fast is rather strange though. He still misses and thinks about his wife at this point and YMR is exactly looks like his wife. Could we say he is falling in love with her becoz she looks like his wife? i hope this love thing progresses rather slow.
  9. I get it. But i think he loves her in his twisted way and YMR looks like his mother played in almost 70 percent of his choice. He only learned from his father and be like his father. Maybe love changes him and he could repent and learn to be better man. He is such a romantic and only faithful to his wife one woman said. He could change. We even give murderers a chance to repent & be a better man. So i dont see any problem if writer makes that choice. I might be wrong though. Cant wait to watch today's episode.
  10. Jo In Sung from What Happened in Bali. I have many faves now but he still tops them.
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