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    hey girl,
































































































































































    i hope everything is ok btw us, cause i dont want to lose someone as important as u
































































































































































    i love you!!!
































































































































































    i miss you too..hehe
































































































































































    take care =)
















































































































































































































































































































































































    is 3:29am, i got ure text at 2:30ish and now i cant sleep...why..
































































































































































    i guess its bcoz im upset and angry
































































































































































    i dont expect u to understand, u probably thinkin im upset over nothing n over reacting, i probably am..im just so disappointed
































































































































































    i was actually really excited to spend the day with u, i was really looking fwd to it..really lookin fwd to be spendin the day not being alone
































































































































































    i dont think ud understand how i feel, i know u dont understand how i feel..
































































































































































    i know that i act all strong n im at times i am..im fine but i have my weak moments, im human..
































































































































































    after spending 2.5 years with someone and having someone by ure side..its hard sometimes being by urself...i dont think u understand...me wanting to spend the day with u, was like me saying, im sick of being alone at home by myself all the time, i want i need to spend time with someone...to combat this feeling of loneliness..yes..alone time is good...but dont u understand..ive had enough alone time
































































































































































    u didnt really seem that upset, i duno, u always seem reluctant to hang out with me, am i that bad or horrible? or do u just prefer ure computer over me?
































































































































































    ha kinda sad...after all my missed calls and msgs...i would have thought u would be more apologetic or concerned, but i guess it wasnt a big deal to u, maybe i should take this as a hint
































































































































































    i probably seem a little selfish, spoilt, self-centered..i probably am huh..
































































































































































    im upset bcoz as much as i hate to admit it, i really needed u to b there for me and u werent..
















































































































































































































































































































































































    i miss u guys! cant wait to see u's on the 21st!
































































































































































    omomo im scared abt my root canal, i hope it doesnt hurt too much! ><
















































































































































































































    havent given up have u stalkie??
































































































































































    haha la la di di

















  5. Shopped again. As Usual... lol what do you think:

    F21 Purchases -


    Gray Skinny Jeans for $12.50


    Blk Vest $10.50


    Boots 29.90 at Target

    Wow hot target boots! damn at times like this i wish i was in america


    nice buy





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I've had this phone for over 2 years -_-; I need a new onee .































































































































































































































































































































    wow! thats unique! haha so cute :D
















































































































































































































    but just because a guy can cook doesnt mean i'd like them..
































































































































































    yeh cooking is definitely a bonus but not a neccessity..
































































































































































    haha but i think we've established that thru all the posts hehe
















































































































































































































































































































































































    hahaha after all those comments abt cabra...
































































































































































    hehe..i live close to cabra..
































































































































































    but its true, its not as bad as it used to be

















  9. Hey,

    My friend has these shoes and I thought they were so cute.

    So I brought them to wear to work and to wear out.

    They are abit big but I have gel cushions so they fit much better

    But now I'm not sure, what do you think?

    It was $80AUD.


  10. Hi,

    First time poster here, but long time silent reader.

    I'm search for a nice handbag that can double as a bag for work and one where i can put things for uni.

    I came across these bags, they're already discounted to ~$AUD35 but with shipping is ~$AUD50.

    EDIT: I actually came across some of these bags on ebay starting bid $AUD18 + $AUD13 shipping

    Is it worth it?

    Otherwise if its possible can you make some suggestions? I'm from Sydney Australia =)


    2)lrg_24307.jpg (ALso comes in white)



































































































































































































    for aussies, bio oil is available at big w
































































    and there is a sale right now
































































    60ml for $10/11?
































































    and 125ml for $20

































  12. Hey,

    haha I'm a bit of a freebie junkie..

    here are some good sites I've come across:

    Freebie Blog - freebies from around the world includes Australia and she updates regulary


    Someone already posted the shopfree Aussie version, heres the america version:


    OzFree - Good website with freebies for Aussies!



  13. hey,

    If you guys could help me out, that would be great!

    I've been thinking about gettin a hair cut lately because I'm looking for a change.

    I've had this hairstyle for a long time now and want to try something different.

    I'm thinking about getting side bangs, but I'm not really sure that it will suit me, since I have a squareish face.

    This pic is fairly old maybe 2 years ago? You can see my face shape here. I'm the one on the right. (sorry its small)


    This pic is pretty recent, I'm the one on the left.


    I'm a fairly low maintainence person, since I don't have much time to get ready in the mornings and fix up my hair much.

    So if you have any hairstyle suggestions or any advice, that would be great!

    Thank you!


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